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Chapter 4: Good and Bad Surprises

As morning broke over the island of Kyoshi, twelve year old Aang woke up to find himself in Katara's arms. He was first confused and slightly shocked until he remembered the conversation of the night before. He looked out the window and sighed, dark storm clouds were forming and the scent of rain was on the air. Looking down at Katara's sleeping form, Aang grinned and thought to himself how happy he was that all of his feelings were out in the open. Having it all off of his chest made everything so much better, especially seeing as Katara felt the same way.

Katara stirred and her eyelids fluttered. She woke with a start, realizing that she had begun to drool in Aang's lap. She looked up at him and blushed. "Sorry Aang, I didn't even realized I was doing that. I should probably get back to sleep, its still so early." Aang laughed and replied "No, it's actually around noon, the storm clouds are just rolling in." Katara jumped up and began to prepare a meal, profusely apologizing over and over about how sorry she was for waking up so late and leaving him to wait for his meal. "Calm down, I don't mind. I was enjoying the quiet." said Aang calmly.

After a quick brunch the two went to go get washed up and prepared for the day ahead. As they walked behind separate changing screens, they threw each other a quick glance and blushed. While changing, Katara hummed a tune to herself that her mother used to sing when she was younger and thought of how much her feelings of love towards Aang were steadily growing. Once changed, she let down her hair, grabbed a brush and walked out from her screen to find Aang already changed and washing his face. She walked over to a large mirror decorated with memoirs to Avatar Kyoshi and began to brush her hair.

Aang finished washing his face and watched as Katara styled her hair. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he marveled at how unique her beauty was. Katara finished tying her braid and turned to Aang, "How do I look?" Aang's jaw dropped and his tongue froze. She was beautiful. She had done nothing different but suddenly, she was even more beautiful to him than ever she had been. "Great, Katara!", Aang finally managed, then blushed. Katara laughed and hugged the Avatar tenderly and whispered, "So do you."

The two teens exited their quarters, hand in hand. They walked, talked smiled and laughed the whole way down to the market place. "Katara, I have two copper pieces left. Pick out something you want!" said Aang with a small smile. "Oh my gosh! Aang, thank you! I love you so much." Katara replied ecstatically, giving Aang a deep and passionate kiss on the lips. Katara continued searching, then stopped at a booth full with hair ornaments from all corners of the globe.

She looked down and began to examine the different combs, beads, hair sticks, and ribbons. One comb caught her eye. It was blue wood, inlayed with mahogany and mother of pearl. There were tiny symbols of the water nation all over the edge of the comb. At the top center, there was a piece of wood carved into the symbol of the water nation. "How much is this comb, ma'am?" she asked the merchant. "Two copper pieces, my dear." answered the old woman with a smile. "And, might I add, It would look lovely on you, too." Katara blushed and handed the woman the copper pieces, thanking her profusely.

"Aang thank you so much!" Katara gushed happily. "Can you put it in my hair?" Aang nodded and began to work the comb in into the top of her braid. "Wow, Katara, it's so beautiful. You look stunning." said Aang in awe. "Thank…….." Katara stopped mid thanks and gasped. "Oh no." said Aang quietly. In the distance, fire navy ships were landing on shore.

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