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As Inuyasha, Kikyou, and Sango approached the village they realized that they were too late. The entire village was in ruins so many bodies lying around. Sango had tears swelled up in her eyes. Before they could say anything the young woman ran forward. She was clutching her boomerang. If there were still any demons around she would make sure to kill all of them.

"Sango wait." Kikyou started after her friend with Inuyasha following close behind. Sango hadn't seemed to hear anything as she ran threw what was left of their village. She was born and raised here and now this was all that was left. Kikyou couldn't possibly understand how affected she was by this. Sure she would feel pain as well seeing as how she had spent many years here as well. Only this was something that the demon exterminator had to deal with head on.

"Inuyasha wait we have to stop running after her. Right now she needs to be alone we will not be helping her this way, I know it sounds strange. But she needs to deal with this in her own way." Kikyou told the silver haired half demon. Inuyasha nodded and stood near the raven haired priestess. In truth she really didn't want to leave her friend alone right now. She found that right now this was probably the best thing to do.

"What kind of monster would do something like this? Everyone here did not deserve to die." The young woman spoke. It was then it really began to sink in just where were Midoriko and Bankotsu. Was it even possible that they could have survived? She then turned to look at Inuyasha. "We will have to give everyone a proper burial. But Inuyasha I have to try and find Midoriko and Bankotsu."

"Sure thing." He understood why she wanted to find them. Meanwhile Sango had long since stopped running around. There was no point in searching for any demons the demonic presence had long since disappeared. It seemed even more hopeless looking for any survivors. It did seem as if everyone were dead. "I can't believe this happened. I didn't even do anything to stop this." She said in a whisper. The young woman placed her boomerang in the ground and wiped her tears away. She needed to be strong now was not the time to crack under pressure. When she heard a pained groaning sound she looked up.

"Who's there?" she immediately questioned. She walked in the direction of were she heard the noise. To her surprise and relief she saw that it was only Bankotsu. He was leaning up against a near by tree. Unfortunately his wounds had reopened. She couldn't even believe that he had the strength to move out of that hut. Quickly she ran over to the dark haired man. "Bankotsu? You survived I' am glad that someone was able to make it out alive. Don't worry I'll get Kikyou and she'll take care of your wounds." She assured the young man.

"Sango?" he questioned groggily. "You got to be careful… he could still be here." He managed to say. Sango only nodded then she ran in search of Kikyou. Who was still in search of Midoriko or better yet her mentor's body. Kikyou wanted so much to believe that Midoriko was alive. Somehow apart of her was starting to doubt that. Inuyasha jumped down to the ground he had a look of disappointment on his face. "Sorry Kikyou I didn't see anything." He apologized because he knew how important Midoriko was to her. In fact she probably saw her as the mother figure that she had never had. The brown eyed woman nodded sadly she couldn't begin to form any words.

"Kikyou! Kikyou!" Sango's voice was heard. Kikyou turned to see her best friend and Kilala running in their direction. She was relieved that Sango was back. She wouldn't have wanted her to stay alone too long. Because right now they needed to help each other get threw this difficult time. "Sango." She spoke in a whisper. The demon exterminator stopped and caught her breath.

"Good news Bankotsu is still alive. His wounds reopened so we need to get back to him quickly." She explained. Kikyou was relieved that someone was able to survive this horrible ordeal. It was only unfortunate that so many others lost their lives here. She only wished that there was something that she could have done. If only she, Sango, and Inuyasha had gotten there sooner. Then maybe just maybe this could have been prevented. Only the more Kikyou thought about it the more she realized she was blaming herself for nothing. This was no one's fault nor was this a freak accident. Of course someone had purposely brought destruction to their village. But who? Who could want to destroy an entire village. Something told the priestess that it was all because of the jewel. "This should have been avoided. All of this destruction simply because of this thing." She thought to herself.

Once they made it to where Bankotsu was lying. Kikyou quickly began to treat his wounds. He had already been hurt badly earlier yet here he was still clinging to life. She had to really commend Bankotsu on his will to live. "It seems that this is you're lucky day." She tried to smile for him. "Bankotsu I'm really glad that you're alright." The dark haired male nodded slightly. He couldn't even explain him being alive this very moment. When he heard what was happening he was sure that he was done for. Somehow he managed to pull together as much strength as he could. The only thing he truly felt guilty about was not being able to do anything to help.

"Sango? Kikyou? I really am sorry for…" he stopped catching his breath. "I really am sorry that I couldn't do anything." He spoke with an evident air of defeat in his voice. The two girls exchanged looks with one another then looked to their friend. He had been feeling just as guilty as they had. "What are you saying? Bankotsu this wasn't you're fault anymore than it was Kikyou or mine." Sango tried to comfort him with her words. The priestess nodded in agreement with her best friend.

"She's right this wasn't anyone's fault. Now you try and rest while we start to give everyone else a proper funeral." Kikyou told the warrior. At this the young man looked up there was something that he wanted to say to her. "Hey Kikyou?" he started. She then turned to look at her friend. "Yes? What's wrong?"

"I think Midoriko might still be alive. It's just a feeling that I have. Oh shit. What if he has her?" Bankotsu thought. Upon hearing this Inuyasha, Sango, and Kikyou looked at him. Obviously he had seen something. If he had any information then they needed to know right away. "Hey you mean you know something? Tell us what you saw!" Inuyasha said to him. Bankotsu was silent for a moment but he knew that he had to tell them. This guy deserved to get payed back for what he did.

"At first there was nothing but fire and all these little creatures running around. Ugly little fuckers." He spoke with disgust. I couldn't really make much out at first but then I noticed those eyes. I can't forget those eyes, it belonged to the same man who attacked me earlier. His name was…." He paused. "His name was Naraku." Bankotsu finally managed to get the words out. Kikyou paused as that name hit her ears. Inuyasha as well got the same look on his face. Sango noticed and immediately called them on it.

"What's wrong?" she wondered.

"That name it just seems so familiar." Kikyou started. The young woman began to try to remember why the name seemed so familiar to her. It was on the tip of her tongue somewhere in the back of her mind. Only right now it wasn't coming together. Inuyasha stood up his arms folded as he gazed at the sky. "I don't know the guy really. But I remember Sesshomaru saying something about him that's all I got. Sorry." Then Sango walked over to her boomerang she picked it up throwing it over her shoulder.

"I don't know who the hell this Naraku guy is. All I know is that he's destroyed my village, he hurt you Bankotsu, and on top of that Sesshomaru probably went after him when he left. He might be in trouble. I can't lose another person. I'm going after this guy." Sango promised. Kikyou walked over to her friend placing her hand on to her shoulder. She smiled bravely for her. "Sango you know very well I wouldn't let you face this alone. We're a team remember, and if Midoriko is with him then we have to rescue her."

"Well then that's settled I'm in too." Inuyasha nodded. "There's nothing I hate more than sneaky little bastards like this Naraku guy. Besides I haven't hit anything in awhile." he said holding on to his sword. Sango planted a brave smile on her face. She didn't wish to admit that she was nervous. But at least she had her friends with her. "Alright then that settles it we're in this together." Bankotsu sat with his mouth wide open he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He leaned up more clearing his throat.

"Excuse me but aren't you forgetting something. What am I just sloppy seconds. I'm going with you this guy will pay for what he did." Inuyasha walked over to the fallen warrior a look of disbelief on his face.

"You! What in hell are you supposed to do you can't even stand let alone fight right now." The dark haired man glared bitterly then turned his attention to the side.

"Yea? Well I don't plan on sitting like a lump on a log forever. I'll be fine and I' am going." He said with a hint of seriousness in his voice. Inuyasha just sighed this guy was really impossible if anything he would slow them down. "I still don't think it's a good idea. And I' am not running in to save your ass if you get into trouble." The silver haired half demon said to him. Bankotsu gave a slight smile and then nodded.

"Don't worry I won't be needing your help." Kikyou and Sango exchanged looks then the best friends gave each other a tight hug.

"It looks like we'll be stuck with two stubborn morons for this journey." Sango started. "Kikyou with everything that's just happened I'd be lying if I said that I weren't scared. But I'm sure we'll be fine." She tried to convince herself of this. Kikyou nodded giving her friend a brave smile. "We're in this together." She promised.

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