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Chapter 48: Power from Within

The Straw Hats waited for their turn, each one had a different reaction after they came from their fight. Nami and Tia were really happy for some reason, Sanji and Kanchome… depressed… Robin and Brago came back looking the same… Chopper and Ponygon looked relieved when they came back. The only ones left were Luffy and Zatch, Kaya and Nya and Usopp and Yuki.

Luffy decided the best way to find out what was going on by asking around.

"Come on!" yelled Luffy, "What's the point of this fighting!"

Well asking around was a bad way to put it, more like brothering who ever fought him.

"I'm not going to tell you." Said Zoro.

"Why not?" asked Luffy.

"Because it's something you have to find out for yourself!" yelled Zoro.

"Oh…" whined Luffy.

"You should go on a walk with Zatch. You'll probably next on his list any ways." Said Zoro.

"Fine…" mumbled Luffy.

Luffy found Zatch, got the spell book and went for a walk.

"So when did you think he will show up?" asked Zatch.

That was when Dr. Riddles jumped from a rooftop and landed on his face.

"You okay?" asked Luffy.

"I think he's fine." Said Kiddo.

"I think I broke my nose…" mumbled Dr. Riddles.

"Really?" asked Kiddo.

"Kidding!" said Dr. Riddles getting up.

Kiddo froze when he did that.

"I'm assuming that they told why I'm doing this, right?" asked Dr. Riddles.

"No, no one told us." Mumbled Luffy.

"Good." Said Dr. Riddles.

"But I think it had to with you wanting to get us to learn new spells." Said Zatch.

"What?" asked Dr. Riddles.

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked Luffy.

"I thought you knew." Said Zatch.

"You might have figured that out.." said Dr. Riddles, "But how are you going to do it?"

There was an awkward silence.

"Magic?" both of them asked.

There was an awkward silence.

"Maybe we should just start." Said Dr. Riddles.

"Okay." Said Luffy taking out the book, "Zaker!"

The lighting came from Zatch's mouth.

"Zegar!" read Dr. Riddles.

Kido opened his mouth revealing a canon that shot a laser.

The lighting and laser collided creating an explosion.

"All right! WE need to figure out how you get another spell!" said Luffy.

"How though?" asked Zatch.

"I don't know." Said Luffy laughing.

That was when they heard Dr. Riddles once again call out "Zegar!"

Both Luffy and Zatch dodged the laser.

"All right!" yelled Luffy, "Zaker!"

The lighting was aimed right at Kido, however…

"Zeburek." Read Dr. Riddles.

Kido's over half separated from his bottom half using a sort of rocket, with this he was able to dodge the lightning.

"Oh wow…" said Luffy.

"That was awesome!" yelled Zatch.

"Then you're going to find this awesome as well." Said Kido.

"Zerusen!" called out Dr Riddles.

That was when Kido's hands turned metal and he launched them as rockets.

"A rock punch?" asked Luffy.

Zatch began to run away from the rocket fists. However they followed him.

"Kido is able to control them." Said Dr. Riddles.

"Oh man…" muttered Luffy.

That was when an idea struck Luffy.

"Zakerga!" called out Luffy.

The concentrated beam hit the fists and knocked them away, they returned to Kido.

"That won't work again." Taunted Dr. Riddle, "Zegaruga!"

A much bigger laser came out of Kido's mouth and blasted the two. Thankfully the book wasn't hurt.

"How is this going to work?" thought Luffy, "How does Zatch learn a new spell?"

Luffy began to think about it… what made him learn a spell…

That was when it hit him… that's why they weren't allowed… they learned spells… expect for Sanji and Kanchome…

They didn't anything and that's why they were depressed.

Both he and Zatch got up.

"All right!" said Luffy, "Let's do this!"

Zatch nodded

"Am Zegar!" read Dr. Riddles.

One of Kido's Arm turned giant then metal. He tired to uppercut Zatch but he dodged.

Luffy began to think about it… Anytime he gets a new attack is because it never occurred to him before but he always had the ability…

"Zatch!" said Luffy, "Think about coming up with a new spell!"

"What?" asked Zatch.

"It's always inside of you!" yelled Luffy.

"Koburuk." Read Dr. Riddles.

Kido opened his mouth and tiny ity bity little Kidos came out of it.

"Oh they're so cute!" said Zatch, "Hi there little guy."

That was when one of them punched him the face, it was as if a grown man punched him.

"Attack!" yelled one of the Kido clones.

They all began to attack Zatch, surrounding him.

"Get them off! Get them off!" yelled Zatch.

Everyone else sweat dropped when he was doing that.

Thanks to running around and pulling them off Zatch got them off.

"Zerusen." Read Dr. Riddles.

"Zeshield." Read Luffy.

The rocket fist were aimed for Zatch however the shield appeared before they could and ended up hitting the shield sending them back, thankfully before them dodged.

"Come on… think about it… you have the power." Said Luffy.

"Are you sure?" asked Zatch.

"I'm sure." Said Luffy.

Zatch took a breath… he began to think about it… he began to feel it…

However the charge on Kido's hams disappeared and they returned to him, Dr. Riddles know it was time to attack again.

"Ganzu Zegar!" read Dr. Riddles.

Kido's hands turned to machineguns and he aimed his attack at Zatch, however Luffy took the hit.

But thanks to Luffy's rubber powers it barely hurt.

"If I can do it! I will protect him!" yelled Luffy.

The combination of hearing that and feeling for his new abilities he was able to see it…

That was when the book began to glow.

"So it happened." Said Dr. Riddles.

"All right!" cheered Luffy.

Luffy opened the book and found the new spell.

Luffy took a breath and yelled out the spell.

"Rauzaruk!" he yelled out.

A lighting bolt came from the sky, it was different than most… it was multi colored, and Zatch himself began to glow the same light.

Nearby by on the Going Merry, Nami saw that lighting bolt.

"Is it a storm?" asked Tia

"No… I think it's Zatch." Said Nami.

"Really?" asked Tia.

Nami nodded and smiled.

They knew the two figured it out, they always had the power… they just had to find it…

Next Time: Zatch's new spell isn't the usual... so Luffy suggests trying something new... punching. Will it work? Find out next time!