Charlie Bone and the Mysterious Locket


Charlie Bone discovers a locket with his family picture in it. Yes family, including Lyell. But why was this picture the only picture that was left? Theres also a braclet that Lyell wanted Charlie to have on his fourteenth birthday. Why? No one noes, until Charlie discovers on a dark night in the Kings room...

The Underground Closet

As Masie Jones was cleaning the closet on number nine on Filbert Street, She noticed a small braclet with powerful colors. " Hmm" she said as she picked it up. She saw a tag with it. It said " Give to Charlie on 14th birthday." It was signed Lyell.

" Amy!" she shouted. " I need you downstairs!" She had a feeling this was something the Yewbeams shouldn't know.

" Yes mother." Said Amy as she sighed. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

" What on earth is this?" she showed the braclet with the tag on it to her daughter.

" Hmm..I have no clue. Lyell never…oh wait….o yeah…. I remember! He told me to give this to him….I'm not sure why… He said Charlie MUST have it, if he found out his endowment by his fourteenth birthday. I guess he'll be getting it soon." She sighed. She thought about the lovely moments with her husband who had died 15 years ago. She missed him. " He said this on the very day Charlie was born. Lyel himself, wore this braclet. Always." She looked on the floor. She remembered the day very well.

"Well, do you think we should be showing this in front of the Yew-" she stopped as Grandma Bone entered the room. Fortunatley, she didn't notice the colorful

Bracelet. Amy shook her head. Maise nodded.

As she climbed up the stairs she shook her head. The Yewbeams were evil people. They were so evil, that they did something to her son in law, tried to kill their brother, and never even visited their father. It was sad. "What type of family is this when you have to hide things from each other?" she mumbled.

She went into her room, and Put the powerful braclet under her bed. Soon, Charlie, her grandson, would be 14 and he would receive this mysterious gift.


Charlie picked up his books that fell on the floor, and quickly ran to see his best friend Fidilo. " Hey Charlie!" said Fidelio cheerfully.

" Hi!" said Charlie. " WUts up?"

" Oh nothing. Hey look! Oliva and her wild hair!" said Fido as he pointed to a girl who had dyed her hair green. Charlie waved her over.

" Hiii guys!" she exclaimed. " Oh my gosh! You won't believe it! I made it to a movie! WOOOHOO!"

" That's great Livvy!" said Charlie with a big smile. " Are you going to talk to us still?"

" NOOO!" she said sarcastically.

" Very funny." Said Fido.

" LIVVY!" said a voice behind them. They turned to see Emma skipping toward them

"Congragulations, Liv!" She hugged her friend, who beamed and blushed. " Oh and hey Charlie and Fido!" said Emma smiling.

They started walking down the hall, when they saw Lysander and Tancred with Gabriel. " Hello!" said Lysander, a tall African American.

" Hey guys…" said Tancred.

" Greetings." Said Gabriel.

" Oliva made it to a movie…Its called…er…whats it called Liv?" said Charlie.

" Let me guess…The alien with green hair that was from Mars." Said Gabriel. They all laughed.

" Nope." Said Olivia. "Its called 'Twins'.. these two twins get a really big fight, and they're like enemies, but than one of the twins is in danger so the other one saves her. I'm one of the twins, Jenna."

"Cool…" said Emma.

Just than they heard the horn. That meant that they were all late for their classes.

" Yikes!" said Fidelio.

Charlie ran for his next class. Social Studies was his most boring subject. After he made himself comfortable in his seat in the dull class, he saw Billy enter the room. "Billy!" he whispered.

Billy turned to see Charlie and smiled. He came towards Charlie and sat down next to him. "Hello Charlie!"

" Hi Billy. How are you?"

" Oh fine… oh my gosh we have social studies. Guess what…" began Billy. " Yikes! Theres the teacher."

Charlie looked. There was their new social studies teacher.

After a boring hour of social studies, it was time to go to the Kings room.

All the endowed were there. However, this time there were 5 more people.

Manfred stood at the head of the table. "Everyone quiet!" he yelled.

Silence held in the room. " Three of the endowed have left; 5 have joined. Us."

He gestered to 3 triplets and 1 girl and 1 boy. The triplets had black hair and nice faces. The first one had hair up to her shoulders, and they were slightly wavy. The second had the same length, but her hair was more straight. The third was also had the same length, but in between the two hair. They all has some freckles. The first had a small frown, but the other two were smiling.

" Audrey." He said pointing to the first one. " Alexandra," pointing to the second. " And Angelina." Pointing to the third.

" And here Is Mark." He said tapping a boy with brown hair " And this is Wendy." He said pointing to an odd girl with curly hair and a small face.

After homework, Charlie, Lysander, Gabriel, Tancred, and Emma walked up to the new students. "Hi guys!"

One of the triplets smiled." Hi! I'm Alexandra. Call me Alex. And this is one of my triplets…" she said tapping at the girl with normal hair. "Angelina."

" Oh! Hi. I'm Angelina. Pleased to meet you." She held out her hand and they all shook it. " Gosh this school is like …well different!" she said with a smile.

" Yup!" said Charlie.

" What's your endowment?" asked Lysander.

" Umm… well, I can…mind read." She said with a smile.

Charlie, Gabriel, Emma, Lysander, and Tancred looked at each other.

" Don't worry. We're not evil." Said Alexandra.

" Yea. Not like our other twin, Audrey who can make fires."

" Oh." Said Tancred.

" And I can do all types of things with my eyes. Move things, hypnotise, break things with my eye power, if you could call it that." She blushed, " And I can make invisible walls, and lots more. "

" Wow." Said everyone.

" Yea! Well we gotta go! See you guys later!" said Angelina.

Just as they left, Mark, the boy with brown hair came to them and smiled. " Hi. Im new, and endowed."

" Pleased to meet you." Said Gabriel.

" Same here!"

" Whats your endowment?" asked Tancred, who was curious.

" Oh, well" he blushed slightly. " I can turn to any animal I want."

" Awesome!" the exclaimed.

" Yea. Whatever. Well I have to go! I'll be late!" and then he left.

Just then the horn rang. They all dashed and left the room. Charlie started to walk. Suddenly he tripped, and fell into a whole. It wasn't exactly a whole, it was a closet, only under ground. " Wow" he whispered. He look around when he found a flash light. He turned it on. He looked around, and saw a locket. He opened it. And in there, was a picture of his mom, a man, and Charlie when he was a baby. He heard Amy laugh and say " Oh Lyell!"

This could only be one person. " Dad." Whispered Charlie.

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