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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I suppose that you were always 'fated' to be together, ever since you first met, and that I was foolish to get in the way of things. It was 'fated' to happen that way.

The thing that annoys me most, however, is that you used to tell me that you loved me, that I was the only one you'd ever love. But when you found out that she was your Moon Princess, that she was the one you'd truly been searching for, you discarded me in the same sort of way that a child would discard an old toy that has outgrown its use.

You were the first one whom I loved, you know. You were the one who made me questions my idea that men were all as selfish and useless as my father, and when you left me for her it only redoubled that idea.

Yes, you were like that in your past life too. You discarded Minako, your betrothed, in favour of the dear Moon princess even though you knew that for anyone other than another Lunarian to love the Moon princess was forbidden. I can't understand it really; why do you always trick one woman into loving you before discarding her in favour of that Moon brat?

You and Serenity circle each other in love and hate in much the same way as do the Earth and the Moon. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that it was Serenity, the Moon, that you 'loved', for Mars has always been too far away from Earth for the two to truly know each other.

And I know that although all of this is true, you would never admit it. You won't even acknowledge that you were once in love with me and with Minako: you deny the fact that you used both of us just to get to her. No, you just say that she, Serenity, is the one true love of all your lives and that you are fated to eternally be together.

Yes, you deny all of your trickery, your manipulation; you say that there was nothing you could do about your love for Serenity, that nothing else mattered, that your love was decided by fate. Of course, that's what they all say, but soon your 'fate' shall be with another, and she too will see you for who you really are. Because I can tell these things, and I know that, just like Minako and I before her, Serenity will be discarded for another one of your 'loves' and you will claim that it was 'fate' that you 'fell in love'.

But soon someone else will figure you out, just like I figured out too late, and you will be left alone in the world; and that is not a matter of 'fate', it is only a matter of time.