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Chapter 49: When in Doubt: Punch

Zatch stood there glowing. There was something different about this move though… for one thing he didn't pass out.

"Oh wow… that's weird." Said Luffy, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…" said Zatch.

"Hmmm…" said Luffy, "There's something to the spell… see if you can shoot a beam…"

Zatch tried that, nothing happened.

Luffy sat down thinking.

Dr. Riddles and Kido all stared at Luffy and Zatch.

"What do you thin that spell does?" asked Kido.

"Probably makes juice come out of his nose." Said Dr. Riddles.

"Really!" said Kido.

Kido ran over to Zatch taking off his hat.

"I'd like some juice please!" he said.

"What?" asked Zatch.

Dr. Riddles laugh, "Kidding!" he said.

Kido of course was shocked.

That was when Luffy came up with his idea.

"Punch him!" said Luffy.

"What?" asked Zatch.

"I said punch him! It will work!" said Luffy.

Zatch surged and did just that.

Turns out the punch was so hard Kido was knocked down.

"That spell makes you super strong!" said Luffy.

"Really! That's so cool!" cheered Zatch.

He ran over to Kido. He punched Kido just as the glow faded. Caused a lout of clanging sound and Zatch holding his hand in pain.

"Looks like the spell has a time limit." Said Dr. Riddles.

"Oh come on!" yelled Luffy.

"Am Zegar!" read Dr. Riddles.

Kido used the metal uppercut to send Zatch flying.

"Are you going opt try the spell again?" Asked Dr. Riddles.

"Great idea!" said Luffy.

"Rauzaruk!" read Luffy.

The rainbow bolt of lighting once again came from the sky and hit Zatch.

"Uh-oh…" said Kido with a sweat drop.

Kido began to run however not only did the spell make Zatch stronger but also faster. So much that Zatch easily tackled Kido sending him flying.

Zatch ran towards Kido and was about to kick him.

"Zebruk!" read Dr. Riddles, thanks to the spell Kio seprated in half.

"That's not going to work." Said Doctor Riddles.

"Oh yeah… take this this!" said Luffy, "Zaker!"

Nothing happened.

"That's weird…" said Luffy.

"Maybe I can't use my other spells when I'm using this one." Said Zatch.

"Well that's stupid." Muttered Luffy.

That was when the spell once again ended.

"Oh man…" said Zatch.

Luffy was now breathing heavily.

"You okay?" asked Zatch.

"I'm fine…" said Luffy, "Do you think you can do this one more time?"

Zatch nodded.

"All right!" said Luffy, "Rauzaruk!"

On the Going Merry they saw the third lighting bolt.

"I'm starting to think Luffy's over using that new spell… whatever it is." Said Tia with a sweat drop.

"Yeah…" sighed Nami.

"All right! Let's finish this!" yelled Luffy.

"So you want to finish it? Then let's do it." said Dr. Riddles, "Raja Zerusen!"

Zatch and Luffy watched at Kido's arms grew into a large giant fist, it was sent towards Zatch who caught it and flung it back at Kido.

"Should have expected that…:" mumbled Dr. Riddles.

"I can't control it!" yelled Kido.

The giant fist collided with Kido sending him flying.

"I give up!" yelled Dr. Riddles suddenly.

"Okay…" said Luffy.

"You two seemed to learned the lesion that I was trying to teach you." Said Dr. Riddles, "About where the real strength comes from."

"All right!" cheered Luffy.

Kido managed to get up.

"Promise you wont' tell the rest of the crew about the real point of this." Said Dr. Riddles.

"Isn't it just Usopp and Kaya?" asked Luffy.

"It is." Said Zatch.

"We'll meet again!" said Dr. Riddles leaving.

"Bye!" said Kido.

"All right we learned a new spell!" cheered Luffy.

"Yay!" cheered Zatch.

They got back to the ship and Nami wanted to know what the spell was about.

"Oh so it's a lighting bolt that gives Zatch a physical power boost." Said Nami.

"Yeah." Said Luffy, "I'm going to teach Zatch how to fight."

"Seriously?" asked Nami.

"It's not going to be like how my Grandpa taught me…" said Luffy.

Suddenly Luffy froze.

Zatch and Tia saw Luffy's reaction.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Tia.

"I have no idea…" said Nami with a sweat drop.

Over the course of the next couple of days Kaya and Usopp both fought with Dr. Riddles.

Apparently Kaya was blushing after her fight (When asked by Nami she explained it was about he wanted to set up her and Usopp on a date or even send them on a vacation all alone).

Usopp came back boasting about how he got a new spell but refusing to talk about anything else his uncle told him… even when a meeting was set up to discus it.

"Seriously! He didn't tell me anything! Honest!" said Usopp.

He then looked at Usa who was in on the meeting (despite not being a member of the crew).

"Why are you looking at me?" asked Usa.

"No reason…" said Usopp.

"You're lying!" yelled Usa glowing slightly.

"Okay… my uncle said that he thinks he might know what's up with your sister's disappearance. Said Usopp.

"Really?" asked Usa.

"Yeah…" said Usopp, "But he's unsure."

"Why did he tell you more things than us?" asked Nami.

"Because I'm his nephew." Bragged Usopp.

"I'm sure it's because you inherited his penchant for lying." Muttered Sanji.

"That reminds me." Said Nami, "Why didn't you learn a spell."

Sanji began to blush, "I don't' want to talk about it!" he yelled.

"It wad because they were trying…" said Kanchome.

Sanji covered his bill so he wouldn't say anything, causing everyone to sweat drop.

"Something's big coming, isn't there?" asked robin.

Usopp blinked, "Yeah…" was something he was able to say, "But he didn't go into details."

"So is trying to get us to form some sort of army?" asked Nami.

"I don't know." Said Usopp.

"that would make sense considering the tests." Said Zoro.

"What ever is going to happen we'll have to be ready for it!" said Luffy, "No matter what!"

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement expect for Usa who just sighed, "Great… my sister got involved…" she mumbled.

"Are you upset or jealous?" asked Tia.

"A little of both…" she admitted.

"Why do you want to get involved?" asked Tia with a sweat drop.

"Come on you guys are so cool!" said Usa.

This just made most of the crew sweat drop, but Robin realized she was probably in denial as her brother was still being controlled.

"All right! Zatch are you ready?" asked Luffy.

"I am!" said Zatch.

"What are you going to do?" asked Zoro.

"Some training!" said Luffy, "That new spell is so great! It's going to help big time!"

"I know! Right!" said Zatch.

"They're going to over do it." Said Tia.

"I know…" sighed Nami.

And so with the new spell, Zatch and Luffy had gotten stronger but who really knew what was going to loom on the horizon…

Next Time: Luffy, Zatch, Kaya and Nya are all invited to a strange party, however there's more to this party... who is behind it? Find out next time!