Miriam Webster defines Incest as : sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry

Inshort, the realtionship of a brother and sister or other closely related peoples.

Many people say incest is a thing of the past. Some say it never happens any more. But recently it did. Albeit it wasn't exactly intended, but the best laid plans of mice and men...

Or Weasleys as the case was.

Ginny looked doubtfully at the potion in her brother's hands. She knew Fred and George would never intentionally hurt her.

Of course, the key word was intentionally.

Ginny's problem was she didn't know how to say no. Oh, she said no all the time to Draco Malfoy's lewd and provocative suggestions that usually involved her and a closet. Once he managed to fit the words 'you', 'me', 'quidditch', 'Showers' and 'snitch' into one comment.

But she didn't have the guts or, it appeared, the brains to say no to her brothers.

Fred, George and Ginny were in the Dungeons of Hogwarts, where they had aquired a spare classroom. Ron was supposed to be detaining Hermione while Thomas 'aquired' another test subject.

What kind of test?

Apparently the twins had taken an interest in love potions.

Don't ask Ginny why. She just knew that even when they grinned at her, she couldn't say no.

Ginny sighed and took the potion. She was gonna regret this. She unstoppered the flask and raised it to her lips.


Ginny swallowed on instinct, before realizing what was in her mouth. She hasitly closed her eyes and Hermione Granger, trailing a sheepish Ron entered the room. She was closely flanked by Dean, who was propelling a stunned Draco Malfoy on a skate board.

Hermione looked outraged. "You're experimenting on your sister? And you were going to have her fall for MALFOY!"

George shrugged. "What? We can always fix it."

"No, you can't! That's serious potions we're talking about! Only one in ten Potions masters know how to make the antidote. It takes months to make it!"

"Come on Herm, do you really think we would have tried this if we didn't have an antidote ready? Fred's got it."

"Yup, right he-"

Fred started to step forward, but his foot caught on a rock. He hurtled forward, into the arms of his baby sister.

Ginny, against her better judgement, opened her eyes to look into the green one of her brother.

Ginny didn't even notice the crash as the antidote broke.

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