Okay, first fic here…yeah I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think my stuff was good enough for this place. So I didn't post it. But I like this idea. So if you don't like it-deal with it. I'm not trying to be rude... but like that cheesy banner says: "Unleash your Imagination and Free your soul." Or whatever the hell that means.

Characters Main- Kristin Herrera, Matthew Underwood, Logan Reese, Dana Cruz

Characters other: Michael Barret,Nicole Bristow, Chase Matthews, Zoey Brooks, Christopher Massey, Alexa Nikolas, Sean Flynn, Jamie Spears

Story Summary: What happens when two people from different worlds-even universes-switch places. One a rich snob who has nothing better to do than look at himself in the mirror-the other a teenage rising actor playing it up in L.A. What'll happen when two worlds suddenly collide? Logan living Matt's life. Matt living Logan's. Can Matt survive the wrath of Dana Cruz? Can Logan live without his money More importantly how long will they be stuck there-and in other words who'll they fall for? Will Logan even stand a chance without daddy's cash? Or his big-screen TV , PCA's luxurious dorms or the friends he's known to love? (or in Dana's case secretly love) How about Matt living with that sickeningly perfect Zoey Brooks or that bubbly Nicole Bristow. How about that Chase Matthews guy? Oh and that Michael Barrret fellow? Stay tuned and find out. What lies ahead in this story is unpredictable.

-Tell me what you think of the plot. I guess it's almost original.-

April-J Bouvier xx