Disclaimer: kay, don't own any of the yu-gi-oh people so yeah

This is a short little letter/thought type thing

What it's basically about is Joey telling Seto about his life and what he's going to do.

Kind of angsty actually. But if yeah don't like, then yeah don't read




Close your eyes, I'm here

Life has been hell


It is hell

Nothing is what I ever wanted it to be

Everyone's out to get me

But not you

You were there for me

Ever since I decided that my life was worthless you gave me a reason to live

I love you more than life itself

But it hurts

It hurts so badly

Knowing that I love you but we could never be together

You being a big business man

Me, being the mutt that I really am

Living life without a purpose

But there is a purpose isn't there?

Because I love you, I know I can wake up to see another day

With you around I know I can smile at least once in my life

Happy during school

Miserable coming home

House an absolute mess

Father beats me

Most of the time for no reason

Only because most of the time he's drunk

You always say that it's not my fault…

But it is

This world doesn't deserve something like me

A mutt who only goes out to start trouble

And to be in love with a person who he could never, ever have

A man at that

But I know you don't care, I know you love me for who I am

That's why I'm leaving

Leaving this world


Never to return

I'm going to a place where I know where I belong

You can't stop me

Only because this has already happened

You may think we can never be together

But we can

Close your eyes and think about me

And I'll be there

To hold your hand

To care for you

To love you

You just have to believe that I'm in your heart

And I'll always be by your side

Just close your eyes

Close your eyes, I'm here…


Ok please don't ask why I wrote this because I truly don't know

I read a fic on AFF, and it was a little like this only it was a ten times better.

N I was like, you know what? I'm going to write something like that.

So I did it

And I failed

But oh well I had nothing better to do

So I hope ya like it

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