The Brothers of Old ½

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Summary: Ranma finds out that he has a blood-pact brother but there is more trouble to it than it seems.

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Authors notes: This is my first fic that I write so I hope you enjoy it!

Now to the story………

Chapter one: The arrival of the past

It was a normal, sunny day in Nerima , Japan the sun was shinning, the birds were singing, there is also the dail- " RANMA NO BAKA!" that and our beloved pigtailed Martial Artist Ranma Saotome being punted into tomorrow via Akane's Mallet Express. Yes this is a normal day in Nerima but today is going to hold more in store for Ranma then ever for a shadow looms over this city.

Outside the city limits of Nerima….

A lone cloaked figure stood there, "I have finally reached Nerima … Brother Ranma. I hope the years have been kinder to you than it has to me." Then in that instance he saw a figure of a boy wearing a faded out yellow shirt carrying a traveling pack with him, "Damn it! where the hell is Nerima!" a sweat- drop could be seen on the cloaked figures head, "umm… your at the city limits so technically your in Nerima right now."

"Oh…thank you, umm…"

"Call me Kyo. Ryoga" and with that the figure walked toward a certain part of Nerima, namely Furinkan High School.

Authors Note: for those who have seen samurai Deeper Kyo I did not take his name. I wanted to keep the names Oriental and I will be using the Chinese spellings for some of the characters I think those that watched the series know who I'm talking about

"Hey wait… Damn it! I couldn't even ask him the way to Tendo Dojo. Wait a minute, how did he know my name?" Ryoga said wandering in the opposite direction to Nerima and into Kyushu.

At Furinkan High in the court yard.

"Vile sorcerer Ranma I, the great Tatewaki Kuno the blue thunder of Furinkan shall defeat you and release the evil spells you casted on the fair tigress Akane and the voluptuous pigtailed goddess!" Kuno said before going on a rampage to attack Ranma.

"Geez how many times do we have to do this Kuno-Sempai upper classmen Kuno, because frankly, I'm getting tired of this shit you put me through everyday when clearly neither Akane nor the pig-tailed girl wants anything to do with you!" Ranma said as he swiftly dodged the on coming attacks from Kuno's bokken.

Then suddenly Ranma felt as though he needed to move away from where he is standing. Following his instincts he moved over just in time to see a highly concentrated ki- blast going past him. Kuno on the other hand, was too stupid and much of a retard to step out of the way was hit by the blast which continued to blast him through the school and ten blocks destroying many walls on the way and severely burning him in the stomach and hands.

"I'm glad to see that you haven't fallen in your training." A cloaked figure said walking over to Ranma.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!" yelled Ranma, "Whoa there, Calm yer ass down I just helped you with a minor problem and you yell at me. This place is full of rude people." The guy said shaking his head in aggravation.

"Oh sorry 'bout that. It's just that I usually can handle these problems myself."

"No prob. I was just in the neighborhood when I saw him annoying you and I thought a good ol' ass whooping would do some good" the cloaked guy said scratching his head.

"Well who are ya and where did you learn such a powerful ki-attack like that?" Ranma asked, "All will be revealed after school and before that…" the cloaked figure started mumbling something and when Ranma got closer he made out a " I haven't eaten in a week and I really need someplace that serves food fast!" after Hearing that Ranma face- faulted creating a small crater in the likeness of his face.

"Come with me and I will take you to Ucchan's place for some of the best Okonomiyakis there is in the world!" Ranma said while walking away. The cloaked figure started drooling at the thought of okonomiyaki's and skipped happily following Ranma.

At Ucchan's place.

The door opened to the restaurant. "Hello and wel- oh hello Sugar what do you want today?" Ukyou said happily getting ready for the big order that usually came with him.

"Hey Ucchan today I was just helping this guy here find a place to eat because he hasn't eaten in a week and I thought some of your food might help him." Ranma explained

"Oh, Ok, well what would you like?" asked Ukyou as she brought out her ordering tablet.

"I would Like twelve helpings of everything please!" he said slamming down a pure slab of uncut diamonds and a huge wad of bills. This act made Ukyou's eye bulge. She hasn't seen such large amounts of cash on a person, "and you can keep the change Ukyou!" the okonomiyaki chef go down to making the large order for him. Then the man said, "Oh and Ranma, if you can stay here and keep me company while I eat, I can call the school and tell them you can't come because something came up in the family." The guy said.

Ranma thought about it thenreplied, "ok".

"Hey how do you know our names anyway?"

"Well how could I not know of Ukyou she is pretty famous in this town for havng the best okonomiyaki's in Japan and if you traveled as much as I you here thing. Especially about you Ranma the heir to and practitioner of Anything Goes Martial Arts Saotome Style and the user of both Yamasen-ken Mountain of a thousand fists and umisen-ken Oceans of a thousand fists, the defeater of the phoenix god Saffron, annihilator of Herb the descendant of the dragon, and Khon Long the undefeated matriarch of the Chinese amazons." The man said off handedly leaving Ranma and Ukyou to be frozen by the shear amount of information this guy has revealed to them, (Man! If this guy charged a person for every information he has he would be a good match for Nabiki!) thought Ranma.

"Hey Sugar your orders are almost done but you can start on the ones I made already so you don't have to eat them cold." Ukyou said as she got out of her frozen state of amazement.

"Thank you Ucchan if I can call you that." Stated the man as he started to eat, no I didn't mean to be vague, I meant inhaled the already made okonomiyaki's at a very fast rate.

"Man you more than I do!" Ranma said in shock.

"And he eats faster too! Man you must have been starving!" Ukyou said watching the man eat.

To Be continued…………………………………………………………………….

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