Final Chapter! Dedicated to Julie, who thinks I have a problem with cliffies.

Ginny lay in the bed. After taking the potion she had fainted. Fred had fainted too. He had regained consciousness by now and couldn't remember ever loving his sister in a way other than normal.

Ginny's dose had been larger and it would take longer to awake.

Hermione sat on her friends bed. She prayed Ginny wouldn't remember.

Finally Ginny stirred. "Mmmm, what happened?"

Hermione let out her breath in relief. "What do you remember?"

Ginny stretched languidly. "MMM, Fred and George were going to use a potion on me. I don't really remember that much after that. Just a lot of studying."

Hermione sighed in relief. Thank Merlin.


Ginny listened as Hermione gave her the recount of her actions over the past few weeks. She nodded then asked for some time alone. Hermione seemed more than ready to comply.

Ginny slid from her bed and walked over where Fred was sleeping. She stared down at him.

A single tear rolled down her cheek.

She remembered everything.

But the pain here that I feel

Try and tell me it's not real

And it seems that I still have a tear to shed.

The end.

(A/N: Soooo, should I do a sequel. If I do, it will be Ginny/OC leading into Ginny/Draco. It will be angsty and funny. (I hope). Let me know!