"A Time to Love"

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"Usagi, it is time for you to move on," Luna told the young blonde gently, "If true love is meant to be, it happens. Mamoru will remember if and when the time is right."

"Oh, yes, you spiteful, mangy feline, now that you found Artemis again, you can spout all the tripe you want about love and time and fate. It is easy for you, your love hasn't forgotten all about you and your love and your life together in an instant," Usagi shouted, her voice fading to a whisper as she crouched down, hugging her knees.

"As if you are the only one hurting. That battle took something from all of us. We all died for you! Where is the fairness in that?" Rei had overcome the girl and her cat in Juuban Park.

"Are you forgetting that I died, too? And that it was my will and my power through the ginjuishou that brought all of us back?" Usagi was beginning to become angry as she stood up to face the violet-haired Martian princess.

"I'll say this now, and I will only say this once: give us the ginjuishou, your compact, your communicator, all your other artifacts from that time, and get out of our way," Ami came from behind Usagi, her normally cool yet comforting voice cold and painful to hear. Around her, Makoto, Minako, and Artemis crowded to enforce the edict.

"And why should I? If I can't use these things to make Mamoru remember me, how could you all use them to get your lovers back?" Usagi stood at full height now, her voice rising crisp and clean in the night air, "You are princesses, but you are not in power as I am. For us all to be happy, I must find a way, with your help, to get everyone back, as well as their memories."

"Forget it. Makoto, if you would?" Rei sneered.

"Gomen nasai, Usagi-chan."

Then the night died.

"Oi! You up yet, honeybunny?"

"Huh? Where the hell am I? Motoki-kun? Is that you?" Usagi yawned groggily, rubbing her head.

"Ah, no. It's me, Mamoru."

"Eyh? Did you remember something?" Usagi looked so happy, Mamoru had to smile and fake it.

"Of course, Usag---Usako. We're at my place, and I've got breakfast almost ready. It's Saturday, so you have a half day… I called your parents and told them you were staying at Naru-chan's for the night. Was that okay?" Mamoru asked nervously. It wasn't like her parents did not know what was going on. The poor girl dragged him all over the place, even to her parents, in an effort to get him to remember some important thing. One day, when he had asked her what she wanted him to remember, she got so offended, and she cried and shouted, and finally told him that it wouldn't work if she told him. Since then, he had spent time with her a couple of times a week – no sacrifice for him, a cute girl that fawned all over him and got all his friends (okay, just him) all hot and bothered. Still, he wanted to know the big thing that was so important. He couldn't be with her till he knew; he wasn't that much of a sleaze… well, he wasn't sleazy at all, considering he was as virginal as he figured she was.

Problem was, she was fifteen, he was nineteen, and he wanted to do something about that status.


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