A/N: Hi! Wow that was fast. Okay, this is a One Piece/ Zatch Bell crossover. AU for Zatch Bell, this is if instead of earth the battle fro mamodo king was in the world of One Piece. Zatch, Tia, Brago, Kanchome, Kolulu and Ponygon make up the main cast of Mamodos plus an OC mamodo named Yuki, a very gullible and scaredy cat (not literary a cat)mamodo. Also the Straw Hats each get one of those mamodo. I won't update so much on this as I will write this when I have writer's block (or I'm so board I work on this). Oh this has nothing to with King of Kings that winter knight is working on.

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Quest of Kings

By Emma Iveli


It was a quiet night on the island, no one inhabited but 6 children and a… horse? But these children weren't human but Mamodos, demons from another world. They were sent to battle for king of the mamodo world, in order to battle they needed human partners to read their spell books. But the search wasn't going well, one thing is that they were ether sent to the middle of the ocean and drifted to the island or to the island itself which was pretty much uninhabited, with the exception of the occasional pirate crew that is. Well even though they were rivals they deiced to live peacefully together until they found some book keepers as they were called. The first was Zatch, a young boy who had a red spell book, he's a kind kid who wants to be a kind kid, very hyperactive. Next was Tia, a young girl, who has an orange spell book, she had gained quite a rep back in the mamodo world… manly because she's a violent tomboy who is very scary when angry, but when not she's rather nice. Next was Kanchome a young boy with a yellow spell book, he was a bit of a crybaby and it didn't help that the clothes he left in were footy pajamas. Next was Kolulu, a little girl who hated fighting, she has a pink spell book, she was forced to fight in fact if someone reads from her spell book she would become very violent, she didn't want to battle, but she had no choice however she was told if a brave warrior would be her book keeper then slowly she would become less violent. Next was Brago, the oldest of the group while everyone else was a around 6 or 7 he was 14, he was the one with a black spell book, he hated being stuck on the island with the others, he wanted find his book keeper and fight to be king. Next was Yuki, a young girl with a sky blue book, she's a very gullible girl, if someone told cows were on the moon she'd believe it and also she's a scaredy cat, she rather run and hide than fight. And finally there was Schneider the… horse, well he looked a like horse, kind of but he was a mamodo, however everyone else called him Ponygon, mainly because all he could say "Meru Meru Mei" and no one could understand him. At first glance they all look normal kids, well the girls at least, the boys on the other hand, Zatch has strange lines on his face, Kanchome has a duck bill for a mouth and Brago, he looked like a demon itself, however being 14 he could easily pass as a Goth kid. That night they were cooking fish, well one of them was eating it raw… and it was still alive.

"Zatch…" said Tia.

"What is it?" said Zatch.

"Can you please stop eating the fish… while it's still alive?" said Tia with an angry vein.

"Why?" asked Zatch.

"Because it's disgusting" said Tia.

Zatch tried to come up with a response all he could up with was "You're just jealous I'm eating before you are"

Big mistake, everyone else sweat dropped at Tia approached Zatch very angry, she was about to choke him when Kanchome yelled out "I see a boat!"

"Really!" said Zatch.

"I hope I can get off this island." mumbled Brago.

"I hope the person won't be my book keeper, I don't want to fight" said Kolulu.

"I hope it's not a scary pirate" said Yuki.

"But all pirates are scary" said Kanchome.

"Not all, like that one I heard about Monkey D. Luffy, I heard he beats up bad pirates." said Yuki.

The boat was very small and could only a few people, which it did, a young man in his teen and a kid… who was clearly a mamodo. When they approached the fire with all 7 mamodos around, they gasped.

"Meru meu!" cried Ponygon (translation: He looks like…")

"He looks like me!" said Zatch happily not knowing what danger lied.

The Zatch look a like chuckled, "So your that puny mamodo Zatch Bell, right?" said the Zatch look a like.

"How did you my name?" said Zatch.

"Well I see you with a lot of other puny mamodo… and Brago… and that scary girl Tia…" said the Zatch look a like.

"Hey! What do you mean scary?" said Tia she began to approach the Zatch look a like.

"Do it Dufort!" said the Zatch look a like.

"Right, Zaker!" shouted the young man named Dufort

A blast of lighting hit all the mamodos knocking all of them out.

"So Zeno, shall we burn their spell books?" said Dufort.

The way the battle works is that the mamodos fins each others spell books and burn them sending them back to the mamodo world. The last one standing is king.

"No I have a better idea" said the Zatch look a like named Zeno, he placed his hand on Zatch's head, "I will erase their memories, all of them not knowing what going on they would be surrounded by enemies and not know why." He said with an evil grin and one by one he erased their memories only leaving their names and the names each other.

Later miles away at day break Dufort realized something, "Hey, I know this happened hours ago… but what they work together to remember?"

"I haven't thought of that…" said Zeno.

"It would have been safer to just burn all of the other mamodos spell book and erased just Zatch's memory." said Durofort.

"Um…" said Zeno with a sweat drop.

"Not only that but a lot of pirate crews on the Grand Line are like family and what if a crew that's a very close become their book keepers." said Durofort.

"What are the chances of that?" said Zeno.

They heard a shout "I'm Monkey D. Luffy and I'm going to be king of the pirates!"

"If he's headed to that island… then chances are well pretty good. I heard he even has a crew of seven…" said Durofort with a sweat drop.

Zeno could only utter one thing "D'oh!"

Next Time: The Straw Hats find the young Mamodo unconscious. After they wake up, none of them remember anything, so the Straw Hats study their spell books to see if they can find out anything. The Straw Hats find out two important things: Luffy can read andthey aren't normal kids.

A/N: I deiced to put which Straw Hat gets which Mamodo:

Luffy/Zatch: It doesn't take a genius to see why: They are the main characters, they are not the brightest bulb in the bunch, they eat a lot of meat/yellow tail, they both want to be king and most importantly: Luffy would unaffected by Zatch's power if you don't believe then you probably failed science.

Nami/Tia: Hot headed red heads, 'nuff said.

Sanji/Kanchome: Three words: Chichi Wo Moge (cricket silence)... okay Sanji's a pervert, Forgore's a pervert... Kanchome is destined to have a perv for a book keeper.

Chopper/ Schneider (Ponygon): Um... do I really need to say anything? (A gust of wind blew) I guess I do, Chopper is half reindeer/ half human, and Ponygon's like a horse, plus it would help that Chopper would be able to understand him.

Robin/Brago: Well, I guess since Robin is basically the darkest member of the Straw Hats I saw it would fit.

Zoro/Kolulu: This one is interesting, due to Kolulu's dark side really. I thought it would a cool idea if he basically kept the evil Kolulu in line and train her. Plus (giggles) pink is such a manly color. (Yep I'm also going to make fun of the fact that he has a pink book)

Usopp/Yuki: I wanted there to be 3 guys, 3 girls and Ponygon, so Usopp got stuck with the OC. since he wouldn't fit with any of the Mamodos. Plus I thought it would be funny to have him someone who believe every single one of his lies.

Oh yeah, Dufort maybe the only human from Zatch Bell to appear I have yet to decide whether or not other Book Keepers will appear.