Giving In

Chapter 1

I guess I was given the short end of the stick for the first 17 years of my life…My mother never really loved me, well she said she did, but would start drinking and then would verbally abuse me…so there were times that were extremely bad…When I was 17, I left my mother and her drinking problems behind me, and went to college, medical school to be exact…I was happy to finally be away from her…I had been working and saving my money for my whole life, just to go to college, to be away from her for 5 years…I graduated with Medical degree…and got a job right out of college…at first I was working for the WWE (World Wrestling Federation)…So I'm officially a doctor now after my 5 years of college and medical school and internship…I'm a Trauma doctor…In other words I use what ever supplies are around me to patch up the wrestlers until they can be taken to the hospital.

I also had a dog that went every where with me…It's a male all black rotwieler, whose name is Max. I had had him for the last 3 years…he was very obedient…and I very rarely put him on a leash, unless I was out in public, away from the arenas, or hotel…When I did have the leash off of him, he knew his head had to touch my finger tips…

My name is Dr. Nyla Hill (Has a lovely ring to it…doesn't it?), most people call me, Lala…I'm 23, 5'9" and 125lbs…I have brown hair with blonde highlights, and dark blue eyes…my hair goes all the way to just the top of my rear-end. I was never seen without my laptop…I had pretty much gotten to meet all the wrestlers and speak with all of them except a few…

One night, I was in Matt and Jeff Hardy's dressing room, sitting on the floor talking with Matt's girlfriend and fellow wrestler Amy (Lita)…The guys were getting ready for their match, and I said, "Ames, you wouldn't believe who I had my first encounter with…" She said, "I give up who?" I said, "Mark." She almost spit her water out and said, "Callaway?" I nodded and said, "Yup…I walked around the corner with Max and ran right into him and my ass hit the cement." Amy said, "No shit…what did you do?"

I said, "What was I supposed to do…I fell back, managed to land on my ass and hit my head at the same time…I sat up holding my head and saw these two feet, I looked up his body and all I could say was 'Holy Shit'…I mean here was this almost 7 foot guy towering over me…and I swear for like 10 minutes I was a temporary paraplegic. I literally couldn't move for some reason…He squatted down and before I had time to say anything else he scooped me up and sat me on one of those big equipment trunks in the hallway…I was absolutely stunned…he looked in my eyes and said, "Darlin', are you alright, I didn't mean to knock you over." I finally squeaked out a yes… he looked and felt the back of my head to make sure I wasn't bleeding, his hands were so big girl…"

Amy said, "I know, they are huge…" I said, "Hell, I'd just like to feel them on me again…anyways…he said 'you're gonna have a bump on that pretty noggin of yours…do you want something for the pain?'…Mean while I got my voice back enough to say 'no thanks…I'll live.' We introduced ourselves, and talked a little bit, then went our separate ways…" Amy by now was rolling on the floor with laughter, I said, "So, not funny little woman."

Amy said, "Actually, yes it is…cause that's exactly how every woman in this company met him, they literally run into him at one point or another…all getting knocked on their asses…the problem is, you can never hear him coming…I mean you can see him…he's 6'10" and 325 lbs of big nasty…The man doesn't do invisible tricks , but he's so quiet it is scary, he could sneak attack you and you wouldn't know it was him until after it was over…" I said, "Just great…one more of those and I'll have a concussion…by the way if I haven't already told you…my head hurts."

We laughed again and Amy said, "Don't worry the pain will pass, but every time he's around you now, you'll be embarrassed by knowing you was just another victim of Mark and his walk by knock downs." We laughed even harder…