Hawk: Hello everyone, my name is Hawk Longinus and this is my very first fanfic!

Longinus: Shut up and get on with the story, nobody gives a damn who you are.

Hawk: Cram it! Anyway, as I said this is my very first fanfic, so be gentle with your reviews as I will only accept constructive criticism.

Longinus: Translation- don't be brutally honest about his crappy stories, in which belong in the recycle bin on his desktop, rather than on this website.

Hawk: Hey Longinus, have u ever looked down the wrong end of a SHOTGUN barrel?

Longinus: ……………………………………………………………………

Hawk: I thought so….well happy reading!

Disclaimer: Hawk Longinus does not own Inuyasha or the Barrows Brothers, as they belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Jagex Ltd. respectively.

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings – Socrates


By: Hawk Longinus

... Feudal Japan ….

... Katsatori Village ….

Katsatori Village… a cursed and dying village inhabited by war-hardened samurai. Katsatori is known for its sacred ground, or at least it used to be, before it was chosen by the local lord to bear the duty of guarding a mysterious artifact in which he called the "Key of the Barrows". What is this Key of the Barrows that seems to be the cause of this villages suffering? They were never told anything other than it was very vital to never let this accursed artifact to fall into the hands of an intelligent demon. Unfortunately that very doom had come to pass.

A single figure stood upon the desolate wreckage of Katsatori Village. He grinned a smile with such emotion one could only decipher as malice. He held in his hand the aforementioned Key of the Barrows in which he dare not tell aloud his intentions.

"Finally, the 'mysterious' Key of the Barrows is in my possession," the intimidating being stated, "I am now one step closer to Inuyasha's demise!"

This satanic figure, who's apparent hatred for this 'Inuyasha' is evident, flew off in a swirling dark miasma, leaving the freshly annihilated Katsatori behind him.

.… ….

….. to be continued …..

So what did you think? That was the very first chapter of my very first story: SIN. Please review and let me know how this story sounds!

Hawk: Now didn't that turn out nicely?

Longinus: No.

Hawk: That's it, I'm ignoring you.

Longinus: Wait, wha-

Hawk: Oh and before I forget, I'm holding a simple contest of who can guess the name of this 'mysterious figure'.

Longinus: As if they didn't already know…..

Hawk: And of who can guess who or what exactly I got the idea of the "Barrows Brothers" from.

Longinus: Oh gee, could it possibly be a certain online game you can't stop playing called Ru- Ow!

Hawk: Mmmmm, sledgehammers are fun.

Longinus: (out cold)………………………

Hawk: Also whoever guesses those names gets an imaginary sledgehammer to help me hit Longinus with.

Longinus: (came to) Oh Lord no.