A Time to Love

Chapter 13

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Suffice it to say, Usagi, Mamoru, Makoto, and Luna were all surprised that Minako agreed so readily. Usagi was happy, but Mamoru, Makoto and Luna were still suspicious. As a result, Makoto brought the three back to her apartment to discuss how to handle the situation. Luna was the first to speak.

"I think that we need to handle this carefully… If Friday night goes awry, we may lose her completely. Everything must go right, because I fear that if we fail we will just strengthen Rei and her fears as well… her fear fuels Ami's, and we need the strength of the entire group, as well as Mamoru and the Generals' power to defeat the new enemy. But we must have faith in our strength as a unit, and in Usagi's ability to bring them back to us," Luna said carefully.

"Can I shift the focus back to the fact that I am now five years older, we are trying to bring my lover back from the dead? How are we going to do that? How will we fix my appearance?" Makoto whined, pulling at the clothes she had bought to fit her new figure. Luna, Usagi, and Mamoru all turned to Makoto and scowled.

"What? I know that we won't have any trouble. We know that Minako can bring Ami to the ceremony, and we know that Usagi can fix the rift. So, how do we go about getting Nephrite back?"

Usagi stood and looked each person and feline straight in the eyes as she spoke, "To raise Nephrite, we must form a circle with whatever remains of him and his life here in the middle. Makoto will be the only one to speak. I will hold the crystal while she intones the charm," Usagi said sternly.

"So… what exactly is the charm I need to say?" Makoto asked, suspicion in her voice.

"I don't know. It will come to you during the ceremony. You won't know until that time. Our job is to form the circle and hold the crystal to focus your power."

"Then why should Mamoru be there?"

Mamoru looked at Makoto, then at Usagi and Luna. "Yes… Why exactly am I being included in this? I love the girls as if they were my own sisters, but I am not part of the group."

Usagi looked at Luna, who stood and cleared her throat. "You are another link to Nephrite. You are not in love with him, but your camaraderie in your past life and the loyalty you felt to one another. Add that to the fact that as there is no senshi of the Earth and therefore you are the de facto representative of the Earth's power – you also have the healing power. You shouldn't have asked. Really, Mamoru-san. Think for a moment," Luna said, disapproval evident I her voice.

"Alright. We'll reconvene on Friday night, at midnight, then," Mamoru sad as he slipped his arm around Usagi's waist.

"Wait for me. Where are you going?" Luna trotted after the pair.

"Back to our place. Without you, Luna. Stay with Makoto. We'll see you at the ceremony," Usagi said as she and Mamoru left the room.



The Ceremony begins…

"This is where Nephrite died. He was in Naru-chan's arms as he faded away. Please remember that their relationship was nothing more than a crush. If you let jealousy cloud your heart, you will revive a specter of Nephrite… He won't be himself, he'll be more like a ghoul, rampaging with no heart, no soul, and an appetite or destruction. Fuck this up, and we'll have to kill him again – no coming back after that," Usagi said as she helped Makoto and Minako arrange themselves in a circle with Mamoru around the area where Nephrite had passed last time he had walked the earth. It looked like they would have to do it with the power they had, as Ami had not shown.

"Sorry, am I late?" a clear voice cut into the silence surrounding the group.

They all turned to see a blue-haired girl climbing the grassy knoll where they had gathered.

"Ami-chan? You're here to help us?" Minako said in amazement.

"Of course I'm here. After you told me what had happened to Makoto, I had to come. Add to that Usagi's promise to bring back our lovers, and you couldn't keep me away. That, plus Rei is getting on my nerves… She's gotten even more power hungry without Jedite. Crazy as they were together, he was the only one who could calm her. As soon as possible, we must reunite them," Ami said as she gasped for breath.

"Ummm… we need her to get him back. More on that later… Take your place between Makoto and Minako… you need to be in planetary order for this to work," Usagi said as she called the Ginjuishou forth from her brooch. (AN: we only have mercury, venus, earth and jupiter represented… so the hold hands like this –Ami-Minako-Mamoru-Makoto-Ami… Usagi is in the middle with 'Nephrite')

A cool white light bathed the girls and Mamoru. As the light intensified, it burned away their present forms, leaving them looking as they had in the Silver Millennium, save that they were years older. The white light was replaced with the colors of each planet. Green for Jupiter and Earth, blue for Mercury, and orange for Venus. The white light returned to Usagi, transforming her into her celestial, royal form.

"Now, Makoto, Princess of Jupiter. I summon you forth into your power. Seize it and raise your love form his grave!"

Green light suffused the group as Makoto began a chant in the dead Jovian language… As she continued to chant, her voice grew louder. The quad surrounding Usagi grip each others' hands tighter in an effort to hold on and contain the power. The green light grew more and more intense and a form took shape in the ground. The form took on dimension and rose from the ground. It fleshed out and took on color and hair. The face became clear and as Makoto finished the ancient chant, Nephrite came to rest on the ground and coughed twice.

"Makoto? Did you bring me back?"

Makoto could not stand it any more. She dropped the hands she was holding and raced to Nephrite, gathering him into her arms. He was completely naked, and Mamoru took off the cloak he had been graced with to cover his old friend.

"Yes, my love. But we've a job to do, and you must rest before we can continue forward," Makoto said tearfully, turning her head towards Nephrite's shoulder.

No one had seen anyone come up behind them. Ami and Minako were taking in the scene before them. Almost before they could react, Minako was jerked back by a strong pair of arms.

"Mphmm!" Minako tried to scream, but her attacker was strong, and he placed a hand over her mouth and held it there until she passed out. Ami tried to pry her friend from the dark shadow's grip, but she could not do it in time. By the time the rest of the group could act, the dark figure had shimmered away, Minako with him.

"God damn Lord Kyo!" Makoto cried as her best friend disappeared into the night to a fate worse than death.

"Good, very good, Tetsu," Lord Kyo said as he watched the scene unfold in a pool of clear water, able to reflect any scene witnessed by one of Lord Kyo's minions.

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