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Chapter One

A small green candy levitated its way through History of Magic one afternoon. It flew behind Katie Bell, barely missed Lee Jordan, and passed right through Professor Binns, who simply continued his lesson while the students laughed when the candy did figure-eights inside him. Finally, the candy stopped in front of Angelina Johnson who was trying extremely hard to stay awake.

"Eat me!" Squeaked the candy.

Angelina went cross-eyed to see the candy floating merely inches from her face.

"What?" She said.

"Eat me! I'm delicious! I'm almost as delicious as that hunk of Weasley across the room."

Angelina peaked out of the corner of her eye to see Fred Weasley mumbling into his wand.

"...you know you want me." Squeaked the candy.

"No thanks." Said Angelina, flicking the candy away.

"Can't get rid of me that easy." Said the candy, "I'm a wild one."

"And what is going to happen to me if I eat you?" Asked Angelina.

"Nothing. I just want to satisfy your cravings baby."

Angelina bit her lip to hold back the urge to laugh.

"I already had a huge lunch, thanks."

"There's always room for desert. Just imagine I'm that sexy red-head over there!" Said the candy.

"Candy?" Asked Angelina to the boy sitting next to her.

The boy grabbed the candy and shoved it into his mouth. Angelina looked over at Fred who was listening to his wand and jumped when the boy burped.

"...and that concludes our class today," said Professor Binns, "homework due Monday."

The students gathered their things and Fred walked over to Angelina, but not before his arse was slapped by the boy who was sitting next to Angelina. Angelina laughed as the boy ran out red-faced, realizing what he had just done.

"So that's what the candy did." Said Angelina as Fred walked over.

"You're no fun." Said Fred as they linked arms.

"Well I don't exactly want to make contact with your arse." Laughed Angelina.

"So you'll talk to a candy in front of twenty people, but you won't touch my arse. C'mon this is a one-time chance to touch my arse fully clothed."

Angelina burst into a fit of laughs, holding her sides. Fred stood there, exasperated.

"I was... come on Angie...just... will you stop already?"

"I...your..." Laughed Angelina. "Oh my god! That was the Fred quote of the day!"

"I'm just too damn funny aren't I?"

Angelina and Fred walked into the Great Hall where Katie and Alicia were giggling over a piece of parchment.

"What? A picture of Percy's enormous head?"

"No, this was posted in the girls' dormitory. A list of boys and what characteristic applies to them. We're supposed to fill it out for our crush anonymously and put it up."

"So, er, who are you going to do yours for Alicia?" Asked George, trying to sneak a peak of what she was writing."

"You're so nosy. This is for the enjoyment of females only."

"Please let me see. I want to see what you put me for."

"Who says I'm putting your name down?"

"I, well..." George turned as red as his hair and stuffed a pastry into his mouth.

Alicia started to laugh and everyone looked up at her.


"Uh, 'Resorts to cheesy love poems when he can't think of a good gift.' Someone put that for Marcus Flint."

"Eww! You mean someone actually fancies him?"

"Well I guess they're over it now if they thought his poems were cheesy."

"Here, let me fill it out now." Angelina covered the paper with her hand and pulled out a quill.

Alicia and Katie both giggled when they saw what Angelina put.

"Who did you put?" Said Fred, peering over the paper.

"None of your business Fred." Said Alicia, pushing his wand away.

The girls walked off, leaving the boys frustrated.

"We have to find out what that paper says!"

"Fred, we all know Angelina put down your name."

"Well, no, we don't."

The twins looked over at Lee, who was fiddling with his robes.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she was... well what if Angelina fancies someone else."

"You wouldn't dare go there!" Said Fred, pointing threateningly at Lee.

"No not me, I mean, Cedric."

"Diggory?" Said Fred, a little too loud.

"Well she was sort of flirting with him yesterday when you were in detention. He came over to ask something about a class."

"I'll choke him with his own..."

"Thinking death thoughts of fellow students Mr. Weasley? Five points from Gryffindor. And I don't think choking him with his own... well... it wouldn't work." Said Snape with a disturbed look on his pale, disgusting face. (Greasy, slimy, murdering son-of-a...)

Fred let out a cry of frustration and walked to the Quidditch pitch with his twin. Why didn't he just ask her out? Why? Some moron was going to move in on his unclaimed territory before he even did anything about it!

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