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Author's Opening Notes: If you read my other story, "What if Batman and Superman were Brothers?", then you have an idea what to expect. If not, expect confusion, expect angst, expect sappy romance, expect one liners and strange relationships, both friendships and romantic ones, in other words... a typical Turbo fic.

"What If Avalanche Had Joined The X-Men?"
By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

"Magneto, Sir, I'd like to try."

The Master of Magnetism nodded regally and stepped back so that the leader of his Brotherhood of Mutants could enter the cell. Wanda Maximoff was throwing her mutant hexbolts wildly inside, which caused the other, less confident members to keep their distance, including her own brother Pietro.

"You might want to cool it with those. If one of them knocks off my glasses," Scott Summers tilted them downward, letting a slight glimmer of the ruby red energy hidden behind them be seen, "The results won't be good. You're not the only one who can't control their powers you know."

"But it wasn't YOUR FATHER who did it to you!"

Scott shook his head, "No, it happened because of a plane crash that my father died in."

He walked past her and sat down on her cot, "But we are the same; Neither of us can control our powers, both of us betrayed by a father-figure, both of us supplanted in their respect by another... If anyone can understand you, Wanda, I can... I don't need to be a doctor or a telepath... I've been there."

Watching through the door, Magneto was surprised when his daughter calmed down and took a seat herself, albeit away from Cyclops, and listened to his story.

Again, we look upon another reality where events occur differently than in that which we are familar with. As I once showed you a world where Kal-El, son of Jor-El was raised as Clark Wayne, I now show you a world where the events that led Kitty Pryde to the X-Men also led another mutant to them, one Lance Alvers, who, in another world, would become a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

"Like, any mutant?"

"Yes, Ms. Pryde, any mutant who wishes to attend the Institute may..."

"If... Then... Wait here!"

On a hillside overlooking what had once been his high school, Lance looked at his hands, then at the devastation he had caused.

"Lance! Lance!"

His head jerked left and right, trying to find a place to hide from the girl calling his name, the girl he had fallen in love with and almost killed.

"Lance, WAIT! I'm sorry!"

That caused him to stop, SHE was sorry? For what?

The brunette seemed to fly the last few feet as she threw her arms around his neck, "I, like, should have listened to you... Believed you when you said you couldn't control it."

Lance let his arms come to rest around her waist, "...Really?"

Kitty nodded in the direction she had come running from, "This bald guy has a school for kids like us, kids with powers... You're not the only one who can't control theirs. He wants me to join it."

He looked downward, "What did you say?"

"I asked if he really meant anyone like us."

Lance's eyes shot back up and locked with Kitty's.

"I want to try it, but... Like, I want you to come with me."

From the side, a third voice joined their conversation.

"And set yourself apart from humans, cower before their powerless selves, be weak and pray for the scraps from their tables like common dogs, hoping that one day they'll change their minds? You saw how quickly your own 'friends' turned against you because of your powers."

Although Lance didn't see them, he could feel Kitty tense up in his arms and released her, turning to face the new person, "What do you want?"

"Simply to give you a choice in the matter. You're no fool, you know that when you want something in this world, you have to take it. I'm offering you a chance to take your rightful place as one of the rulers of the world."

The blue-skinned woman's words reminded Lance of all the problems he had faced and for a second, Kitty thought she had lost him as he looked to the ground and closed his eyes.

"Come with me, Alvers, fulfill your destiny."


"Power can be yours, take it!"

"Lance, you're better than that..."

Better than that, he thought, she thought he was better than that... Now he knew what to do.

He looked up and glared at Mystique, "I've worked for it this far, I can work a little more! I never thought I'd find anyone who could understand me, then I found Kitty, and now a school that actually WANTS me to attend! If they say it can happen, I'm willing to work and wait for it."

"And you actually believe them, my young avalanche?"

"Avalanche THIS!"

Ignoring his headache, Lance focused and swung his fist towards Mystique, feeling the earth react as if a herd of elephants were stampeding in her direction, shaking and cracking.

"If that's what you want, then you'll fall like the rest of Xavier's fools!" Mystique shouted before she shapeshifted into a bird and flew away, leaving Lance to collapse from the strain of using his power again so soon.

"Lance..." Kitty whispered, kneeling beside him, "Thank you..."

Days later, at the Xavier Institute in Bayville, New York, as he was being introduced to the other students and staff, Lance was doing something he rarely did, he was being respectful to Professor Charles Xavier, after all, the man had given him a new chance at life.

"Thanks again, Professor... Though I can't say I'm really surprised that they'd jump at the chance to get rid of me so fast."

The wheelchair-bound telepath nodded, "Think nothing of it, Lance. In truth, it is I who should be thanking you for choosing to come here."

Lance shook his head, "Truth is all she said was the same thing I heard every time I fell in with a new gang. Really, we should both be thanking Kitty. If she hadn't come back for me, we'd probably be on different sides right now."

"True. Tell me, have you decided on a codename?"

"Mystique called me an 'avalanche'. Makes sense, I make the ground shake and things fall. I was thinking about using that."

"Welcome to the X-Men, Avalanche. This is Ororo Munroe, 'Storm',"

"Greetings," The weather-controller added.

"Logan, whom we call Wolverine."

"Hey, kid," Logan nodded, extending his claws.

Lance looked at the claws, then at Logan's jacket, "Nice leather"

"Heh, I like this kid, Charlie," the Canadian said with a half-grin.

"Scott Summers, the team's leader in the field."

"Cyclops," Scott said simply by way of introduction.

"Jean Grey, whom like me possesses great mental abilities."

Jean put out her hand for Lance to shake, "Don't worry, I try to stay out of people's minds."

The lighthearted remark put him at easy and he quipped, "Probably a good idea in my case, you might get lost it's so empty."

"Kurt Wagner, who goes by Nightcrawler."

"Isn't it a bit warm for a fur coat?"

Kurt groaned, "If you only KNEW how often I got that, mein freund."

"Plus he smells worse than my smokes," Logan added.


"I teleport," Kurt explained, "It has a side-effect."

"What he means," Logan said, "is that he stinks like brimstone afterwards."

Lance chuckled, "I think I'm gonna like it here."

"And you already know Kitty Pryde, if I recall?" Xavier asked, smiling.

"I think I HAVE met her," Lance acknowledged, "So what are you calling yourself?"

"Well, I thought about Sprite... then changed my mind."

"Yeah, naming yourself after a soft-drink wouldn't exactly help you be taken seriously, huh?"

Kitty rolled her eyes, "Then I decided on 'Shadowcat.'"

He couldn't help himself, "Meow, meow."

Lance's joke caused everyone to laugh.

...Almost everyone. Off to one side, Scott was quietly glaring at Lance.

"That was his first day at the Institute. I didn't know why then, but I didn't like him immediately."

Wanda looked at him, "Do you know now?"

"Yeah, he was a threat."