The Life of a Young Shinobi

I walk down the streets of the godforsaken village of which I was born. Today was my Chuunin Test, which I had passed with ease. I had my headband across my forehead, allowing a few strands of my raven hair hang loose. At nine, I am the youngest to become a Chuunin in my class. I now headed home alongside my brother and sister. My brother is seven and is now a Genin of last week, while my sister, at five, has just started school. I again gaze at the onlookers. How I hate this village and all there is in it. It makes my stomach clench. There is something not right about it. Or someone who dwells in it. All I ever hear is about this 'superior' or 'Master' and I honestly believe it's all shit. I've never seen such a being, but I know he is real. My father works for him. My father. Another thing that makes me feel nauseous. He isn't around much, but when he is Kaa-san acts…different. She seems a bit happier, if you can even call it happiness, but she tries to pull off the act. Kaasan doesn't like being here. But she stays nonetheless. I think that's Tousan's fault. There is something about him that irks me. His eyes, the same dark color as my brothers' and mine, seem to be void of life. Whenever he looks at me with those eyes my spine shivers. My mother's eyes, on the other hand, seem to flicker with emotion whenever she looks at Tousan or us.


At the sound of my name I look down upon my younger sister. "Yes, Sakuke?" I respond.

"Someday, do you think I can be a great ninja like you?" she asks, her emerald eyes aglow.

My lips move upward on one side, like a half-smile. I ruffle my sister's pink locks. "Of course you can, if you put your mind to it," I respond out loud, but on the inside I never want my sister to be like me. Sakuke beams up at me.

We continue our walk home in silence. When I open the door, my even younger siblings run up as fast as their chubby legs could. When they come up, they hug my legs.

"Why hello to you too, Sachi and Soshi," I state looking down upon them. Sachi, the boy of the two, has our Tousan's hair and our mother's bright eyes. Soshi, on the other hand, has our mother's bright pink hair and our Tousan's dark eyes. They are toddlers at only three.

My siblings and I then head into the kitchen, where our Kaasan was. She is cooking our dinner, I can tell by the aroma. She stirs with one hand, while she cradles the youngest out of us all. My baby brother, Susoko, who is one years of age is apparently throwing a fit and Kaasan has her hands full trying to calm him down and cooking our dinner. I step over to her and hold out my arms.

Kaasan smiles, grateful. "Thanks, Seiko-kun," she tells me handing Susoko over to me.

I nod and guide the other children to the living room. While the other children chatter, my gaze stays on my mother. She is still young, only twenty-six. Her pink hair is kept up in a tight bun. Many would call her pretty. She is worn, though, from having the six of us. The thing I also find strange, was the fact Kaasan does not wear a Sound headband. Tousan does, yet she doesn't. I always do want to know, but I feel I need not pry.

"Nii-san, hows dids you tesfs go?" Sachi asks, his lack of proper grammar amusing.

"Yes, Seiko-kun, how did it go? Did you pass?" I hear Kaasan question from the kitchen.

I nodded. "Yeah," I reply.

"That's good to hear," Mother states.

I feel it isn't. In a few years, I may become Jounin, and that was something I don't want to happen. Jounin go on missions more frequently, and I do not wish to leave my siblings and mom alone. My Tousan is the one to abandon us, barely being home twice a year as far as I know, and if even that just for the night. It makes me hate him, how he can just waltz in here and expect us to act normal. Expect us to act as if he's our father. Well, he wouldn't be receiving that from me. Ever.

As I lay in my bed that night I found I could not sleep. I look over to the other side of the room, where Samaki, the recent Genin, sleep. Then, I hear the door open. It was quiet, and if not for my trained nin ears I wouldn't have heard it. But I had, so I left to check who or what was here. I open my bedroom door quietly, for I need not have woken my brother from his slumber, and slip out. I peek out to look into the living room. I want to scowl. It's him. The one of whom I am suppose to call 'Tousan.' Kaasan is there as well; she is sleeping soundlessly on the couch. She always sleeps on the couch when Tousan was not around, as if she is waiting for him to come home. My father walks to my mother's side and kneels before her. My eyes widen when he gently caresses her cheek. Since when was Tousan 'gentle.'

"Sakura," I hear Tousan mutter my Kaasan's name as he continues to stroke her cheek, lovingly. "You've been crying again," when he says this I too notice the dry tear marks on her face, then my father continues with, "You know I hate it when you cry." As these words leave my father's lips I wonder who this guy is. I had never seen this side of him before, even if I had only seen him a small amount of times I figured he did not have a soft side.

Maybe, just maybe, I've been wrong about this person who sired me. Maybe.

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