The Rabbit and the Cat

By Emma Iveli

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece because if I did then 4kids wouldn't have it (rants)that evil empire, soon the Rouge Squadron known as the P.O.A. will defeat you Death star.

Usa: What?

Ko: Luffy told she rants in her disclaimers when ever the anime is licensed by 4kids like One Piece or Pokemon but I don't understand the Star Wars references in that one.

Me: Coughs comically, I do own Usa, Ko, and any other OCs, places and devil fruits that mat appear in this fanfic.

It was a quiet night in Lily Island, but two figures in shadows stalked the night. They jumped from building to building… one had cat like grace the other look like a Martial Artist was jumping for building to building. Until the got to the building they wanted. On had rabbit ears on her head while other had cat ears. Both were clearly teenage girl ether 15 or 16.

"Hi everybody!" said the cat eared girl.

"Hi Dr. Nick!" said the rabbit eared girl.

The cat eared girl turned to the rabbit eared girl with a sweat drop. The cat eared girl never got the rabbit eared girl's sense of humor in fact she didn't think the rabbit eared girl even got her own sense of humor. The rabbit eared girl cleared her throat.

"In case you don't know who we are I'm The Rabbit!" said the rabbit eared girl.

"And I'm the cat!" said the cat eared girl.

"And we bring you treasure!" said both girls.

Both took out bags and it rained gold, gems and other booty. Well of course they took a small bit of it as well, just a tiny bit. Once the bags were empty the two figures jumped down in an ally. In the ally a girl with short blue hair, wearing a blue base ball cap, purple shirt, and jean shorts, made sure no one was looking. She motioned someone to fallow her, it was girl the same age with long pink hair, she wore a white sun hate with a pink ribbon around it and wore a pink sundress. Both went unnoticed by everyone in the town who were celebrating. Not too long later the blue haired girl was tossing a small bag of gold coins up and down while walking, the pink haired girl walked behind her. She stopped when she the wanted posters. One in particular for Mankey D. Luffy.

"You know, Usa… I'm in the mood for something fancy tonight" said the blue haired girl she got no answer she turned around and saw the pink haired girl, who was named Usa was staring at the wanted poster. She walked up to her.

"Hello, hello earth to Usa." said the blue haired girl.

Usa came to her senses "I'm sorry Ko, what was that again?" said Usa.

The blue haired girl named Ko had a sweat drop on her head.

"I was saying that I was in the mood for some fancy food tonight, you know for our celebration dinner" said Ko.

"Oh right, okay." said Usa.

The two headed to the nearest fancy restaurant they could find, "Geez, Usa, you're such a space case… must have gotten your mom's side." said Ko.

"Well you probably got your seriousness from your mom's side" said Usa.

Usa and Ko were half sisters, same father, different mother. Thought they didn't like their father very much.

"Say why were you looking at that wanted poster?" said Ko.

"I'll tell you over dinner." said Usa.

Not long later they were eating dinner, Usa ate a salad with carrot juice while Ko ate a fish with milk.

"Odd combination… milk and fish" said waiter.

"So?" said Ko.

Not long after they started Usa sighed, "What is it?" said Ko.

"Usa… you said if there were a pirate crew that were… well good guys that we would join. Right?" said Usa.

Ko didn't like this was going.

"And you said, I think I found a good guy pirate crew." said Usa.

Ko definitely didn't like where Usa was going.

"I was thinking we should join the Straw Hats." said Usa.

Yep Usa went there. "So you think that they are good guys huh? Give me some proof." said Ko.

Usa explained about all the pirates they defeated, Ko just sighed and said "No"

"What why?" said Usa.

"I don't like pirates, and besides I don't believe what they say. Plus there's the fact if we ever run into that "Mysterious Pirate Boy"" said Ko.

"Ko…" said Usa quietly, she got an idea, which was pretty rare since she's not exactly… well smart. "Ko-Chan…" said Usa in a cute way.

"Uh-oh…" Ko thought, "She called me Ko-Chan"

Usa only called Ko-Chan when she wanted something badly not only that but the face. Ko looked at her sister… the horror of it all. Usa's eyes were big and sparkly as well as teary.

"Ko-Chan please… please Ko-Chan. Make your older sister proud." said Usa.

Usa was a little older than Ko, about a day but still she was her older sister.

"Fine, fine…" said Ko trying to look away.

"All right!" said Usa celebrating.

"Under one condition." said Ko.

"What?" said Usa.

"Only if we find within the next year, after 12 months I refuse to join." Said Ko, she knew chances that they would find the Straw Hats within the next year were pretty bad, she also knew that thinking was not Usa's forte so she figured she didn't have to join.

"Yay! I know we'll be able to find them within a year!" said Usa celebrating which caused everyone in the restraint to stare at them.

"It's nothing, nothing." said Ko so people wouldn't stare at them.

Ko heard someone say this while they were staring "I noticed that girl's… they don't have ears."

It was true, both Usa and Ko did not have ears, where people should have ears, but they did have ears, just not where they are supposed to be.

"Usa can you please finish soon? I want to leave" said Ko with a sweat drop.

"Okay, we can get desert someplace else, right?" said Usa.

"Sure, ok" said Ko not really pay attention.

The next morning on the Merry Go, it was just an average morning… pretty boring though. That is until Luffy saw something.

"Hey there a pirate ship!" he yelled.

Nami look to see though a telescope and saw a pirate ship, it look worse for wear and it donned a white flag with people, it also look like a crew member also them and tried to get their attention.

"It looks like they need help" said Nami.

"Are you sure?" said Zoro.

"It might be a trap though." said Robin.

"I say we help them!" said Luffy.

The straw hats sighed, they knew there was no way in changing his mind. They got to the ship and boarded it.

"Thank goodness someone came, many of my crew mates are injured! Is there a doctor." said a crew member.

"Um… Chopper is the doctor." said Luffy.

The crew member stared at Chopper then yelled out "What the hell is that thing?"

Chopper sweat dropped, he was used to it after all. He asked the Crew member where were injured crewmates and the crewmate pointed.

"Oh yeah thank we would reward but they took all our treasure." said the crew member.

"Whose they?" asked Luffy.

"The Rabbit and The Cat." said the crewmember.

All the Straw stared at him blankly then Luffy said "A rabbit and a cat stole all of your treasure?"

"No, The Rabbit and The Cat… don't tell you haven't heard about them?" said the crew member.

Everyone shook their head no. "So you haven't, then I'll tell you!" said the Crew member.


The Crew was partying for no apparent reason. Then one of the crew members heard crying. He went to see what it was and saw a very small boat, in side a girl about 15 crying, she had long pink hair she wore a pink sundress and a white sun hat with a pink ribbon around it, she was crying over an unconscious girl with short blue hair wearing a blue base ball cap, purple shirt and jean short. The angle they were at he could see their faces but one thing was known they didn't have ears.

"Hey, what is it?" called the crew member.

cried the girl.

"Hey guys this girl need help!" the crew member called to his crew mates.

"I'll give anything to you… anything just save my sister." said the girl crying.

(Cut out of Flashback)

"That's nice so you saved a girl" said Luffy.

"Hey I'm not finished with the story!" yelled a crew member.

(Back to Flashback)

The crew member drooled at the thought. They got a rope ladder for the girl t6o use however she gave a smirk.

"I think I can get up on my own" she said in a different tone of voice.

She leaned her sister on her and jumped high up on to the boat which was amazing for anyone especially if they were carrying weight. One of the crew member tried to help her sister however got surprise of his life. The sister was awake and not sick. Not only that she lunched a mix of shrunken, kunai and throwing knives at him.

"You fell our trap stupid pirates!" said the sister.

"That right because I'm the Rabbit!" said the girl.

"And I'm The Cat!" said the sister.

"We're after your treasure!" said both girls.

The captain saw this and yelled to his crew "They are only two girls, don't hold back!" said the captain.

"That's right! It wouldn't be fun other wise" said the cat.

"You take the left I get right!" said the Rabbit.

"That's fine with me!" said The Cat taking out a Rapier from pocket space.

The Cat fought off half the pirate single handily with just her rapier while the Rabbit used a variety of martial arts technique to punch and kick into submission that was until the final attack. She began glow pink and launched a wave a pure Ki that the other pirates. The battle was over.

"With your skills with weapons" said The Rabbit.

"And your marital arts and ki manipulation skills." said the Cat.

"We are unbeatable!" said both doing some sort of victory celebration.

They went to find the treasure room but was blocked off by the crew member telling the Straw Hats the story.

"Stop, who are you?" said the crew member with just a knife.

"I'm the Rabbit!" said the Rabbit with a girlish giggle.

"And I'm the Cat!" said The Cat.

"You're the two pirate thieves, the one who take from pirates and give the poor. The ones to have said have super powers… well one of you at least. You two are very strong!" said the crew member.

"You don't want to get hurt do you? Ether move out of the way or you will be!" said the Cat.

He had no choice he moved out the way and let them steal their treasure. He knew the captain would be angry but then again he was the only one not injured from the fight. And so they left with the treasure at hand.

(End Flashback)

"The Rabbit and The Cat… for the past 2 years they have been both a blight and gift… they steal from pirates but they keep very little for themselves, they give the rest to the poor. No one knows why they call themselves that. The only things that known about them are they are sisters, blood related sisters and one has a thing for pink and sun dresses mainly because every time she's seen she's in pink or pink patterned sun dress." said the crew member.

Luffy, sat there in silence, then yelled out "I'm going to make them part of my crew!"

The other Straw Hats anime fell, it figured he would want them to join. The crew member just stared at him. "I doubt they would want to join up, if you encounter be careful. They are really tough. Don't let your guard down for one second." said the Crewmember.

"I don't think he heard you" said Zoro.

Luffy was indeed in a daydream thinking about how they would join.

Later the two ships parted ways, Luffy was still dead set on having them join the crew. Not too far away Usa and Ko, who are The Rabbit and The Cat were in their small boat. Usa was now wearing a white sundress covered in Pink hearts, while Ko wore the same outfit from the day before, they were still wearing their hats. Usa saw the ship and took out her telescope. She jumped for joy when she saw the flag.

"Usa, what is it?" said Ko.

"Remember the promise you made last night?" said Usa.

"The one about joining the Straw Hats… yeah?" said Ko.

"Well I think I see their ship!" said Usa smiling.

Ko stared at her sister, "You kidding?" said Ko.

"No I'm not! See for yourself." said Usa.

Ko looked the telescope, she saw the pirate flag, it was indeed a Skull with a Straw Hat.

"I can't believe it, the chances were so bad… and it was even worse that we'd run into them today. I just hope the captain refuses to let us join" thought Ko.

"So on ward to the ship." said Usa.

Ko just sighed, they headed to the ship.

Luffy was arguing with the others about letting The Rabbit and The Cat join.

"Well they're joining!" said Luffy.

"We have no idea where they are!" said Nami.

"Or even they would join!" said Zoro.

"Too bad, they are joining!" said Luffy.

Usa and Ko's boat got the Merry Go. "Excuse me!" yelled Usa.

That got the Straw hats attention.

"This wouldn't happened to the Straw Hat crew would it?" asked Usa.

"It is!" said Luffy.

Luffy noticed that were two girls, one of them was wearing a sundress with pink on it.

"You wouldn't happen to be the Rabbit and The Cat would you?" asked Luffy.

The Straw Hats sweat dropped, but Usa replied honestly "Yes I'm Usa also known as The Rabbit and this is my sister Ko also known as the Cat, I wondering if we could join your crew!" said Usa.

The Straw Hats anime fell.

"What were the chances that they wanted to join up too?" said Nami.

"I don't know… but I'm happy!" said Sanji looking at Usa and Ko.

"Are you kidding! Of course I was planning on making my crew members any way!" said Luffy happily.

Ko just stood there "The chances… what were the chances that he wanted us to join…" thought with a blank expression on her face.

"Hello, Hello! Earth to Ko!" said Usa.

Ko just sighed "Okay, okay" she said "I can't believe this happening? Why me?" she thought.

Next Time: Usa and Ko introduce themselves. Usa becomes the new assistant chef butKo doesn't exactly like pirates and wants to leave but due to Usa... um persuasiveness (has ways to get her stay), she stays under two conations: 1. she's nothing on the crew and 2. I don't want to spoil it... it too funny.

A/N: Wow this is the 2nd fanfic that I debuted today... wow, didn't except that! This my first non- crossover One Piece fanfic I have written,I've writtenMerger of Cursed World (Ranma) and Quest of Kings (Zatch Bell), oddly enough the latter premiered today too. Just thought I should put this down.