Love me, love me not

Chapter 1

A heart's battle

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Kimiko's thoughts:

'Only three more days until Valentine's Day. I hope the guys do something nice for me. I wonder what I should get them. Hmm, Rai's kinda like a rebel so, what would a rebel like?...Omi, he's so polite. Master Fung probably wouldn't mind using my meditating CD. Dojo? Maybe, something to eat. Yeah, that's it, I'll cook for Dojo. What would I cook though?...'

Her thoughts were interrupted by Omi.

"Do you guys ever knock?" she said with a pleasant face.

"Oh, I am very sorry. Dojo has found a new Shen gon wu."

"Really? Cool. Lets go." Kimiko closed the door behind her as she ran after Omi. They ran down the empty hallway and found Dojo with the scroll. The scroll opened.

"The heart of love? I never heard of that one. What does it do Dojo?"

"Well, if in the wrong hands that person would be able to get anyone to fall in love with them on their command."

"Hope Jack doesn't get it first." Raimundo hinted at Kimiko and him and Clay began laughing.

"What are you laughing at? If Jack was the last person on Earth I wouldn't even go out with him!"

"Ok. Calm down lil lady. We won't let Jack brain wash you into liking him." said Clay as he tipped his hat to hide his blushing.

"Come on, we have wu to find!" They climbed onto Dojo's back and they were off. It didn't take them long to get to where they were going. When they finally got there, they found themselves face to face with Jack.

"Where is the Shen gon wu?" Jack asked with a puzzled face. Clay tapped his foot on the ground, showing his impatience. He looked down and noticed that the ground started to glow red. Jack saw it too. They both fell to the ground and started digging until they found it. They touched it at the same time and Clay lifted the brim of his hat over his eyes.

"Jack, I challenge you to a good old fashion, foot tappin, head bashin,-'

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Would you just say it already?"

"Gong ye tempai!"

The ground began to tremble and pink dust swirled around them. Harp music began to play.

"Ok, the challenge is, find the harp and the heart Shen gon wu and you win." said Clay.

"We're only playing for the heart of love? No Shen gon wu to fight with? That's not fair."

"Love's not fair." With that Clay ran to where he thought he heard the music, but then the ground began to crack and it spread apart, right where Clay was standing. He almost went into a split. Jack ran by.

"Love hurts, doesn't it Clay? Ha!" Clay reached his hand out and tripped Jack. He pulled himself up and ran straight ahead. The pink mist began to thicken and no one could see. Clay just kept on running, aimlessly until he ran into something hard and shiny.

"The harp!" he yelled and every one cheered for him. The pink mist thinned again but the ground was still glowing. Clay looked into the crack that he'd almost fallen into and saw the heart down there. Both of them charged at each other. Jack thought Clay was going for him but, he jumped down the crack right before he got to him. Jack looked down the crack.

The mist went away and Clay was spit out of the hole like a watermelon seed. He had the heart and the harp. Everything returned back to normal.

"This isn't over. You just won because you didn't use the wu!" Jack started his jetpack and floated away.

They flew back to the temple to see Master Fung.

"Clay, you have earned this. Take it, but be careful. Only use it if you absolutely have to. This can be very dangerous."

"Ok. I'll be more careful than a naked mole rat playin patty cake with a porcupine." Master Fung bowed to them and left the room. Kimiko still had plans of her own about what to get the boys for Valentines Day so she went to her room to continue.

"Hey Clay, what are you going to do with that Shen gon wu?"

"I reckon I'll put it somewhere safe."

"C'mon, me and Omi know you like a certain girl." Clay blushed.

"I do not."

"Yes you do. You're in denial."

"It is not you're fault, Clay. She is pretty heated." Omi interrupted.

"That's hot, Omi." corrected Raimundo.

"Well, IF, I do like her, I want her to like me back. I don't want to force her to."

"You don't have to force her to. You have the Wu to do that." Clay thought for a moment.

"No. Remember what Master Fung said? I don't want anything bad to happen. I'm goin ta bed. G'night."

Clay tossed and turned in his sleep, dreaming about Kimiko. It was a nice dream at first, then Kimiko reached into Clay's chest and pulled out The Heart of Love and threw it at him. Then she laughed in his face. "I wouldn't go out with you if my life depended on it, partner."

Clay awoke, sweating. He looked at the heart sitting on the dresser beside his bed and went back to sleep.

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