You Got a Friend

A fan fiction by Kate-chan 91

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Kate-chan 91's tidbits (A/N): While I don't like Pal and Kate talking episodes (along with Arthur's voice changing every two episodes), I thought the idea for this was cute after seeing one of those types of episodes. Come on, Alan "Brain" Powers, the kid whose the brains of Arthur's gang, having a stuffed pig shows weakness and the fact he confessed to Arthur about him shows what kind of man he'll be in the future: highly intelligent and somewhat sensitive. Since I'm like this, I find Brain to be one of my favorite Arthur characters.

This is my first Arthur fanfiction that focuses on characters other than Arthur and Buster, so bear with me. While I accept flames, I'll only accept CONSTRUCTIVE flames and I'll delete any hate and spam reviews as I just see them as insults.



It's been half an hour ever since I left Arthur's house and I still remember him. I can't believe it's been this long ever since I gave him away. In case you want to know, I'm talking about my stuffed pig, Plato.

I know, I know, it's silly for me to miss a stuffed pig I gave away three years ago, but I was really close to him. From my second birthday to the day I turned five and a half, Plato went everywhere with me: the bathtub, my nice warm bed to the park whenever I was bird watching or stargazing.

Plato was named after the Greek philosopher Plato, the man whom first wrote about the lost continent of Atlantis; I was obsessed with him at the time. At the same time, I also had a passion for pigs just as you may have with dogs or cats when I was in diapers so when I ripped that blue and yellow wrapping paper off the cardboard box he was in, you would probably understand what my feelings were like.

The next three and a half years after that were some pleasant times. Like I said already, Plato went everywhere with me and helped me conquer some of my younger childhood fears such as Preschool, becoming toilet trained and the dark.

Like all good things, however, this had to end sometime around. When I was in Kindergarten, it was Show and Tell day and I accidentally left my favorite books about the periodic tables, Einstein and the universe at home. Since Plato was always in my knapsack, I took him out hoping everyone else would understand since every last one of them had their favorite toys. Unfortunately, this didn't really work out since virtually everyone in my class ridiculed me for many reasons, including the facts I had a stuffed pig instead of a dog, bear, or cat and it was named after a man that lived years and years ago. Obviously, this crushed me.

When I got home that day, my mother was about to leave to go to the homeless shelter to donate things we didn't need anymore such as old baby clothes and shoes. Due to the fact it would be considered child abandonment if my parents left me home alone at that age, I jumped into the car with Plato in my arms. During that car ride, I made a decision that was difficult to make: I would donate my friend Plato to someone less fortunate.

After a last goodbye hug at the homeless shelter, I carefully placed Plato into a white bin and caught up with my ever-advancing mom. As I turned my head around, I saw a girl whom obviously lived in the shelter pick him up, hugged him and walked away with glee. Only then was I assured my old friend had gone to a better place.


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