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Chapter 1: Hidden Feelings

As Appa flew steadily over the seas somewhere near Kyoshi Island, Aang, Katara and Sokka had drifted off to sleep. Behind Katara's closed lids, dreams began to unfold.

"I stand under a great pavilion upon an island in a calm, placid lake. I am waiting. I know not what for until I see a figure standing next to me. The figure is that of the twelve year old boy, Aang. As I look closer, I can see around his neck a necklace that I had been working on for the past week. It is of reddish brown leather, ornately tooled with the symbols of the air and water nations. As I watch him stand there looking at me with eyes so blue and wise beyond their years, a thought enters my mind that I had been ignoring for quite some time- I love him. I know that I must tell him sooner or later so I make the decision to tell him now. I lean in and tell him in a voice barely audible but true. Aang fixes his gaze on mine and replies……."

Before there was time to hear Aang's reply, Katara snapped awake. Her mind was in a whirl. She cannot understand this feeling…love. Never had she experienced such a feeling towards a boy. Maybe it was because there were not many boys in her village other than Sokka. Whatever the reason, this feeling was new to her. She pushed all of her thoughts to the back of her mind as she had so many times before.

The sun was rising and she knew the boys would be awake soon for breakfast. Most importantly Sokka would be awake for breakfast. Sokka was always hungry so Katara began to fix a simple breakfast of jerky and platypus bear egg. No sooner had she finished, when Sokka awoke with a shout of "Food! Where is it! Where is it!". "Its right here Sokka, calm down." Katara sighed and handed him a plate of the jerky and eggs. "YUM!" said Sokka. He dove into is plate and didn't say a word until he was done. "Katara, you look upset about something. Are you okay?" "Yeah, Sokka I'm fine thanks." Katara replied. "Alright." Said Sokka, "If you need anything just ask." Katara gave a small nod to let him know that she understood.

Katara looked over at Aang asleep on the ground who had a smile on his face. His nose began to twitch and his eyelids began to flutter. Aang woke and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He saw Katara looking at him and smiled his goofy, big smile. Katara smiled back and said, "Did you have a nice sleep?" "You bet!" said Aang "Hey, something sure smells good Katara." "That would be you breakfast." answered Katara with a grin. "And it's going to get cold if you don't eat it soon." She handed breakfast to the Avatar. He calmly began to eat (unlike Sokka who still had egg on his face and was licking it off of his lips).

Katara fixed her eyes on the avatar who noticed her gaze and said, "Katara are you ok? You've been acting kind of strange." "Oh …um….yeah Aang I'm fine." said Katara. She turned away, blushing heavily. "Actually, Aang, I have been meaning to tell you something…uh…privately." she said with a nervous glance at her brother who had a strange look on his face. "Ok" replied Aang and followed Katara. When they got to a secluded area in the woods, Katara turned to Aang. "Well, what did you want to say, Katara?"said Aang, looking curious.

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