Well, Its my first story, it ain't that good, but it will do.

The Hunter

A one part story

It was 10:00 in the morning at the sleepy little town of Hayward Washington. The sign outside the local general store read the date, October 12th, 1888. George Gales, the shop assistant, and his uncle, Bill Gales, were talking to a few regulars when they saw a man walk in. It looked like he had been banged up pretty badly. He held a blood soaked rag over his right shoulder.

He told the two that his name was Gabriel Allens. He stated that he was a fur trader, and that he was returning to town when he saw a lone man stumble onto the road. He had grey skin, and eyes that, as Gabriel stated, looked right through you into the black pits of Hell. Allens then continued to tell of how he started to approach the individual, and upon doing so, the person gave out a hideous moan, and grabbed him and bit into his shoulder. While Bill took Gabriel to the local doctor, Dr. Jonathan Wilkes, George stayed and kept the shop running.

Within the next twenty four hours, Allens had died. While the doctor was checking the body over one last time, the corpse sprang back to life, and bit Wilkes on the arm. Bill, and several other men who were there tried to restrain him, they were also bitten. Within six days, Hayward was a town under siege. George, and a few others, had been able to get up on the shop roof with a few supplies and guns. They watched as people were taken by the quickly formed mob of undead and either eaten alive, or got free, to run back into the safety of the fortified stores and homes. As George saw, they only had supplies left for about seven days.

On the dawn on the eighth day, something incredible happened. A single man on horseback came into town. Using an army cavalry saber, he quickly dispatched 12 of the ghouls in the first twenty minutes. After, he rode to the town water tower, used a charred stick to draw a circle on the ground around it, and tied down his horse. He then grabbed his gun, and a large sack of ammunition, and headed up the water tower. Between yells, an old army bugle, and his teathered horse for bait, he was able to attract every undead in town. Every one of the ghouls that entered the circle, received a head shot from his Winchester repeater. In this disciplined manner, he was able to eradicate all 59 ghouls that had infested the town. By the time the towns people had realized what had happened, he was gone. George, who went and inspected what had happened, realized that the town's savior, had dropped his sword in the frenzy. He made a plaque honoring the man, it read "This small token is dedicated to the man who saved this small town from 59 creatures that threatened Hayward. This is dedicated to The Hunter."

So, the last bit is a little corny. But hey its my first one. Please review