"Ehem! Explain yourselves!" said Grandma Bone, one hand on her big hip.

"This…" started Uncle Paton as he shoved it in his pocket. "Its…"

"It was supposed to be for you Grandma Bone! We wanted to thank you for…everything!" cried Charlie, though he shuddered at the thought of thanking Grandma Bone.

"Are you sure?" She asked narrowing her small black eyes.

"positive." Said Charlie.

"Go now Grizelda!" said Paton.

"Huh! Why!"

"Never mind!" said Uncle paton, as he left.

Charlie started to leave before she'd ask about the locket.

"Ehem….Charlie! You have school tomorrow! Am I right?"

"Yes…" he groaned.

"UPSTAIRS!" she yelled. Charlie quickly went upstairs and got into bed.


The next day at school, at lunchtime, he sat with Mark. Mark was a pretty nice person. He also sat with Fidelio.

"I think your endowments cool." Said Charlie.

"Really? I hate it!" said Mark, with a small frown.

"I hate mine." Said Charlie.

"What is it?" asked Mark, as he gobbled down the rest of his burger.

"I can hear what people in pictures are talking about…weird." Said Charlie. He made a face.

"Woa…awesome!" said Mark.


"Yea! Can you see what people in the picture are doing?" asked Mark.


"Here." He handed him a picture of a man and woman.

"Okaay…" said Charlie.

"He's my…." Started Mark. Than he frowned and looked at his hands. "My brother. He's married now, and he's in the hospital…with cancer."

"Oh…really?" asked Charlie. Fideilo frowned as well..

" Yea that's his wife, Hannah. So...can you look?" asked Mark.

"Sure." Said Charlie. He stared at the picture.

Suddenly he started getting dizzy. He was going inside.

"Daniel? DANNY?" said the woman. She was quiet beautiful, she had long dirty blond hair. It was wavy and looked as smooth as silk. She was shaking the man next to him.

"Danny! Please! Danny! Pleease!" she cried, shaking him.

"Huh…?" asked the man next to him, who was lying down on the bed. He resembled Mark a lot.

"Wake UP!" shrieked the girl

"Huh…" his voice drifted away.

The girl started crying. She reached for the phone.

"DOCTER!" she cried into the receiver. She was sobbing now.

In less than 3 seconds the doctor was there. He picked them up. The next thing Charlie knew, the girl sat in the waiting room In the doctors office. The man wasn't in sight.

After a while, the doctor came back, his face, worried. He went to the girl and said,

"I'm afraid he's…" he started.


"Dead." He mumbled, as a frown started to disappear…

"CHARLIE?" asked Mark.

"Huh?" asked Charlie. "Wait…"

He went back into the picture and heard the girl sobbing.


"Yes. Its true." Said the doctor.

"NOO! It can't! He-We…We JUST got married!"

"You better shut up…or you'll be gone too!" said the doctor in a harsh voice, as an evil smirk came across his face.

Charlie was shocked. Who was "doctor"? He went back….

"WHO? WHAT! WHERE? WHEN? HOW! WHO ARE YOU!" screamed the young woman.

"Steven." He mumbled, as he dragged the girl while she yelled and screamed and kicked.

Just than the bell rang. A confused Charlie ran out the door.


"Hey Charlie!" said Gabriel, that night.

"Yea.." said Charlie. He was still confused.

"Whats wrong?" asked Fidelio, as he put away his cape.

Charlie told his friends. They were also shocked.

"Waaaait…" said Fideilo

"Wasn't that Steven…" said Gabriel looking at Fidileio.

"The guy your dad said was in the picture…?" they said together slowly.

"Yea…it was!" said Charlie. Now he was even more confused.

Just than Matron came out shutting the lights.

Charlie slept dreaming a dream he never forgot….

Charlie was in the king's room. Everone was there. Everone was worried.

"Hey, Angel!" he said, he spotted her with a bunch of other girls.

"Hey Charlie!" she said.

"Whats going on?" he asked.

"You don't know?" she whispered.


"Some one found out that the locket is missing. They think one of us has it. So they're cheking. If the person doesn't tell them the truth…Steven will kill them."

"Who's Steven?"

"You don't K-Know?"


"He's…He's the math teacher!" she whispered harshly.

Just than the math teacher came, smirking. "Locket?" he asked.

"No!" said Charlie.




"No, sir."

"Yees… you DO!"

"No sir!"

"Come!" said Steven as he took Angel away. Charlie panicked. Just than, he heard Angel scream.

Charlie woke up, startled. "That was a horrible dream." He said. "Oh well its just a dream!"

It was just a dream, but it wasn't any dream, it was a warning.