Brothers of Old

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Chapter 19: Kyo's Journal

Kyo, Ranma, and Hotaru reached the temple by the crack of dawn. The senshi, including Hotaru, used up too much energy during the fight and now were back in their pajamas, albeit little torn here and there but nothing a sewing machine couldn't fix up.

Once they reached the temple, Ranma and Kyo set the girls up in the guest room while Hotaru searched for the first aid kit.

But before Hotaru could leave the room, "There's no need for a first aid kit."

"How could they not need it after being beaten badly by that mean old lady?!" Hotaru yelled angrily at Kyo.

He didn't reply. Kyo walked out of the room and came back few seconds later with a knife in his hand.

Hotaru and Ranma were confused at first but panicked when Kyo suddenly jabbed the knife through his right palm.

"They have internal injuries as well as external. A first aid kit wouldn't do anything about those wounds." Kyo said as he moved to the closest senshi and let some of his blood fall into their mouths.

Hotaru quickly rushed over to stop Kyo.

"What are you doing?!"

"Healing them."

Hotaru was taken back by his casual talk as if this was a normal everyday occurrence. She was about to yell at him again when he continued on.

"I've kept it a secret for a long while because if it became knowledge, the medical doctors would do anything to have my body to experiment on but because of all those drugs and gene splicing done to me, my blood can heal me even if my head is destroyed. It seems like an extra trait but my blood can also have the same effect on those that drink it for a short period of time."

So one by one he administered his blood to the senshi and as he said, the wounds started to close and they were now completely healed as if nothing has ever happened to them.

"I'll be outside, get me once they start to wake up." Kyo said before walking out.

30 minutes later

Everyone was now up and proclaiming to feel better than before. Kyo was not back yet and Ranma was starting to worry a little but he knew that Kyo could defend himself. But this didn't hold true to Ami. She worried for him, although she knew he could care for himself, she knew deep in her heart that he kept things from others for fear of rejection and the fact that he grew up to not grow completely attached. So she left to look for him around the shrine compound.

20 minutes later

Ami has now looked through almost all available areas of the compound to find nothing on the whereabouts of one Abarai Kyo. She was now approaching the entrance to the shrine when she saw him tie a letter to the leg of a hawk and saw him fly off towards the west. Ami slowly approached him.

"Is something wrong Ami-chan?" Kyo asked as he turned his head and smiled.

"No, I was just wondering where you went off to," she internally sighed in relief as he didn't seem too bothered, "I didn't see you when I woke up so I became worried."

She looked down and frowned, "We, we didn't even stand a chance against her even though all of us took her on."

Kyo frowned and wrapped his arm around her as he started to stroke her hair.

"It isn't that your weak, you guys haven't trained for as long as she had or had enough hand to hand combat experience as she did." He told her, " If you had three hundred years of practice, your would have easily beaten her to a pulp."

She looked up and gave him a small smile, "Thanks."

She gave him a quick kiss to the lips. Kyo stood there agape for a few minutes but then reciprocated it with his own. This time they held it for what seemed like an eternity.

Then they saw a flash and heard a clicking noise.

"Awwee, look, our little Ami-chan's all grown up now." They broke off the kiss and looked over to see everyone there while Minako and Makoto holding disposable cameras.

Then the girls dragged Ami off and started to interrogate her.

"So how was it?" Minako asked with a cat-like grin on her face.

"How was what?"

"Oh, don't give us that!" Makoto chastised, "What was your first kiss like?"

Ami blushed, "It… it was… it was like as if everything around me didn't exist anymore and Kyo was the only thing I cared for in my mind."

The girls now had stars in their eyes, "But,"

"But what?" the others asked.

"I tasted blood while we kissed."

"Now that I think about it, when I was unconscious, I tasted blood." Setsuna whispered to the others, "How about you guys?"

The others nodded in agreement, "We'll have to ask Kyo, Ranma, or Hotaru about it later."

Soon they were called to breakfast by Rei's grandfather. Everyone came in and seated themselves except Kyo.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Rei's grandfather asked.

"Nah, I just don't feel like I can eat anything today. I'll be heading home after Ranma finishes his first bowl." Kyo said as Ranma was going on to his seconds. With a bow Kyo left the shrine.

Ami looked on in worry as Kyo walked out of her sights.

"Hey, Ranma?" Ami said getting the attention of said martial artist.


"Can the girls and I ask you something after you're finished?"


The rest of breakfast went on without incident and was pretty quiet. Once they finished, they dragged Ranma back into Rei's room and started the interrogation.

"We want to know a few things Ranma, and we want answers now." Rei said as the girls circled around him.

"Ok." Ranma replied not wanting to anything bad happen to him.

"First question, when we woke up, we could taste blood in our mouths. Why is that?"

"That's because you drank Kyo's blood."

The girls turned green.

"His blood acted like some sort of medicine that healed you." Ranma said, "He said he kept it secret because if anyone found out, the science community would openly hunt him down for experimentations."

"Ok," Rei said still feeling a little sick, "second question, why was Kyo acting weird this morning before we ate breakfast?"

"I don't know that one. This never really happened before." Ranma answered honestly.

'But I do hope he is alright.'

Over at the Abarai residence

Kyo secretly entered his room through the window. He walked in and soon collapsed to a coughing fit. Kyo covered his mouth and as he coughed he saw his blood come out.

"This is why I don't like them taking over. It puts too much stress on my body. Thanks to my healing I don't have a chance of dying but it sure is going to be a bitch moving around for a while."

Kyo tried to stand but he felt something snap, metaphorically, he soon started to convulse as his joints all over his body burst with blood and felon to his stomach. As he felt consciousness leave him, he crawled with what little strength he had left in him and tried to reach his bed, he coughed a few times spewing out blood before going unconscious never reaching his desired goal of the bed.

Mean while, over in the Joketsuzoku village…

"Elder!" A girl about the same age as Xian Pu shouted waving a piece of paper.

"What is it child?" the elder asked as she hopped over to the girl.

"We have just received a message from an outsider. It is to be declared a declaration of war unless the conditions are met!" The girl said alarmingly.

"Let me see it!" The girl handed to letter over, the elder looked over it as she neared the end, her eyes-bulged.

"Child, send for all the other elders! This is an emergency meeting!" The girl nodded and ran to find the other elders.

30 minutes later…

"What have you called us in for elder Lu?" asked one of the assembled elders.

"Elder Tzo, I have received urgent news and this may affect our future." Lu said gravely.

"Will you show us this letter Lu?" another elder asked.

"Yes Elder Long." Lu said pulling out the letter in question. Long took the letter and started to read aloud.

It read:

To the Joketsuzoku,

I am here to ask that you release my brother, Saotome Ranma who is now Abarai Ranma, from your laws regarding the kiss of Marriage/ Death and have one Elder Ku Long along with her grand-daughter Xian Pu from chasing my brother.

"Who does this person think he is?!" Kong shouted in anger.

"We are the Joketsuzoku! Our laws are absolute!" Elder Tzo said outraged.

"Just read on and you will find out!" Lu said and Kong continued to read.

You all should have heard the news that my brother has killed the phoenix king Saffron. I also know that all your laws are absolute in your narrow minded heads. Two nights ago, your elder and her grand-daughter attacked my fiends, my lover, and my family I am being generous when I say this is also a warning to you. If you let those two continue on with their actions, my bother, as well as I, will be forced into a state of aggression against your people and that will spell the demise of three thousand years of culture. My brother has had a traumatic life and he has finally started to find a shred of happiness with in his own self. If you do not put a stop to this foolishness, you may take this letter as a declaration of war against you and all of your people. I will do what is necessary to assure me, my family, and everyone that I hold dear's safety and longevity is upheld. If it means I have to annihilate the Joketsuzoku, then so be it! I will await your response for three weeks. If a letter is not sent within this time limit, there will be blood on your hands. If you meet my demands and send the letter, we will talk of a possible alliance with your tribe and the conditions that go along with it. I will await your response.

You friend or demise,

Eien no Kyo

P.S. If any of the conditions are unfavorable to us, we will still go to war!

P.P.S. If you can send some oolong tea and moon cakes along with your response, it would be much appreciated.

The elders were now as white as snow.

"Dear god! What has Elder Ku Long gotten us into now?!" Elder Tzo said in horror.

"Who is he?" another elder asked.

"You do not know him Elder Huang?" Elder Lu asked shocked.

The elder looked at the others in confusion, "My group lives farther in the range than the others and we do not get news as much as any of the others."

"Then have you heard the news of the town Song-jiang?" Lu asked.

"You mean that port town that had all its inhabitants slaughtered, entrails hung off of each street light, hang-able walls, and even the children were not spared?" Huang asked.

"Yes." Lu said green in her face, "It was all done by Kyo by himself. He is a mercenary of a high caliber and will do anything to accomplish a mission."

The elder became pale as snow, "You mean to tell me only on man did that?! It's hard to believe that."

"That is not the only part that's unbelievable. He did that when he was twelve years old and a rumor that he in immortal."

The talk and debate continued. Several hours later, the elders sent two messenger hawks with letters attached to both, one being Kyo's wich held a large shopping bag and the other, of the Joketsuzoku.

Back with the Senshi

Ranma led them to the his house to see if Kyo came home. His mom came and greeted them eagerly.

"Hi mom, has Kyo come home?" Ranma asked.

"No son, I don't think he has. But you could check his room to see if he's there." She said, "Oh, and don't do anything with your lady friends that you might regret later… although that means I would have grandkids early."

The girls that chose to go out with him blushed.

"MOM!" Ranma shouted blushing also from his mother's insinuation. She giggled and walked off to get the girls and her son some refreshments.

"Sometimes, I wonder if Kyo and I are the only sane ones in the family." Ranma mumbled to himself. The girls followed him to the hallway containing the brother's rooms. Ranma walked over to Kyo's door which conveniently, or for some kind of creepy style, had a plaque with the number "ex002356098" engraved on it. the girls were a little creep-ed out about this but stood by.

"Hey Kyo, are you in there?" Ranma knocked on the door fairly hard to wake up Kyo if he was sleeping.

Silence was all he got.

"Come on Kyo, open up." Ranma said as he knocked a little harder on the door causing cracks to appear in the walls.

Still, he was greeted by silence that held no response.

Now he was pissed, "Damn it Kyo! Get the damned door!" Ranma punched the door making it fly off the hinges and out the other side in to the inner garden of their abode.

"Would you guys stay out here for a moment?" the girls nodded not wanting to get into "brotherly business".

Ranma looked inside and walked several steps before he stepped in something warm.

Ranma looked down and saw a sight he knew all to well from past experiences… blood. It was still moist but some near the border of the patch has dried showing few hours has past since it was here. Our pigtailed martial artist looks over to see Kyo on the ground, near the bed, unconscious, with small amounts of blood trickling out of his mouth and joints.

"KYO!" Ranma knelt next to his brother and checked the damage on him.

"Ranma, what's happening in he- ." the girls came in from the shout and looked to see the gruesome sight. Ami was the first to get out of the shock and ran out to get the first –aid kit while the others were too shocked at this new development.

Minutes passed before Ami came back with Nodoka and a first-aid kit.

"My Baby!" Nodoka cried as she ran to Kyo's side and hugged his bloodied, prone form, "We have to call an ambulance."

Ami was about to before she heard a muffled, "Stop."

Everyone looked at Kyo breathing albeit erratically as he said in a jagged voice, "No, hospital."

"How can you say that at a time like this son!?" Nodoka said in a panicked voice that any caring mother would hold for their injured children.

"No… hospital… will be … fine in … a few… hours." Kyo wheezed out before passing out again from the blood loss. Ami checked on her lover's pulse before telling the others that he would be fine as long as he didn't move anymore than he did. So the group helped patch him up the best they could with the limited knowledge in first-aid for an injury this severe. Ranma uses his ki to remove some of the dried blood and washed out the rest with a special cleaner his mother had brought while the others worked on the injured.

Several hours passed, the girls were a little jittery about waiting for Kyo to wake up in the living room. The door slid open. Everyone turned their heads. Everyone went back to what they were doing as they saw Nodoka walk in with some drinks and snacks.

"I know you're all worried but we can not let it break us. Now, lets have some snacks and calm down." She said to dissipate the aura of unrest that permeated the room.

"Wow, I'm really flattered that everyone was worried that much about me." Kyo said as he took a glass of juice his step-mother had brought for the group, "Mom, could you pass some of those snacks over here?"

"Sure Kyo-dear, and why wouldn't your family and friends worry… about … you?" Nodoka and the others looked over to see Kyo munching on some snacks and drinking juice acting like nothing in the past several hours happened. The only thing that told them what happened was real was the bloodied shirt and pants as well as the gauze they put on him that was soaked with blood.

"Kyo!" They all yelled.

"Yes, you called?" He retorted as he devoured more snacks.

Everyone was speechless to how he was acting.

"What are you guys staring at?" Kyo asked as he looked over himself, "Oh."

"What are doing out of bed! You shouldn't be moving around in that kind of condition! You're going to make it worse!" Ami yelled at him with tears coming out of her eyes.

"No, I'll be fine." With that said he started to take off all the gauze that was applied to him. Everyone stared in morbid fascination as piece by piece, that gauze came undone and they saw almost all the wounds gone. The ones remaining were healing at an exponential rate and soon, nothing was left.

"Sorry about making you guys worry… I just put too much stress on my body." Kyo said as he kept on eating at an insane pace that would, and did, put Ranma and Usagi's appetite combined to shame.

Ami walked over to Kyo. Her head was down so no one could see the expression on her face.

"Kyo…" Ami said getting the immortal fighter's attention.


She proceeded to slap Kyo with all her might sending him across the room surprising everyone.

"You made me worry and even after you promised to not keep secrets from me you lied and left me to worry." Ami shouted while Kyo cringed. Ami lifted her head and her eyes were on the verge of tears, "Do you think I'm that weak in body and mind that you can't tell me everything?"

Kyo just stared at her without a single word coming out of his mouth. Then, he did something unexpected, he started to laugh.

"KYO!" the girls shouted at his behavior.

"No, no, it's just that you seriously think that I believe you weak?" Kyo said with a smile on his face, "Frankly, I believe you to be the strongest girl I know."

Ami was about to rebut but he started again.

"Even though I promised to tell everything, I have to keep some things secret to protect those I care about the most." Kyo said as he rubbed the cheek Ami slapped, "Last night I told everyone here the maximum amount of info I can give and I even told some details that I shouldn't have… like this morning. I believe Ranma already told you guys."

The girls nodded.

"I meant it when I said people would be after me for my abilities so they can try and replicate it. Especially the government, underground organizations, and scientists across the world would chase me down, and that is only the tip of the iceberg."

The girls stared in disbelief at Kyo.

Kyo sighed and walked out of the room. He came back with a medical file with a large case of videos and record tapes. He put them on the table.

"If you want to know everything, just read those and you'll see how dangerous I am."

Ami picked up the file and looked through. Gruesome and horrifying would be too kind of words to describe the atrocities described in the file. The file had a journal with a few pages still legible and pictures of the experiment:

July 12, 19—

The perfect specimen for my research has been found today, I still can't believe that fat bastard of a father sold his child for a bowl of rice. I will start the experimentations tomorrow. I can barely contain my excitement. I have numbered the child ex002356098

The girls flashbacked to the plaque on Kyo's door.

July 29, 19—

Our specimen ex002356098 has been very…uncooperative to our methods. He almost mutilated one of my assistants. Luckily, she got away with one of her arms intact, although we will have to find a replacement for she will never be able to do any strenuous activities again. We have him on almost lethal dose of anesthetics, morphine, and pain killers.

August 02, 19—

Today was a momentous day for us. Our specimen ex002356098 now has extreme regenerative capabilities. We forcefully removed several key organs including the brain, heart, liver, lungs, and pancreas. For more detail watch and listen to Video #356and audio Tape #6889.

The readers were now pale as ghosts. How could anyone do this to a child? They continued reading on.

December 05, 19—

The combat application of the specimen ex002356098 is now near perfection! He has now recorded over 30,000 kills. He is now immune to all worldly poisons and can integrate in his body, any and all poisons after having even the smallest doses come in contact with his blood, to create anti-bodies that grant him immunity to it. He also regenerates at an alarming rate, his aging process seems to have stopped completely and not even being burned or frozen can stop his rampage once he gets started. I fear we may have gone over the limits that we initially intended. I have a bad feeling about this.

December 30, 19—

This will be my last entry. ex002356098 has escaped from his containment cell. He is no longer one of our experiments. He is a monster…

Everything else was illegible do to a massive amount of blood and burn marks. The group was now fearful.

"Now you read everything. And if you watch those videos and Audio tapes, you would have heard and seen everything about me." Kyo said as he took the journal, files, and tapes and left the room to place them in a safe place.

As he left, the group contemplated how wise they were in digging the past of their friend and family.

To be continued…