Author's note: Hello everyone! It's me once again. Like I stated in my original fan-fic, Shadows of the Obligate, I decided to create a side-story to help explain some of the details that I left out. I hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it

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Original Character:

Name: Saito Onago (Prefers Saito)

Age: Do you really want to know? (Appears 19)

DOB: October 13

Height: 6' 1.75"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair Color: Auburn. Has a tendency to stand straight up (ala Goku) ((Goku is © Toei Animation, and FUNImation))

Eye Color: Varies, depending on his mood. Ranges from crystal (very light) blue ((excellent mood)) to flat black ((STAY THE FCK OUT OF MY WAY!))

Species: Hybrid (Sorcerer/Angel/Kaiser Dragon/Vampire)

Weapon: Razor Chain (Distance attacks) ((dark grey)), Durend (Shape-shifting sword) ((white with rainbow aura))

Abilities: Innate pyromancy and aeromancy (control of fire and air), can also use any element ((he just needs to work on his control)): flight (YES, he does have wings), teleportation

Position: Keeper of the Keys/Weapon smith (Dragons), Last Kaiser Dragon (all)

Disgaea: The Origins of a Kaiser

Prologue: What happened before

Saito Onago is a four-part hybrid who happens to be the Gatekeeper. He holds the twelve dimensional keys that help to maintain balance in the known universe. Recently, however, those keys were scattered when he was dragged into a portal by the Lord of Terror, Baal. After this battle, and his subsequent encounters with both Priere and Marjoly, Saito made his way to the True Netherworld, in order to find Laharl. Upon locating the pronce, he was surprised to see Veyer as well. Engaging the man in a friendly duel, it was soon revealed to all that Veyer was actually Nicholai Krichevskoy, the former Overlord who everyone believed had died nearly seven years before. Due to Saito's injuries, he was carried to the Sacred Altar, where he met with the Seraph Lamington and the holy/unholy priest Setsuna. His injuries were bound, and he finally settled down in order to tell his story.

Sacred Altar: Celestia

Saito sighed inwardly. He knew that he was going to have to explain his relationship not only with the former Overlord, but with the Seraph as well. He slowly rose and stood up. Everyone suddenly fell silent as they looked over at him. His expression was a little too somber for their liking. "Everyone, calm down. I know that I have a lot of explaining to do, and not just to you, Laharl. All of you might as well find a place to sit down, because this might take a long time until all of you know exactly what I have been through in order to come to this point." He looked over at Seraph Lamington, who smiled and nodded. "Pull up a chair, everyone. This is going to take a while." Everyone grabbed a chair and formed a circle. The Seraph briefly disappeared into his chambers before reemerging with a tall, stiff-backed wooden chair. This he placed on the first step of the altar, and he gestured for Saito to take the seat. The mage smiled and nodded at the Seraph of all angels. Well, it looks like I'll finally be able to get it out of my system. All eyes were on the mage as he took his seat. He settled down into the chair, looked around until all was quiet, and then he began to speak.

"My full title is Saito Alexander Daniel Michael Nathaniel Alan Jeffrey Onago. I was born as a hybrid to two distinctly unique parents. My father was part vampire, and part Kaiser Dragon. My mother, on the other hand, was part human and part angel. I was lucky enough, or, as some people say, unlucky enough, to receive all four parts of both parents. Thus, I am a four-part hybrid combination of angel, dragon, demon, and human. This allows me to do certain things that are beyond the comprehension of most of my race. For instance, it allows me to open Dimensional Gates anywhere, just as Baal is capable of doing." There was dead silence at the mention of the name of the Lord of Terror. Saito looked around the circle, and then continued. "Another thing that some of you might have noticed is the fact that the crest on the back of my right hand is fading. That is because I have managed to do something that no draconic has been capable of for the past five generations. I have managed to rise beyond my normal Kaiser status to that of an Ultima." All eyes in the room widened, and jaws dropped in shock as the mage displayed the crest on the back of his right hand. The four interwoven triangles were indeed fading from view. Priere leaned over to Marjoly and whispered, "So that's the reason why the mark was fading! He was changing into something else!" The rest of her conversation was cut off when she heard a light cough, and she turned back to the mage, smiling sheepishly. "I'm sorry, my young friend. It's just that…" Saito raised a hand, cutting her off. "I know, alternate Overlord. May I please get back to my story now?" The flame-haired demon nodded and fell silent for the rest of the narrative. Saito sighed and his view once more circled the audience. "There will be more than enough time for questions and comments after I am finished. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. I was explaining why the crest was vanishing. Now, please allow me to explain exactly what it signifies. It basically means that I am more powerful than any other draconic in my generation. It also means that I have a chance to become the leader of the draconics if I survive this ordeal. However, I must first tell you how I came to the acquaintance of King Krichevskoy and Seraph Lamington…"

Part 1: Of Overlords and Invitations

Flashback begins

Hall of Prophecies: Draconica Mainland

"And so, the demons have been battling each other for the past several weeks. It is only recently that a select few demons have begun to rise over the others in this tournament. The Oricaltos (Leader of all draconics) has recently issued a decree that no dragon is to leave through the Dimensional gate until this battle to determine the next Overlord has been resolved." Alexander Critios, the head recorder in the Hall of Prophecies, put down his pen and shook out his left hand. Stupid cramps, he thought to himself as he rose from his chair and stretched. At 5'10", he was one of the taller weredragons, and he was also the wisest. So far, he was the only recorder who could use the scrying glass in the main section of the Hall to view what was going on in the other worlds. As he strode out of his study and headed towards one of the classrooms on the south side of the grounds, he ran his slender hands through his silver hair. Brilliant green eyes shone with the knowledge that he contained. He marched into the classroom to find a fairly loud group of students bothering one of his more avid pupils. The other children in the room noted the older mans approach and scrambled out of his way, falling silent as they did so. Soon, Alexander could hear exactly what was being said to the young man encircled by others larger than him. "Hey freak! Why don't you just cut off your wings and go home!" "You don't belong here, kid," snarled another voice. "Get out of here while you still have your hide." However, Alexander smiled when he heard his pupil's sharp retorts.

Saito had come in earlier that day, hoping to avoid his tormentors, commonly called "the Shadow group" by the rest of the students. However, he had arrived a little too late that day, and he found himself surrounded. "Hey freak! Why don't you just cut off your wings and go home!" called Kai, one of the bigger and stronger members of the group. He was cut off when their leader raised his right hand. Shadow was tall and menacing. At nearly 5'8", he towered over his comrades. "You don't belong here, kid," he snarled, showing cruel fangs. With jet-black hair, slightly pale skin, and red eyes, he was one of the more menacing students at the school. "Get out of here while you still have your hide." "Who is going to take my hide if I don't leave, Shadows?" Saito replied, his blue eyes suddenly growing ice cold. "Are you? Or will it be one of your 'friends' there?" he snapped, jerking his head back towards the remainder of the circle. "I'd really like to see you or one of them try." Saito was only 15 by human standards, but he was much stronger than he looked. At the height of 5'7", he was only one inch shorter than Shadow. He looked up, icy blue eyes meeting blood-red eyes in a staring match that Shadow knew he could not win. The taller draconic looked away, snarling. "One of these days, you will pay for this. You here me?" he called as he turned to walk away. However, his path was blocked a silver-haired man, and the rest of the gang instantly knew that they were in deep trouble. "Master Alexander! I didn't see you come in," Shadow exclaimed, quickly bowing his head in respect. I was wondering if you were going to show up."

"Wondering whether I would actually allow you to try your luck against my top pupil? I don't think so, Shadow," came the older man's response. "Besides, he is more than capable of beating the living daylights out of you. I should know, because I was one of his combat instructors." At this comment, the rest of the students gasped in wonder. They all believed that Master Alexander had only held the position of Recorder of the Histories, and no other jobs. Alexander smiled humorlessly, showing brilliant white fangs at his most troublesome student. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" "But sir," Shadow protested, "he is nearly my size." The older man stopped to think about this, and then nodded. "You have an excellent point. So, Saito," the teacher asked, looking beyond Shadow in order to see his top student, "do you think you can take on Shadow?" "Take him on? Don't make me laugh, Master Alexander," came the younger man's reply, which caused Shadow to breathe a sigh of relief. The young man's next words, however, chilled Shadow to the core. "I don't exactly feel the need to crush someone like him right now. Maybe later, though," he added. looking pointedly at his rival, "we can settle this elsewhere. WITHOUT the rest of your goons watching for an opening at my back." The newest Kaiser dragon grinned before he shouldered past the slightly taller man. He bowed to the teacher easily. "Good afternoon, Master Alexander. How are events progressing in the Netherworld?" This started the lesson, as all of the children wanted to learn about what was going on in the other worlds.

Alexander strode to the front of the room, and waited for his students to take their seats. He then picked up a piece of chalk, and began to draw several diagrams on the board. When this was done, he turned and looked at his pupils. "The events in the Netherworld have been progressing at their usual pace." This elicited several groans from the students, and the older man smiled. "BUT, there are now a few prime contenders for the title of Overlord. First of all, there are a few wayward contenders. One of these is a demon going by the name of Hoggmeiser." As he spoke the name, he pointed to one of the drawings on the board. It showed a very ugly pig-like demon. "Next, there is a fairly interesting demon going by the name of Soriens." At this, he pointed to the second picture on the board. Unlike the first one, this was an actual photograph, not merely a drawing. This one showed a man wearing a pair of black leggings and a red tunic. A black headband decorated with a red eye held back the man's dark hair. His brown eyes were shining as he stood at ease, a spear clutched in his right hand. "The last two major contenders are both vampires. One is a Nosferatu going by the name of Maderas." At this, he pointed to the second photograph, which showed a typical vampire. "Last, but not least, there is the second vampire. This one goes by the name of Nicholai Krichevskoy." After saying this, he pointed to the last photograph on the board. This one showed a vampire, but it was far different from the picture of Maderas. For starters, the demon in this picture had violet hair, and also had a thin moustache. His hair was of a normal length, but there were two strips of hair that extended back over his head.

The children stared in awe. No one had ever been able to take a photograph of a demon before. Alexander smiled as he looked out at all of the raised hands in the classroom. Looking at the clock hanging at the back of the room, he inwardly sighed. "I know that you have many questions to ask me, class. But I am afraid we are all out of time for the day." This was greeted by a chorus of groans from the seated students. "However, I will let you know if anything new develops over the weekend," he said with a smile. As the students were packing up their belongings, the teacher called to two of his students. "Shadow! Saito! I need both of you to stick around. There is something that I must show you both." Shadow and Saito looked at each other, and Saito raised an eyebrow. "Looks like we're stuck for a while longer," he said. Shadow sneered, and then approached Alexander's desk after everyone else had left. "What do you want now, old man?" he demanded, a dangerous glitter in his eyes. "I merely wanted you both to follow me. There is something that both of you need to see before you leave." With that, Alexander stood up and walked out of the room, followed closely by the two rivals. Alexander smiled to himself. This is going to be an interesting fight once they realize what is going on here, he thought as he led both of the Kaisers into the main portion of the Hall. He placed his hand over the reader in front of the door, and let it scan his palm-print. He smiled when the door opened for him almost immediately. "Right this way, you two," he said, leading both of them into the darkness.

Saito was amazed at this. I'm actually going to see the scrying glass! I can't wait until Mother hears about this! he thought to himself as they continued to walk down the darkened corridor. They soon stopped before a fairly large piece of glass. Alexander smiled. "This is what I wanted both of you to see." Shadow looked over at the old man, and narrowed his eyes. "What's so special about this piece of glass? I don't see anything different about it." "That is because you are not paying attention, my boy. Take a closer look," the elder weredragon said, a tiny smile creeping across his features. Saito needed no prompting at all, and was intensely studying the surface. He relaxed, and then it was as if a set of curtains had been opened. Saito looked on in surprise as he watched the glass, his face reflecting his own amazement.

Arena of Shadows: True Netherworld

"Chaos Swarm!" Maderas split into several bats, and then launched himself at Krichevskoy. The older vampire dodged, and then unleashed the energy he had been building in his right hand. "Fist of Shadows!" The darkness wrapped around his fist connected with the central bat, knocking Maderas out of his attack. The Nosferatu was stunned. No one has ever been able to counter my Chaos Swarm! How can this be...? He swept his right claw upwards at the other vampire, only to have it blocked by the spear that Krichevskoy held. Maderas launched himself away from the man, and prepared to unleash one of his favorite specialties: the Chaos Fire. However, he failed to notice that Krichevskoy was also gathering energy for an attack. Just as he launched into the air, Maderas saw the energy burning around Nicholai's fists. It was too late for him to stop, so Maderas began his attack. "Chaos..."

He never finished intoning his attack, as Krichevskoy flung his arms upwards, releasing the energy stored in his fists. The energy formed into numerous glowing orbs, all of which hovered around the vampire. Krichevskoy had yet to think of a name for this attack, but he knew what words and gesture caused the final blast. "Bite the dust!" Krichevskoy roared as he brought his arms back down at a tremendous speed. The energy orbs hovered for a moment longer, and then converged on Maderas. The Nosferatu didn't know what had hit him, and he was immediately knocked out from the force of the attack. The old Overlord saw this easily from his throne. "Maderas is unable to continue! Krichevskoy moves onto the finals tomorrow!" he called, causing a massive cheer from the crowds of demons surrounding the arena floor. Krichevskoy looked up, and then bowed deeply to the Overlord before turning to acknowledge the crowd. He then strode out of the arena, heading back towards the Dark Caverns, where he was staying during the remainder of the tournament. Watching Maderas go by on a stretcher, he winced sympathetically. I'm sorry, Maderas. You left yourself way too open for that attack. He chuckled and moved on, his red eyes scanning the faces in the street as he continued to walk along. However, one particular face caught his attention.

The first thing that Krichevskoy noticed was the green eyes watching him. He turned and was given a clear look at the young woman's face. She appeared to be approximately 23 years-old, and had dirty-blonde hair. She was dressed like a mage, except that her dress was pure white. It was obvious that she was not from the Netherworld, and Krichevskoy could tell this by the way she looked around frantically. She must be searching for someone in particular, the vampire thought as he walked over to the young woman. "Is there anything I can do to help you, young lady?" The woman whirled around, her bow coming up instantly as she eyed the demon before her. She then realized exactly what she had done, and quickly lowered her weapon. "I'm sorry," she said, her voice softly betraying how nervous she was. "It's just that I'm not from around here, and I need time to adjust. You see, I'm from the human world, and I came here to study at the Overlord's Castle. Could you show me which direction I need to take?" Krichevskoy smiled at the young witch. "I'll take you there, if you really want to see it right now," he said, his voice hiding exactly how nervous he was. This girl is beautiful, he thought to himself as he waited for her response.

Rena was overjoyed. I finally meet someone, and he can show me the way to the Overlord's Castle! Not to mention that I think he's kinda cute, she thought to herself as she put her bow away. She drew forth her staff and planted it into the ground. "I would like that very much. Thank you for escorting me." The demon slapped his forehead, as if he had forgotten something extremely important. "How foolish of me! Where are my manners? My name is Nicholai Krichevskoy," he said, a twinkle shining in his red eyes. The witch smiled, and then nodded. "My name is Rena Solvaris. It is a pleasure to meet you," she said, trying to hide the trembling in her voice. The vampire smiled, and then held out his right hand. "Shall we be going then?" Rena giggled, and then put her hand in Krichevskoy's. "Let's get moving. I still want to be able to see the path."

Back in the Hall of Prophecies:

Shadow managed to maintain his focus long enough to see Soriens land an Impaler on Hoggmeiser, knocking the pig-demon out. He then turned to look at his teacher. "Is that why you dragged us all the way out here? Just to see how demons fight? This was just a waste of time," he spat bitterly, before turning to leave the room. He was stopped by Saito's voice. "I don't really think that was the reason why we were brought here. Is that correct, Master?" he asked, turning to look at his former hand-to-hand instructor. Alexander smiled, and then hit the switch under his thumb. The lights suddenly came on, nearly blinding both of the younger Kaisers. When their eyes had finished adjusting, both gasped in shock and surprise. The entire corridor was lined with mirrors, and they were all polished very smoothly. "This is the reason why I brought you both here," came the older draconic's voice. Both turned to look back at him with quizzical looks on their faces. He smiled, and then went on to explain. "Both of you have been trained to use your own magical abilities as weapons. This is the perfect place to test them against one another." Shadow's jaw dropped wide open, and Saito suddenly grinned. "So, let me get this straight: you brought us here in order to let us fight each other?" Shadow asked, a little skeptical. The older man nodded, and then headed for the door. Just before he exited, he turned around. "I will be watching both of you very carefully. If either of you draws a weapon, then you will be immediately thrown from the Hall. Is that clear?" Both draconics nodded. "The last one still conscious wins! Good luck to both of you," he called as he closed and locked the door.

Shadow pushed back his long sleeves. "I'm going to enjoy beating you into the ground, kid. Are you ready?" he asked, before suddenly rushing forward in an attempt to catch his chief rival off-guard. For all of his troubles, he was tossed halfway across the room, landing heavily on his back. Saito smiled lightly, before rushing after his sliding opponent. Shadow hit the wall and flipped up onto his feet. He then extended his right hand, the lightning crackling dangerously. He reared his arm back and threw the ball of lightning, only to stop and stare in shock as Saito reached out and caught it with a natural ease. "How in the hell did you do that?" he asked, astonished that Saito had reacted so fast.

Saito grinned. I guess he was never paying attention to me when he was busy beating up on the other kids in class. He never knew that I was studying his techniques. That way, I would know how to beat them... He thought for a moment, then held out the ball of lightning that Shadow had launched at him. "Let's just say that I've been studying your techniques for quite a while." The younger weredragon grinned, and then clenched his fist, absorbing the lightning. He then proceeded to charge one of his own specialty attacks. His right hand suddenly started to grow silver as he crossed it before his chest. Shadow saw this, and immediately started to curse himself. CRAP! He's going to use his own special! Considering the fact that I can't exactly block right now... I am completely screwed! It was at that point that Shadow heard Saito chanting something. The chant slowly grew in volume until the weredragon was nearly yelling. The last phrase of the chant was all that Shadow would hear when he awoke. "Alcarve, ansure, alnidrae, ansum. Oldave, Antelis, ANKARE TSUNUM!" the young hybrid roared as he whipped his right hand away from his chest and pointed his palm at his rival. The silver fireballs launched out of his palm, and then spread out, growing in strength until he gave the word of release. Saito smiled then, his vampiric fangs suddenly becoming apparent. "In the words of Nicholai Krichevskoy," he invoked as he raised his hands above his head. "BITE THE DUST!" he roared as he swept his arms down, releasing the fireballs in much the same way as the vampire had released his own energy attack. The fireballs all converged on Shadow, knocking him out cold.

Alexander was upstairs, visiting with the Oricaltos. Together, they watched the battle in the Hall below. The head draconic looked at his Recorder of Histories. "Onago is unnaturally strong. Where does all of that strength come from?" he asked Alexander. "Well, the main reason why he is so strong is because he is a hybrid." "WHAT! That boy is a hybrid! But where does all of that strength come from? His prowess with magic is second to none, and his skill is unmatched in all disciplines. It is well-nigh impossible to defeat him in single combat," the Oricaltos raged, and then turned on his old comrade. "Why was this power not granted to ME?" Alexander looked at his old friend. "Well, he is the only son of the most powerful half-angelic sorceress in either Celestia or on Earth. His father is half vampiric, and is also the last of the Kaiser line. THAT is where his power comes from," the old draconic stated proudly. "He will make the perfect Oricaltos, no offense to you, old friend," he added quickly. The leader snorted in disdain. "He is destined to be the Keeper of the Keys," the Oricaltos finally stated. "WHAT! You must be KIDDING me!" Alexander looked at his leader with shock and disbelief. "Do not question me, Alexander. He is diralec, the last of the true Blood Shadows that were hunted to near extinction. He is nearly immortal, and if he ascends to Ultima status then he will truly be immortal. However, he must first face an evil much stronger than himself. That is why he will guard the keys until he has faced this great evil. That is all," the Oricaltos said before rising from his seat and turning towards the door. Alexander could only stare in disbelief at his comrade. The draconic leader paused for a moment before he left the room. "One more thing, Alexander." The Recorder of all draconic history raised his head, and look at his Lord. "Make sure that young master Saito gets to meet Krichevskoy." At this, Alexander smiled before he bowed to the Oricaltos. "It shall be done, my lord."

Saito met with his teacher just outside of the main hall. "You have done well, my apprentice. But I believe that I have kept you here far too long." At that point in time, Saito looked at his watch, and then panicked. "SHOOT! I was supposed to be home 15 minutes ago! Dad is going to be pissed, and that's an understatement! I gotta go, old man." Alexander looked at his prize pupil and smiled. "Get moving, young man. Your mother might be a little worried about you. Good luck handling your old man!" With that, Saito raced homeward. His feet flew over the path, and he reminisced over what had happened that day.

Onago House: Draconia

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" called Saito as he passed through the front door. He heard his mother's voice as he passed through the main hall, and he stopped easily. "Your father is in the dining room. I don't think he's very happy with you," she called lightly to her only child. Saito snorted aloud before heading into the kitchen. Since when was Dad ever happy with anything I did? Ah well, such is life, he thought to himself as he gave his mother a quick kiss on the cheek. She smiled, her bright blue eyes glittering brilliantly. "Hurry up, boy! You've got some MAJOR explaining to do!" called a voice from the dining room. Saito rolled his eyes and prepared for another verbal battle with his father. "Wish me luck, Mom," he called as he walked through the doorway. Kaido Onago was sitting at the table, a sour expression on his face. His flaming red hair matched his eyes—and his temper. He looked at his only child and snapped viciously. "Where in the HELL have you been? I told you that you were supposed to return fifteen minutes ago!"

After several minutes of explanations, more yelling, and a fist to Kaido's jaw:

Saito finally slumped into his seat, and then shook his head, trying to clear the blood from his vision. Dad landed a good one this time, he thought, wincing as his hand brushed the slash across his forehead. He looked over at his mother and grinned. "Master Alexander took Shadow and I into the Hall yesterday afternoon in order to see the scrying glass. It was incredible! We actually watched both semifinal matches to see who would be the next Overlord." At this, the Lady Serena's eyes widened. "Who won this round? Did Krichevskoy manage to survive?" she asked, a brilliant glimmer in her eyes. "Krichevskoy beat the living daylights out of Maderas," her son replied, grinning. "Oh, and Soriens won his match against Hoggmeiser." Then this is going to be one heck of a final match, thought the older draconic. She looked at her son with a smile. "Shouldn't you be going to bed, young man? It's getting awfully late." "Yes mother. I'll see you in the morning!" Saito called as he headed into his room. What an exciting day! He thought as he fell into bed.

The next day: Late afternoon

Hall of Prophecies: Draconia

"It appears that Krichevskoy has won the tournament. However, the Overlord is still unwilling to give up his title. I will record any further developments." Alexander put his pen down, and then headed back towards the main portion of the Hall. However, his way was soon barred by a fairly angry looking gang of students. "What in the name of hell did you do to Shadow?" Kai demanded. Alexander merely smiled. He wanted a fight with Saito. I merely offered them a battlefield. It was his own fault for underestimating Saito's power." At the mention of the hated weredragon, Kai's eyes widened, and then narrowed even more terribly. He turned to look back at the rest of the group. "Come on, you guys. Let's go beat the hell out of this kid!" he said, grinning wickedly. The rest of the gang turned and followed Kai away, only to be stopped at the door when Saito came rushing in. "Master Alexander! Did I miss the final match?" he called eagerly. The old Recorder nodded his head. "I'm afraid so, my young friend. However, it appears that the Overlord is unwilling to give up his power just yet. I was just on my way to see if that battle had started. Do you want to join me?" he asked, knowing what the young man's answer would be. "Of course I want to join you! Besides, Mom wants to know the results of the finals, too." "Well then, what are we waiting around for? Let's get going!" The two then proceeded into the main hallway, followed by the silent group of Shadow's lackeys. They all approached the glass, in order to see that there was an explanation already in progress.

Arena of Shadows: True Netherworld

Then why in the hell did he stage this tournament if he wasn't going to give up the title? Nicholai Krichevskoy was extremely quick to vocalize his thoughts to the Overlord. Kormus grinned, shortly before drawing the sword slung across his back. "The reason is simple, Nicholai. I'm just not ready to give up the title yet. If you want it so badly, then why don't you come and take it!" the elder vampire roared as he launched himself upward from his balcony. "Wind Cutter!" The blow landed, but not where Kormus had anticipated. Damn! He moved forward rather than backwards. What in the name of the Netherworld is his problem? The Overlord soon received a reply, but it was not from anyone that he had ever heard before. Maybe it's because you lied to his face about him becoming Overlord after he won. Maybe THAT is the reason why he is so pissed off at you! Who in the Hell do you think you are! came the mental roar of the Overlord. He heard a mental chuckle, and then a reply that chilled him to the core. Let's just say that I'm an outside observer who wishes that you were gone already. I admire Krichevskoy for what he has done, and I will continue to root for him until the very end. Little did Kormus know that Krichevskoy was listening in to his mental conversation. However, Saito noticed it almost immediately. He then turned his mind away from the Overlord and directed a question at the other vampire.

How long have you been listening to the two of us? Krichevskoy was a little stunned by the question, but he quickly hid his disbelief. I've been listening the entire time. So you think that I deserve the title of Overlord? Deserve it? I think you have truly EARNED it by your actions today. Why, thank you, young master. By the way, exactly WHAT are you? There was a brief pause. To tell you the truth, I am a draconic. Krichevskoy smiled suddenly. Is it possible that you could send me some of your power over this connection of ours? I'm not sure whether I can handle taking on the Overlord alone. Krichevskoy heard a mental chuckle, and then received his reply. Some of my power? You can take ALL of it, Krichevskoy. I admire your style, and I definitely look up to you. Take all that you need from me. All that I ask is that you return my power after you are finished. The vampire smiled and chuckled lightly to himself. With absolute pleasure, my boy. By the way, I have just one question for you… There was another brief pause. Then… I'm sorry if I forgot to introduce myself. My full title is Saito Alexander Daniel Michael Nathaniel Alan Jeffrey Onago. Please, just call me Saito. Krichevskoy grinned openly, and then responded easily. Thank you for answering my question, before I even had the chance to ask it. WHOOPS! Sorry about that! That's alright, my young friend. Thank you for the power loan, Saito. Anytime, Master Krichevskoy. With that, Saito transferred all of his power to the vampire, and then collapsed. However, when he woke up again, he would be able to perfectly recall what happened next in that fight.

Krichevskoy launched into the air with little trouble. He then started to gather some of his newfound energy into his right fist. His fist began to glow a brilliant red, just before it caught fire. He then launched himself back down at the Overlord. "BLAZING KNUCKLE!" he roared as he slammed his fist into the ground. However, the Overlord Kormus was far too fast, and he had already leaped upwards to avoid the attack. What Kormus didn't know was that this attack had two parts. He had merely dodged the first portion. He landed right behind Krichevskoy with his sword raised over his head, determined to land a finishing blow to the younger, stronger vampire. It was at that moment that the second part of the attack became all too clear. A pillar of fire shot up from the ground, heavily damaging Kormus and tossing him up into the air once again. He regained control, and then prepared to use one of his nastier techniques. He began the intonation in his mind, and then he roared out to the crowd. "ALL OF YOU! LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH SO THAT I MAY CRUSH THIS FOOL!" There was dead silence for a moment, and then he heard a single voice rising. What surprised him the most was the fact that the voice was female. "Why should we help you?" Rena sneered, the disgust becoming clear in her voice. "We are all a little tired of you turning around and going back on your word! Krichevskoy won the tournament, now step down and let him take his rightful place!" There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd, and the witch's eyes narrowed terribly. She then began to chant ominously, the accompanying gestures becoming clearer and clearer with each passing second. "BY ALL THAT IS BOTH LIGHT AND DARK; BY THE POWERS UNKOWN AND THE POWERS-THAT-BE: LEND KRICHEVSKOY MY STRENGTH!" With that, her eyes opened wide, and she cast her head back as the energy shot from her body to that of the man she had chosen to help. I love you, Nicholai. Please don't just go and die on me… she thought just before she passed out.

The younger vampire began to gather power into both of his fists. With so much more power, this should be a snap! he thought as the energy coursed through his veins. From THIS DAY FORWARD, the attack that I will use to finish this battle will be referred to as Overlord's Wrath, he called out in a mental voice to all demons present. He then flung his arms skyward, and the energy raced away from his hands in order to form the too-familiar orbs of energy. However, after he had released them, the orbs continued to grow in size, strength, and number as Krichevskoy continued to pour his borrowed energy into the attack. He looked up at the Overlord, and it was then that he smiled wickedly.

Overlord Kormus was chilled at the sight of Krichevskoy's smile. The younger vampire's fangs were now on full display, and the wicked gleam in his eyes showed that there would be absolutely no mercy in his final attack. In that moment, he mentally saluted the younger vampire. You win, Krichevskoy. But I'm not going out just yet… "Winged…" Yet before he could finish intoning the attack, he heard the younger vampire roar three words at the top of his lungs. "BITE THE DUST!" Krichevskoy roared, flinging his arms downward in the final launch gesture. All of the energy orbs converged on Overlord Kormus, and they all impacted his body at the exact same moment. You truly ARE the new Overlord, Nicholai. Good luck, and Godspeed. With that final thought, the old Overlord's body disappeared, never to return again. All of Kormus' power was transferred in that moment to the man who had defeated him.

Nicholai stood up slowly. It is finished, and I am Overlord now. At long last, I can begin the task of uniting the worlds in peace. He searched the stands for one particular face, and he smiled when he saw Rena's green eyes glittering with renewed strength. He then looked upwards, towards the place where the other voice had come from. Thank you, Saito Onago. You will not be forgotten. The new Overlord than turned back towards the crowd. "You are all dismissed," he said, his voice ringing out in the silence. "This is a day that will be remembered throughout ALL of history!" At this statement, everyone in the crowd stood up and cheered. There was a new Overlord in the Netherworld.

Hall of Prophecies: Draconia

"And so it was through the strength granted to him by others that the Overlord Nicholai Krichevskoy defeated his opponent and claimed the title for himself." Alexander Critios, Recorder of all draconic history, put down his pen and smiled. I wonder how Saito is faring, he thought as he left his study once more. It had been three hours since the scrying glass had clouded over. Three agonizing hours in which Saito had yet to stir from his place on the floor, just in front of the glass. Shadow's group of lackeys had long since departed, satisfied that they had seen Saito passed out on the floor. As Alexander's steps turned towards the main portion of the Hall, he wondered how he was going to explain exactly what happened when he went into class on Monday. His thoughts were interrupted when the door to the main Hall opened, and Saito walked out, his long stride making it obvious that he was in an excellent mood. "I take it you had a nice rest?" asked his mentor, a hint of amusement in his voice. "I slept fine," came the response. "I never knew that Krichevskoy was so powerful on his own." The older draconic looked at his pupil, a little puzzled by his statement. "What do you mean by that?" "Well, for starters, I did see the end of the fight. You saw how large his final attack was, didn't you?" "Of course I saw how large that thing was!" "Well, I heard what he was thinking just before he flung his hands upward." Alexander looked at his prize pupil in disbelief. "WHAT! But that's impossible! You were out cold at that point!" Saito chuckled, and then he raised his head in order to look into his teacher's green eyes. "His last thought before he launched that attack was, and I quote: 'From THIS DAY FORWARD, the attack that I will use to finish this battle will be referred to as Overlord's Wrath.'"

Alexander shook his head in amazement. So THAT is why he was out cold! He sent his energy to Krichevskoy! Alexander looked at Saito, pride shining in his eyes. "I am extremely proud of you, my young friend. Besides, the Oricaltos wants to see you." At the mention of the leader of all draconics, Saito's eyes widened. "You mean that he actually wishes to speak to ME! That's impossible!" "No, it is not, Saito Onago," came a voice from just beyond the young mage's line-of-sight. He dropped to one knee, and bowed his head. "Oricaltos Nathaniel! I didn't expect to see you here! Please accept my sincerest apologies," Saito said, his trembling voice betraying how nervous he really was. The amber-eyed leader merely smiled. "There is no need for that here, Saito. Even I am considered a guest within these halls. Rise, my young friend. There is much that we need to discuss." Saito slowly stood up, and then looked at the leader of all draconics. He was an imposing figure, standing at six feet even. His ebony hair was cut short, and his amber eyes glittered with intelligence and authority.

The Oricaltos led the young Kaiser to a room just above the main Hall. He then proceeded to take a seat in one of the three chairs located in the room. They were all arranged around a small, circular table. He gestured for Alex and Saito to take the other two seats, and he then turned to Saito. "Alexander told me what happened today during the final battle for the title of Overlord. He gave me all of the information he could. Now I want you to explain exactly what happened back there. There's no need to blurt everything out at once. Just tell me what happened, as you experienced it for yourself." Saito looked over at his mentor, who nodded that it was alright. He turned back towards the Oricaltos, and began his tale. "Well, it all started when I heard exactly what the old Overlord was saying. It made me extremely angry, and I knew I had to do something. So I…"

Half an hour and several questions later:

The Oricaltos nodded at his companion's comment, and then turned back towards Saito. "So, just to sum things up: You transferred your own energy to Nicholai Krichevskoy over more than a million miles using a telepathic bond?" The young mage nodded, and then the Oricaltos smiled. He turned to Alexander, the smile still very evident on his face. "It appears that you were right after all, Alexander. He will make an excellent Oricaltos one day." Upon hearing this, Saito's eyes widened immensely. ME! As ORICALTOS of all draconics? What is he talking about? He was fairly quick to voice his own thoughts. The older draconic merely smiled. "Alexander and I were discussing this shortly after your battle with Shadow. You have an incredible amount of power, for being only a teenager. I can't imagine how strong you will be when you reach your full potential." The mage bowed deeply to his leader, and then lifted his head, smiling. "If I may take my leave, my liege, then my mother wished to learn exactly how the finals turned out." Nathaniel smiled, and then made a shooing gesture at the young man. "Get home, Saito. Don't leave out a single detail when you tell her how it ended." The young mage stood up, snapped a crisp military salute to the older man, and then sprinted out of the room, his footsteps fading as he got further and further from the room. Nathaniel sighed aloud, and then turned to his old comrade. "I wish that I had half of his energy. Ah well, such is life." He then smiled. "How about we go back to my place and have a few drinks?" The Recorder of Histories smiled. "What are we waiting for? Lead the way, Nathaniel."

Onago House: Draconia

"Mom! The tournament is over!" Saito yelled as he crossed into the house. His mother turned towards the door, and then she started at her son's appearence. "Saito! What took you so long? Your father was starting to wonder whether you had gone off and died." "Doesn't that just figure. Well, Krichevskoy won the tournament, but the old Overlord didn't want to give up his power. I was really pissed when I heard the Overlord's explanation, and I wanted to do something to adjust his attitude. So I decided to try and aid Krichevskoy in any way possible. I created a mental link through the scrying glass and called the old Overlord an idiot. Apparently, Krichevskoy was listening in on the conversation, and he heard me. I felt his presence, and I let him know that I wanted to help. He asked for some of my extra energy, and I gave ALL of it to him. The two of them exchanged about three blows before Krichevskoy decided to end it. Someone else, I'm not exactly sure who, also sent their energy to Krichevskoy. He used all of that energy for one final attack, just before the Overlord could launch a Winged Slayer. The former Overlord was destoryed in a single instant, and Krichevskoy finally ascended." Serena Onago smiled at her only child. "I am very proud of what you did, Saito. You helped out someone who truly needed your aid. I don't exactly care what your father thinks, because you did what YOU felt was right." "Thanks Mom. Besides, Master Alexander wants me to tell the class what happened at the end. Well, I better be heading upstairs. I still have work to do." With that, Saito disappeared into his room to work on an English paper.

We pick up on Monday. School is just beginning, and the students are waiting eagerly to hear the results of the tournament.

Hall of Prophecies: Draconia

Alexander walked into the classroom that day, and was immediately greeted with one particular question: "Who won the tournament? Who is the new Overlord of the Netherworld?" The elder draconic smiled, and then he scanned the classroom. He was looking for one face in particular, and then he saw the young Kaiser sitting near the back of the room. He smiled, and then spoke simply and easily. "Well, I only know part of the events that transpired there." This was greeted with groans from his students. "However, there is someone in this class who can tell us everything that happened during that final battle. All I can tell you is this: Soriens fell to the blade of Krichevskoy, but the old Overlord refused to give-up his position. Saito, the floor is yours." With that, the older draconic took his seat in front of the class, and he waited. Everyone turned to look at the newest Kaiser, and Saito smiled. "Well, the old Overlord merely wanted to see who his greatest opposition was, in order to eliminate them and keep all of the power for himself. However, he got much more than he bargained for when he tried to cross Krichevskoy..."

Half an hour later:

"Are there any questions?" Saito looked around the room, and he noticed that every hand was waving in the air, trying to catch his attention. His gaze wandered the room, until it settled on one pale-skinned draconic. "Shadow?" The slightly pale draconic lowered his hand, and then he asked his question. "Actually, it's more of a comment than a question. I noticed that you mentioned Krichevskoy's name right before our fight finished. Was that an allusion to..." "Overlord's Wrath? Yes, it was an allusion to the Overlord's trademark attack. Any other questions?" Saito asked as he looked around the room. His eyes settled on one of the younger students, and he smiled. "Yes, Jacen?" "Well. I was wondering if you be willing to demonstrate an attack for us." The rest of the students nodded eagerly, and Saito suddenly grinned. "Sure. Which attack do you want me to demonstrate?" he asked as they all headed down towards the practice yards. "Well, you said a few things about this Overlord's Wrath, and we were wondering if you would be able to pull off something like it, just to give us a visual." Saito's grin widened suddenly. "All you really need to do is ask Shadow what HE saw when I used it against him. However, since we are all out here, I might as well demonstrate it for all of you." With that, he began to gather energy into his fists. When he had gathered enough, he flung his hands outward and upwards, releasing the energy orbs to hover in mid-air. They continued to grow in size, until Saito decided that it was enough. He flung his hands downward as he roared those three final words of release. "BITE THE DUST!" The energy orbs simultaneously converged on the practice dummy, disintegrating it instantly. Saito turned around and bowed, as the rest of the class applauded his work. "Are there any other questions? No? Dismissed." With that, Saito turned away from the remains of the practice dummy, and promptly crossed the field to the main portion of the Hall. He whistled lightly as he crossed the grounds, but then he noticed that there was a group of students closing in behind him.

Saito didn't even need to turn in order to know who was stalking him. "What do you want, Kai?" he snarled, suddenly allowing his temper to rise. "We decided that you deserve a beating after what you did to Shadow. So we decided to administer it ourselves." "And exactly HOW were you planning on beating me up when you know that you can't TOUCH ME!" Saito roared as he whirled around, his body already blurring. Kai and the rest of the gang never saw him, but they all felt the blows that Saito landed. When it was over, Saito was the only one left standing. He chuckled to himself before turning his footsteps towards home. "Amatuers."

The next day:

Shadow looked over the rest of hs gang before slowly shaking his head. "I specifically told you idiots to leave Saito alone. Did you listen to me? Nooooo. You just HAD to go and try to beat him up. I can't believe that I actually decided to work with you fools after all that has happened here." He then looked over at Saito, before lowering his head. "I told them to leave you alone." "Ah well. It's just too bad for them that I was in such a foul mood after they had insulted me on the day of the finals." Saito then looked over at Shadow. "As long as we don't cross pahts like that again, then we should all survive until the end of the year. Okay?" Shadow nodded, and then turned back towards the rest of his group. "You heard Saito." They all nodded in agreement, and then promptly took their seats as Alexander walked into the classroom.

There was never another incident involving Saito and Shadow until the day of the wedding.

One week later:

Overlord's Castle: True Netherworld

"MADERAS!" The Nosferatu hurried into the throne room before bowing to his Overlord. "Yes, King Krichevskoy?" The older vampire smiled at him, before passing over a series of envelopes. Maderas looked down, and almost instantly recognized what it meant. "You mean to teel me that you have already decided to MARRY her?" Krichevskoy raised an eyebrow at the vampire that he had beaten in the semi-finals. "Do you have a problem with my decision?" he asked, a dangerous glitter in his red eyes. "N-n-n-n-n-n-no sir," came the Nosferatu's nervous reply. "Well, get moving then. All of these need to be delivered ASAP." "Yes, my liege," Maderas sighed as he assumed his bat form and set out to deliver the invitations. His first stop was Priere Castle, where he was almost immediately swarmed under by the succubi who were always in residence. Priere was quick to see this, and she rushed out of the throne room. Beating the rest of the she-demons back with her baton, she looked over the distressed vampire before smiling lightly. "Why are you here, Maderas? You usually don't come into these parts."

Maderas lowered his head. He didn't want to look the full-bodied former-human straight in the face. "King Krichevskoy sent me with this," he said as he passed over the envelope. She opened it, looked at the contents, and then she smiled. "Let him know that I will most certainly attend." The vampire bowed to the Alternate Overlord before returning to his bat form for the flight to Beauty Castle. He arrived within two hours time, in order to be greeted by the blonde-haired witch. "Priere sent word that you were coming. What exactly brings you out to this part of the Alternate Netherworld?" "Orders from the Overlord himself," sighed the Nosferatu as he handed the invitation to Marjoly. She opened the envelope, read the invitation, and then smiled. "Will you let the Overlord know that I will be in attendance as well?" Maderas nodded his head, and then braced for a truly unpleasent experience. "Where are you off to next?" "Celestia." "Oh... Good luck getting in to see the Seraph." "Thanks," Maderas responded sarcastically as he took flight once more.

The vampire's next stop was Celestia, and he knew that he was in for a rough time as soon as he passed through the gates. He eyed the three angels who were standing in his path, and then he sighed aloud. "I need to see the Seraph." "WHY should we let you pass?" snarled the youngest angel, a young man going by the name of Tobias. "I have a message from the Overlord that needs to be delivered directly to him." The younger angel stopped and stared at Maderas. "You mean to tell me that you LOST to Krichevskoy? What in the name of the Lord is WRONG with you?" "There is NOTHING wrong with me. I was just too careless when I went into that battle. Now, if you don't mind..." "Out of his way, Tobias," came a fairly stern voice from the main doors to the Inner Sanctum. "Yes, Master Lamington," Tobias sighed as he stepped away from the gates in order to let the vampire pass. The Seraph smiled at Maderas, and then held out his hand. The Nosferatu willingly passed over the invitation, and the Seraph's silver eyes began to dance as he read the personal message. "You are dismissed, Maderas. I will respond on my own. Besides, you have quite a long way to travel in order to deliver the rest of your invitations." The Nosferatu bowed to the Seraph before he exited the main gates, shifting from human to bat form once again.

The days flew by, and Maderas continued to deliver the invitations. Soon, he had only one left. The special one, which Krichevskoy specifically ordered him to deliver last. The invitation addressed to a certain Kaiser dragon...

Onago House: Draconia

"Saito! There's something fairly strange going on down here." "I'll be right down, Mom!" It had been two weeks since Krichevskoy's ascension to the rank of Overlord. Saito had told his parents the entire story, not missing a single detail. His father had been furious, but his mother was very proud of him, so it all worked out in the end. Alexander asked him to tell his story during class that Monday, and he didn't leave out a single detail. The rest of the children, even Shadow and his gang, were impressed by his actions. Shadow had soon after ordered his lackeys to leave Saito alone, after they had tried to beat him up after school. They all came into class the next day, covered in bruises. They had learned their lesson, and they left him alone. Saito hurried downstairs to see what his mother was talking about.

When he reached the foot of the steps, he looked a little surprised at the scene before him. There was his father, trying to crush a fairly large bat against the wall. However, the bat was constantly escaping his grip, trying desperately to reach the staircase. It stopped when it saw Saito, and then it promptly rushed over to him. The bat was swiftly followed by Kaido, who had a murderous look in his eyes. However, he was stopped cold when he looked into the darkening eyes of his only child. He snarled, and then turned towards the door. "I'm going out for a walk. Don't expect me to be back until later." With that, he stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Saito turned towards the bat. It was then that he noticed the letter tied to the mammal's leg. He reached out and untied the envelope from the bat's leg, and then nodded at it. The flying mammal promptly fled, disappearing back into the darkness.

Overlord's Castle: True Netherworld

Maderas settled back into his usual shape before looking at King Krichevskoy. "The last of the invitations has been delivered, as you originally ordered, sir." Krichevskoy turned, and then noticed that Maderas was rubbing a bruise just above his left eye. "Where did you get that from?" the Overlord asked, a little puzzled. The Nosferatu winced before replying. "If I had known that Onago's old man hit that hard, I would not have volunteered." Krichevskoy suddenly cracked a smile. "I take it he got the letter, then?" "Yes, King Krichevskoy. He received your message. If you don't mind, I think I need to go take a VERY long nap." The Overlord chuckled, and then made a shooing gesture. "You did what I asked, Maderas, and for that, I thank you. You are dismissed." The Nosferatu bowed, and then promptly left the room.

Back at the Onago household:

Saito looked at the envelope for a few moments, and then he opened it very carefully. He held his other hand under the envelope as he turned it upside-down. Something dropped into his hand, and he looked down at it in shock and surprise. It was a small charm, carved in series of cuts, so that it resembled a few of the energy orbs from the Overlord's trademark attack. How in the hell did he find my address? Saito thought as he put the charm down on his desk. He then withdrew the letter, and began to read. It had been written in an elegant hand, and Saito immediately knew who had sent the letter. This was confirmed by the lone signature at the bottom of the message. The letter read as follows:

Young master Saito Alexander Daniel Michael Nathaniel Alan Jeffrey Onago,

You are hereby cordially invited to the joyous occasion of the wedding of Nicholai Alexander Krichevskoy and Rena Marie Solvaris. The wedding will be taking place approximately two months from this day, on All Hallow's Eve. A response is requested by the thirteenth of September. We both hope to see you at this event.

Nicholai Alexander Krichevskoy & Rena Marie Solvaris

However, that was not the end of the message. Saito had noticed that the back was also covered in writing, and so he turned the invitation over in order to see the rest of the message.


I never got to say thank you for the energy you so willingly gave me during my battle with the Overlord. So, I am requesting that you come and deliver your response in-person. I wish to see the young man who saved my life face-to-face. You don't need to respond immediately, my young friend. Take as long as you need before you deliver your response. However, please do not wait until three weeks before the wedding to respond! (At this, Saito snorted aloud.) I will be awaiting your response. I hope to see you soon. Take this pendant as a sign of my appreciation.


Nicholai Alexander Krichevskoy

Saito looked at the message in astonishment. He wants to meet ME? he thought to himself as he went pounding down the stairs. "Mom! MOM! Guess what I got?" he called as he came into the kitchen. "What is it, Saito?" his mother asked, a little curious. "What did that flying mammal bring you?" "Well, he brought me a pendant that resembles part of the Overlord's Wrath, and he also brought me an invitation to King Krichevskoy's wedding." "What are you talking about? You mean he has already chosen a bride?" The young mage smiled at his mother. His own auburn hair and blue eyes both came from her side of the family. "He wants me to personally deliver my response to him," the young man said with a smile. Serena Onago smiled at her only child. "Well, I think that you should go and tell him yourself that you will be attending," she stated, a wicked gleam in her brilliant blue eyes. Saito's eyes widened. "You mean that I can go? What about Dad? What is he going to say?" "It's about time that your father learned that he needs to pick on someone who is his own size and strength. Stand up to him, like you always have. Don't worry if you injure him too badly. Otherwise, he won't learn anything." The young mage looked at his mother, gratitude shining in his eyes. "Thank you, Mom. If he doesn't see things my way, can I still go?" he asked, unsure of her answer. She smiled once more, and then nodded. "I'd better go prepare, then. Could you let me know when Dad gets back?" She nodded, and then turned back towards the door, waiting for her husband to return home.

Two hours later:

"Serena! I'm back!" Kaido called as he entered the living room. "Saito wants to speak with you about something," his wife called from the kitchen. "He's up in…" "Mom? I'm right here," he said easily. "Oh. Never mind, Kaido! He'll be right in." With that, Saito strode into the living room. His father looked at him, his eyes glittering wickedly. "What do you want this time, son?" Saito took a deep breath, and then he began to speak. "Dad, I came here for a reason. I am going to be going away for a while." "And exactly WHERE do you think you are going?" his father demanded. Saito sighed inwardly. I knew that it was going to come to this. "I'm going to the Netherworld." "WHAT! I'm afraid that you are sorely mistaken, KID!" his father snarled, rising from his seat. Saito shrugged, and then spoke again. "I knew that you would never understand. THAT is the reason why I am going, whether you like it or not!" Kaido was on his feet, angrily yelling at his son. "I absolutely FORBID you to leave this house without my say-so!" "I don't care what the hell you think. I am going, and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me!" Saito yelled back at his father. It was then that the two began to exchange blows.

Saito was the first to land a blow, a nasty right hook to his father's jaw. Kaido retaliated by kicking his son in the stomach. He did not, however, anticipate that Saito would catch his foot and twist, snapping his ankle. Saito then slid closer to his father, and began to charge energy in his right fist. He then landed a blow on his old man's sternum, unleashing the blast in a single movement. "FIST OF FATE!" Kaido had the wind knocked out of him, and he landed heavily on the floor. "Why are you leaving?" he asked his son, a little puzzled. "King Krichevskoy invited me to his wedding, and I plan on attending." "But WHY are you leaving so early?" "That is because the Overlord wished for me to deliver my response in-person, okay?" Kaido grunted, and then looked at his son closely. "What day is the wedding?" "Halloween. Why does it concern you, old man?" Saito asked. Kaido just grinned. "If you are truly dead-set on attending, then you had better be ready to defend yourself on the day of the wedding. I plan on crashing the party, and I'm going to be backed by an army. You better be ready, my boy!" Kaido then headed upstairs, groaning from the final blow that his only child had landed. Saito poked his head into the kitchen and gave his mother a knowing smile. "There's no need to worry, Mom. All of the furniture is intact." Serena smiled at him, and then leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "Just be careful, okay?" "I will be." Saito headed back to his room in order to grab his bag. He made sure that he had everything packed, and then headed back down the stairs.

His mother, Serena, was waiting at the foot of the steps. "Saito, will you follow me for a moment?" The young man, intrigued by his mother's tone of voice, followed her to a room at the very back of the house. She turned and smiled at her only child. "This is where I keep most of my old weapons. Go in, and take your pick." Saito's eyes widened at his mother. "You actually had weapons? I thought you just defended yourself through magic." His mother shook her head sadly. "Man does not live by sorcery alone. Let's just keep this between the two of us," she said, her voice dropping into a conspirator's whisper. Saito smiled at her, and then dropped his voice so that it matched her voice in volume. "That's fine with me, Mom. Besides, I need to alert the Overlord of Dad's plans for the wedding day. That way, he will be prepared for what is to come." Serena smiled, and then unlocked the door. "Go right ahead."

Saito walked into the room, and his eyes lit up. The walls were covered in weapons of every shape and size. Selecting a few throwing daggers, he stored them in various places on his person. Grabbing a bow and a quiver of arrows, he slung both over his right shoulder. It was at that moment that his eyes lit upon one of the simplest looking weapons in the room. His eyes grew wide. Is that actually…"a razor chain?" came a gentle voice from the doorway. He turned to find his mother smiling at his weapon selection. "Yes, THAT is a razor chain. I loved that weapon more than any others, and it was what I always fell back to if my bow or staff failed. Go ahead and take it. It served me well, and now it is time that it served you as well." "You're the best, Mom!" Saito exclaimed as he rushed over to give her a hug. "I will NEVER forget this." She smiled at him lightly. "You better get going. I think Master Alexander will want to speak with you before you leave." "Alright, Mom. I'll be sure to bring back some pictures. And I WILL return home intact. Goodbye." With that, Saito Onago strode out through the front door. One of his greatest adventures had just begun.

Flashback Ends

"I know that I've been talking for a while. I also know that we all need a break. Take about twenty minutes and go out. Stretch, go to the bathroom, do whatever you have to do. We will meet back here in twenty minutes time. Dismissed."

As everyone got up and stretched, Saito inwardly sighed. This is only the start of my tale. However, there is much more to come.