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Chapter Ten

This isn't what it looks like George!" Stammered Fred, just noticing that he had somehow coincidentally ended up on top of her Angelina.

"How cliche."

"I told you to apologize to her and be a gentleman."

"In my defense you said nothing about being a gentleman." Said Fred smartly.

"Well one should know that when apologizing, you shouldn't act like a hippogriff's behind."

"May I enter this lovely conversation?" Asked Angelina.

George nodded and she continued.

"Fred was outside my window, embarrassed me about the parchment..."

"So you did act like a hippogriff's behind!" Said George.

"Then I fell out the window and Fred saved me."

"See? Perfect gentleman." Said Fred.

"Then I almost died during Fred's dive."

George sniggered. "Oh yes a gentleman."

"And then Fred was hanging off the broom and almost wet himself."

"HA!" Said Fred, "Oh wait..."

"Then we came to the window, were about to kiss, you snored which startled us and we landed in a position as if we were about to engage in love making."

"Well that's a way to be blunt about it." Said Fred.

"It's true." Said Angelina.

"Wait! You almost kissed? And I ruined it? Go go go! Go out of this room and kiss, do it! Snog! My brother's first kiss I can't believe it!"

"Shut it!"

"Fredikins first snog!"

"I said shut it!"

"Now remember what I told you, be a gentleman and no slobber Fred, brush your teeth."

"Well let me bring up your first kiss shall we! In a broom closet, with..."

Angelina pulled Fred into a snog and he shut up right then and there.

"Goodnight." Said Angelina and she walked right out of the dormitory.

George quickly hid under the covers to await the aftermath as Fred did a victory dance and sang.

"I found a paper that said my fate

Then went to find my best mate

She fell out a window and almost died

And almost froze off her behind

I fell of the broom and flew to this room

And fell onto her in a sex position with a boom..."

"You really can't sing..." Said George as Fred continued his song, becoming worse and worse by the line.

That afternoon...

"Pick it up Weasley!"

Fred slumped over and picked up the tub of disgusting, green toilet polish. Yes, toilet. Cruel and unusual punishment it was to polish toilets in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Round ones, ones that have chips, some that were flooded (thanks to Moaning Myrtle). Fred repeatedly asked Filtch why they were polishing toilets that no one used.

"I have a whole new respect for muggles," said George as he dipped his rag into the slime that was the polish.

"Do muggles polish their toilets?"

"Probably the rich ones."


"So what happened with Angie this morning?"

"Oh well I apologized for being an arse and we snogged a bit before breakfast, in between classes, on the way to the bathroom, behind a book in transfiguration... behind a cloud of smoke in potions and right before I had to come in here and polish toilets."

"So she forgives you then." Laughed George.

"Yes and she wants me to burn the parchment."

"What parchment?"

"The one that I found that was a copy of the list the girls wrote."


"Yeah but I got to keep the bit she wrote about me... and you!" Said Fred, noticing the look on George's face.

"Give it to me!"

Fred handed over the piece of parchment.

"The broom closet...(sigh). Signed, Moaning Myrtle?"

Fred burst out laughing as he waved the real piece in front of his brother's nose.

"Give it here."

"Catch me."

"Two weeks detention!"

"I mean it brother!"

"Oh no it's going to be flushed down the..."

"Twelve weeks detention!"

"C'mon just catch me and it's yours for the taking!"

"You're going to give Mrs. Norris a bath!" Wheezed Filtch clutching his chest.

Fred and George stopped and the parchment fluttered down into the depths of the toilet polish to be lost forever in the sea of slime.

The End

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