Epilogue: Aftermath

Personal Log, Jan 12 2030, 6:47 A.M.

Well, they know.

Skulker and Technus went and revealed my secret identity to my folks and grandparents. But to tell you the truth, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. In fact, turns out that Dad was a halfa all along! Man, he could kick butt! Skulker won't stay fresh in that tin-can suit of his anymore at Ryker's Island!

Ellie's been found out as well. Jazz and I figured out that they'd find her out eventually. But she revealed her identity herself as soon as she got back. She never told us where she was; I think she wants to keep that private. I'll accept that.

Gina's alright, too. She's got a bit of a bump on the head, but she'll be fine. She says she's glad I'm okay, and that I'm the best friend she's ever had. Not only that, but she asked me to the Sadie-Hawkins dance that's going on in two weeks. I said yes; she's a nice girl.

Well, I'd better get to school now. Bye!

Ellie Fenton was soaring. Literally.

As she sailed through the sky next to her brother and friends on their hover-scooters, she felt that same sense of security she had felt last night. That same freedom from the whispering shadows that had plagued her mind for the past three months, and for most of her life. The same utter bliss that had come from rocking in her parents' arms.

She wanted it to last forever.

"Ellie?" came Dave's voice out of the blue.

The girl shook her head, clearing her memory and bringing her back to the real world. "Yes, Dave?"

"You look kinda spaced out. Are you alright?"

"Sure I am," she replied. "In fact, I've never been better."

Dave's grin turned goofy. "Oh. Goody..."

"She's been really happy ever since last night," Jake explained. "She won't tell any of us why, though. Says it's her little secret."

"Right," Ellie said. "And I'm not telling. I already explained about my dreams, remember?"

"You should have told us earlier," Chrissy said. "Those dreams must've been horrible."

"They were," Ellie said. "And you're right. I just...thought that nobody would understand."

"Don't worry, Ellie," Jake said reassuringly. "You're just fine."

She smiled. "Thanks."

Soon, the four teens reached the school, which sat in the middle of the city, unchanged like the rest of it all. It was quaint that way, Ellie thought, the way the school never changed on the outside, but revamped itself on the inside. She felt a kindredness with the place in that way.

Once they were inside, Ellie tapped her brother on the shoulder. "Jake? Can I talk to you?"

"Okay," he said.

"What's the matter?" Chrissy asked.

"Nothing," Ellie said. "You guys go ahead."

Chrissy and Dave nodded, walking off to their lockers.

"Now then," Jake said, "what do you want to talk about?"

"Jake..." Ellie started, "you know how I feel about you and Gina, right?"

"That you hate each other's guts?"

"Yeah, about that. I'm not okay with you two and the Sadie-Hawkins dance, and I don't know if I ever will be. But, if she makes you happy, I'll go along with your friendship."

Jake smiled warmly. "Thanks, sis. That means a lot."

"Yeah. I just don't wanna turn into–" Ellie paused in mid-sentence.

"Into who?"

"Nobody," Ellie said. "It's not important."

From down the hall came Mr. Gardner's booming voice: "FENTONS! MY CLASSROOM! NOW!"

And they ran off to the class, just like two normal people.

Dear Diary,

I feel great. Just great. I told my parents everything, and they still love me. Dad's a half-ghost, too! Who would have thought? He offered to help us with our powers, too. Now there's an offer I'd like to get into!

Aside from that, I decided against telling everyone about Vlad. If anybody knows what he goes through every day, I do. There are four types of people in the world: naive, foolish, vengeful, and wise. The naive forgive and forget. The foolish forget but don't forgive. The vengeful neither forgive nor forget. The wise forgive but don't forget. Vlad's vengeful over Grandma, just like I was over Gina. I don't want to become what he is.

Even though Commissioner Gray's escalating the police force, I have a feeling our hero days are just beginning. I have a feeling that more ghosts will come, and since my dad says he's retired to protect his family, me and Jake will take over. It probably will be a mixture of good and bad, but I'm willing to face it for them.

And get this: Tyler Shaw gave us nicknames: "The Phantom Twins." Corny, eh? My dad thinks the names "Ellie Phantom" and "Jake Phantom" are cool, though. Maybe I'll let the names slide. At least it's better than "Inviso-Bill!"

I'm not worried.

The days of the Phantoms have just begun...