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/thoughtful look/

/wolfish grin/

I certainly wouldn't mind it though.

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I Hate him


I hate him.

I hate that he is so bloody infatuated with me. I hate that he asks me out at every turn. I hate that he practically stalks me.

I hate that he is so perfect. I hate that even though his hair looks like it's never been combed in his entire life...he never looks sexier. I hate that in his big brown eyes I can see my present and my future...I hate that I can't see myself that way that he does. I hate that he thinks that I'm beautiful and brilliant, caring and kind,compassionate and patient...

I hate that I could never compete with the image he has od me in his mind.

I hate that he is so perfet and I am so flawed...

I hate that I could never be good enough for him. I hate that he hasn't asked me to be Mrs.James Potter.

But mostly I hate that even though I have all these reasons to hate him...

I don't.

Quite the opposite in fact.


A/N2-Yes it's L/J...Just in case it seemed a bit hard to figure out.