Author: Eternal SailorM
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist - Bluebird's Illusion
Genre: Dark-ish, continuation, shounen-ai
Topic(s)/Theme(s): "A Silence"
Pairing(s): Envy/Pride
Word Count: 283

He didn't like it when Envy was quiet. Silence from Envy never led to good things, he'd learned early on. The last time Envy had been quiet like this, Lust had ended up with pink hair and Gluttony... Well, it hadn't been pretty.

He especially didn't like it when Envy was quiet because of him. Sometimes he wondered if he shouldn't just stop speaking all together, at times when he'd opened his mouth and the wrong thing came out, but no, that would just upset the other homunculus as much - and sometimes more than - his occasional vocal blunders.

"...Envy?" Not a word. In fact, hardly so much as a blink. "...I'm sorry, Envy..." Still nothing. He felt his own face twitch, and he moved to kneel at the other's feet. "...I'm... really sorry?"

Finally he got some slight acknowledgement: a sneer and a muttered question: a sneer and a muttered question: "Do you even know what you're sorry for, o-chibi-san?"

A frown might have crossed his face, but he couldn't be sure. Sometimes he really hated that name, but never enough to complain about it. "I..." What had he done again? It never took a lot to set off his volatile lover, but for a pout of this magnitude... Oh yes, now he remembered. "I... should not have said... that name, that... that person looked like R... that guy... I'm sorry...?"

"You really are a piece of work, Pride."

He almost breathed a sigh of relief, crawling up to drop his head in Envy's lap, his favored position. "...Thank you, Envy..."

"Shut up."

He let his eyes slide closed. He might have even smiled against Envy's stomach, but he doubted it.

02 November 2005

Will the wonders never cease? Three FMA Envy/Pride fics in three days. Shall we shoot for four?