Epilouge: Millenium Finale

Energy cackled from the Mage's gloved hand to the orb positioned at the head

of the staff. Seskera felt dark tendrils begin to creep up his legs, and as
his Valkyrie was blown apart, he knew the last thing he would see would be that magician's eyes, as icy as his own voice. The magic keeping the beings in place faded, and Seskera was left utterly alone in the dark.

The darkness swirled around the duelists, and for a long moment, a dead
silence hovered over the field. And then the sorceror growled, reaching into his robes. "I was afraid of this," he said, more to himself than to anyone else.

As the robes shifted, a soft light glowed from within them, forcing away the
shadows that had moved over him.

"Oh, what does he have planned now?" Kaiba muttered to himself, hand on his forehead.

Yugi, meanwhile, thought, We should have seen this coming. There is always a back-up plan. Always.

Derik groaned, pushing himself up enough to see what his opponent had
planned. The world was a giant, hazy, blur, but whatever Seskera had in his hands was glowing golden.

And then Marik let out a cry of shock, patting himself down. "No!" he
shouted, turning out his pockets. "When did that happen? How did he-"

Three steps later, Kaiba had his brother-in-law by the collar, looking him
dead in the eyes as he said, "If that thing in his hand is what I think it

"He... he has the Winged Dragon of Ra," Marik managed to say, pulling Kaiba's
hand off of him. "But when?"

And then Seskera chuckled, even as he held the God Card over his head.
"Marik... dueling and Shadow Magic aren't my only skills. When you have lived my life, having the ability to pick pockets does come in handy... I took it just before I dueled Shadi." His tone turned serious again, and he added, "Once the power from this card is released, the brat's victory will be moot."

"Seskera!" Yugi yelled from his position, unwilling to advance. "Don't!
This isn't just a soul card, it's an Egyptian God! That's tantamount to a living
creature! It won't just let itself be destroyed!"

Ishizu pressed her fingers to her throat, the Millennium Necklace shining,
and for just a second she could see what was about to happen. She held up her hand, and Yugi saw it, falling silent. The others saw this as well, and they all took a step back... although Kaiba had to pull Marik back that step.

Standing over the unconscious children, Seskera released the card. It
hovered over his head, and he held up both hands, chanting, "Redi anek'ek en wi..."

A clap of thunder shook the sky, and his words died in his throat. Another
one sounded, and he drew his arms back down, staring skyward. He began to tremble with the third thunderclap.

Lightning crashed above them, a bolt of it leaping from one cloud to another.
A second bolt joined one of those clouds to a third, and a third bolt joined
it to a fourth before the fourth bolt finished the diamond. Four bolts
slammed together between them, finishing the design...

...and the electricity dilated outward, forming a portal in the sky. An
all-too-familiar roar filled the air, followed by its descent.

Its size could only be classified as tremendous, dwarfing even the
Kaibacorp-7. That immense frame shone as the lightning illuminated it, golden scales reflecting the light. It looked almost mechanical, in a way, its red eyes shining behind its beak, and its claws glinted on their edges. The tail swung behind it, and it spread its wings as it hovered over the arena, blocking out even the dim light of the shadows.

All Marik said was, "You were warned, Seskera."

The sorceror did not answer him. Whether he was capable of actual thought
was a question in itself. At the moment, there was only one thing he could even conceive of doing as he stared down the object of his innermost fears.

He screamed at the top of his lungs, the card forgotten, and turned to flee.

But just as he began to run, Ra roared, the sky cracking above it, and held
out its arms. The clouds crackled with their energy, lightning jumping from
one to another, and a single massive bolt fired down from the skies, aimed
directly at Seskera.

It impacted, and there was a flash so brilliant it could be seen from outer
space. Everyone looking on the scene was forced to look away, but even as they hid their eyes they could hear one thing clearly - Seskera's final, agonized scream.

And when the light died away and they could look again, Ra was gone, the
clouds parted and the shadows faded. All that was left of Seskera, head of the Order of Ammit and sorceror unparalelled, was a small pile of ashes and
shattered crystal. As they watched, a gust of wind struck it, and the ashes

The card known as the Winged Dragon of Ra ceased to hover, fluttering to the ground.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000

All around the city, those weakened without the presence of their soul energy began to stir. Among them, figures familiar to the three remaining top-four.

Felix Alcoda was the first to open his eyes, taking in the sunlight more happily then a vampire recently cured. Nearby, the aching forms of Bowen and Eve blinked their vision into focus.

"Hurray!" Sage exclaimed, happy to see the cheery white of a hospital room. "We're alive, we're free we're…"

The man stopped, noting his wrist was very securely attached to the bed he was using with a pair of handcuffs. His expression of glee shortly faded as the former Ammitite looked at the amused smile of the guard outside the secure wing.

"…under arrest." Bowen finished, watching the guard pick up his walkie-talkie.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000

Yugi stared in awe at the shining deity before him, more lifelike now then ever. The golden plating was so close, it could be called flesh rather then the cold look of machinery.

Yami,, in his transparent form, relayed a set of orders to the great beast, which were followed with a loyal growl. The gate to the darkness closed, the energy used to sustain it returning to the people of Domino.

As the barrier finally began to close, the beaten form of Odion, now released from his prison, fell to the floor, his mind still reeling from his torture.

"Thank you," Yugi told the Dragon in appreciation. Small words, but he didn't know what else to say. Everyone else was silent. Looking at them was enough to know their feelings.

Yes, nodded a white clothed figure from the ground, as he tucked a shining key on a leather cord under his shirt. Thank you Winged Dragon. Let us hope for my sake, that I will not be required to leave Egypt again any time soon.


Eight and one-half Months Later…


"Hyozonryu and Ruby Dragon, attack his life points directly!"

Derik froze as he took the hit, his life points sinking far below zero. He had the sneaking suspicion that Peter just might be a better duelist then himself. After all, Isis had won her duel with him by default.

"Speaking of Isis…" Derik muttered to no one in particular, his eyes scanning the Kaibadome for the birthday girl. Not that she would have ever invited the two boys in the first place. Peter apparently hadn't taken his defeat very well, and wasn't as willing to let Isis take the credit for winning the previous tournament then Derik was. Peter had traded his silence for the invitations.

Derik sighed. It wasn't as if he didn't want to be in the Kaibadome the week before its demolition.

Kaiba was watching the party with only the faintest hint of held tears. He looked at the gifts from the Motoh and Wheeler boys. Derik had given Isis the newest Structure Deck based on the LIGHT attribute. Peter's gift was a single card, Guardian Angel Joan, which had quickly taken the spot Isis once saved for Wingweaver.

"Come on," Peter shouted, snapping Seto Kaiba from his daze, "What would a rematch hurt?"

"You, and that's exactly my point," Isis countered, just slightly more harsh then joking. "Duel someone on your own level pup."

"Pup?!" Peter returned shocked for a moment before shifting an accusing look at Kaiba. The smirk on the father's face let the boy know he had indeed been involved.

"Kaiba, I wish you'd find something better to teach your daughter," Joey pleaded, though he obviously didn't expect results.

"Teach?" Kaiba began the slightest hint of inspiration in his voice.

The CEO's attention shifted rapidly as he heard his Ishizu groan in surprise followed by a slight splash.

"Eww," Peter winced.

Isis slumped considerably. "Now? That means we have to share a Birthday!"

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000

"It's a girl," confirmed the doctor accepting the newest member to the Kaiba family.

Seto's eyes double checked the anatomy, sure that there was some mistake, but throughout Ishizu's entire afterbirth delivery, the gender did not change.

As soon as she was wrapped, Kaiba held his newest daughter close, wanting to see the color of her eyes. His lip curled slightly as he noted that the girl's hair color was a sandy blonde, similar to Marik's. How that was possible, he wasn't quite sure. Mokuba and Ishizu both had hair that was raven black, and he had hair like tree bark.

"I thought you knew it was a boy," Kaiba asked of his wife, who was close to falling asleep again.

"The future is never certain," Ishizu smiled. "My necklace said our relationship would never survive."

Kaiba let out a small laugh, barely exhaling. "Well, I don't have a name. Do you have any ideas?"

"Nefertari?" Isis joked, knowing full well that one Egyptian name was more then enough for her husband.

"Tari for short," Kaiba agreed, causing Ishizu's eyes to widen at first, but settled back as she rolled it around in her mind. "Ishtar," Kaiba finished. "Nefertari just doesn't work well with Kaiba."

Ishizu didn't comprehend what she had heard until later. By now she was more asleep then awake.

Kaiba didn't mind. He made plans to call his brother, who after his last kidnapping now had 24-hour protection from bodyguards under Seto's employ.

Kaiba knew it was a day of birth, and not just for his children. If the child in his arms was to inherit his legacy, then the game of Duel Monsters could not be allowed to die.

The day was the birth of an idea, a plan, to save the game that two generations had played religiously. It was a day of birth, for the future and the past, a legacy and a dream, his business life, and his personal life.

Kaiba cradled his daughter, knowing the doctors would be taking her soon.

He knew that today marked the birth of what now were the most important things in Seto Kaiba's life. Not one, but two, Ladies of Dragons.

El Fin

Short, yes, but it was always intended as an epilouge. Before you kill me for taking so long on something so short, I can give two reasons. One, it was MoP who had always had a better picture of Seskera's demise then myself, even though I came up with the concept of Ra's rebellion. I couldn't get the tone that Paradox seems to excel in, so I relented and allowed him to write the scene.

Second, after being stuck for so long, I couldn't back into the dueling heads of the characters. After making several horrible outlines of a Derik vs. Peter match, I took the cowards way out and only wrote an ending. I thought Peter defeating Derik would create a nice triangle effect, leaving no character better then anyone else.

I've been writing this for almost 4 years now, and it's nice to see it completed. If possible I'll revisit the characters, but to prevent a repeat of the long pauses, Yu-Gi-Oh! Revival of Dragons will not even be previewed until the fic is fully complete. As it is a great deal shorter then this one, I hope to be finished within one year.

Thanks to my three major supporters. You know who you are.