Chapter 9: We're Family

There was silence on the small ship. Usa didn't know what to say… in fact it has been 5 minutes since she told Ko she hid something from her.

"You can say it any time…" said Ko who was very annoyed, she knew any second Luffy would yell out I'm hungry.

Usa finally told her "I have… rapid healing abilities. I'm sorry I never told you, the others… they found out on accident I didn't mean for it for them to find out before you did." said Usa.

Ko stood there silently, she was shocked that she hid this but then again it seemed like her sister always hid something when she was in a fight.

"You know… some how I'm not surprised." said Ko.

Usa was surprised "Huh?" was the only thing could say.

"Well there's are all the times when I accidentally hit you with one of my throwing weapons and you weren't hurt, and all the times you tripped and you didn't have a scratch, the trampoline incident, oh yeah that time when you fell off the building…" said Ko.

The Straw Hats looked at Usa with confusion.

"You said you couldn't find a good time…" said Nami.

"Well… um…" said Usa.

"Pleases excuse my sister… she's a moron." Said Ko.

"A merman? But I'm a girl and human… on the most part!" yelled Usa.

Ko just put her face into her hand while shaking her head the other Straw hats just sweat dropped. Well Luffy just said "That's right don't call her a mermen"

Later after the whole "Merman" awkwardness, the 4 girls of the crew lounged around.

"Usa…" said Ko.

"What?" asked Usa.

"Why… did you have Luffy receive the Ki and not me?" asked Ko.

"Well…" said Usa she thought about what to say.

"You wanted me to see the faith you put in the crew?" asked Ko.

Usa gave a nod, "That's right, I hid the plan from them as well except for Chopper I felt like he should know since he's a doctor." said Usa.

"One more thing… Why were you persistent in making me trust them!" said Ko practically yelling.

"That's what I'd like to know too" said Nami.

"It seems like you were making her stay with us against her will." said Robin.

Usa sweatdroped, "Well I wanted her to stay… but that wasn't the only reason… Ko there's something I have to tell, something I promised too keep it secret until now…" said Usa.


It was the day both Usa and Ko were leaving Konegi Island… both their mother's and Moko were there to say bye. Both Usa and Ko were in the small boat that Usa destroyed when they got to the Merry Go while Serena, Ichigo and Moko were on the beach.

"Are you sure you should leave now?" asked Serena.

"Sure Trent left at this age" said Usa.

"But Trent didn't leave to become pirate thieves…" said Ichigo.

"Or pirates for that matter." said Moko.

"But he has to deal with pirates a lot traveling the grand line like that" said Ko.

"Are you sure you two should leave?" asked Serena.

"Yeah, besides Serena I've beaten everyone in the Kone Dojo when I was ten… and ¾ of those weren't with Usa's help. Usa beat every single guy by the time she was 6 so pirates should be a piece of cake, lousy beer swelling morons" said Ko.

"Ko maybe you see if you have everything first" said Ichigo.

"Good idea" said Ko.

While Ko was double checking if they had everything Ichigo whispered to Usa.

"I want you to find a good pirate crew and join…" whispered Ichigo.

"I do to… but I know Ko won't, but if you told her." whispered Usa.

"No… this is something she must do for herself, if you told her I want her to then she'll do it for my sake, not her own. Tell her this after you join." said Ichigo.

"Of course, you know how good I'm good keeping secrets" said Usa.

Both her mother and grandfather sweat drop, mainly because she hadn't told Ko about her healing abilities, both had told Ichigo who swore not to tell Ko.

"Okay we're ready" said Ko.

And so the two shoved of, "Bye Mom! Grandpa! Ichigo!" said Usa waving.

"See you later!" said Ko.

The three watched, "So how long do you think she'll tell?" asked Moko.

"I give it a year" said Ichigo.

"I think she'll tell after they join a pirate crew, the mange to fight Gen, Usa gets injured, the pirate crew finds out before Ko does, she explains what happened and makes them not tell Ko. Gen returns for a rematch Ko and the captain with Usa using her powers deafest him then Usa tells which Ko somehow expecting it especially after the trampoline incident" said Serena wit her guess.

Both her father and Ichigo looked at her with a sweat drop.

"Where did that guess?" asked Ichigo.

"Just a guess" said Serena.

On the small boat Usa said to Ko "Say Ko-Chan"

"Crap, she called me Ko-Chan" thought Ko.

"One day if we find a good-guy pirate crew we will join right?" asked Usa.

"Don't look in her eyes… don't look in her eyes… crap" thought Ko, who looked into Usa's big sparkly eyes. "Okay, okay!" said Ko.

"All right!" said Usa doing V is victory… with the wrong hand sign.

"Ditz…" muttered Ko putting on her a baseball cap to hide her ears.

(End flashback)

"So you see if I told Ko that Ichigo wanted her to join a pirate crew she would have and probably would have been worse, she probably would called Robin… well like she said it shouldn't be uttered by a 15 year old girl." said Usa.

"Your right… I hate it when your right" said Ko.

Usa got a little angry at her sister and pulled her tail.

"Hey!" said Ko.

Usa began to laugh so did Nami and Robin.

Sanji came up with a plate of cakes.

"For the 4 lovely beauties." said Sanji.

"Thank you" said Robin.

"Thanks" said Usa with a smile.

"Thanks Sanji" said Nami.

"Thank you… Perv Master S" said Ko.

Sanji's eyebrow began to twitch a little.

Ko looked around, Luffy was on the ram's head, Zoro was training with weights and Usopp was telling Chopper a story of his previous pirate adventures AKA a lie. She realized… she not only trusted them but… there were like her family.

"I have an announcement to make!" said Ko.

Everyone stopped they were doing and turned to the cat girl.

"I deiced to stop the conditions that I put up to join… well almost" said Ko.

"What are you keeping?" asked Luffy.

She turned to Sanji, "Perv Master S! I'm still calling you Perv Master S!" said Ko.

Sanji didn't know what to say, "Why?" he asked.

"The reason you're still thinking dirty thoughts about me and Usa! I'll stop calling you Perv Master S when you stop thinking those thoughts." said Ko.

Zoro laughed, Usa just starched her cheek.

"Also I'd like a position of the crew." said Ko.

"Really!" said Luffy.

"Let me guess you to be Battle Strategist?" asked Zoro.

"Nope…" said Ko.

"I think you should put down what you're holding, sit down on a secure location and not eat anything." said Usa… but apparently no one listened to her warning. Luffy continued to sit on the ram's head, Zoro still held the weights and Nami put one of the cakes her mouth. "Okay just don't say I didn't warn you."

"I want to be…" said Ko she began to get really shy, "The Ship's musician!"

Everyone was surprised at this, Luffy nearly fell off the rams head, Zoro nearly dropped the weights on hid foot and Nami began to choke on the cake but it got all cleared up after a few seconds. There was an awkward silence.

"The thing I want to be a pop idol" said Ko.

"Are you a good singer?" asked Luffy.

All the other Straw hats sweat dropped except for Luffy, Usa and Ko of course.

"She's great… but I'm just her sister if you don't like her singing, I have some old boots that you can throw at her!" said Usa taking out some old boots seemly out of nowhere.

Many questions raced though Ko's mind… she asked the first one that reached her mouth "Where did you get those old boots?"

"Don't know" said Usa shrugging.

"Um… well maybe you try singing a song…" said Nami.

Not too long later Ko pulled out a microphone from pocket space. She began to sing a song… she was excellent. When she finished everyone was clapping.

"All right we finally have musician!" yelled Luffy.

Ko got a weird feeling "Why do I get a weird feeling that he wanted one for a long time…" she thought.

"You I have an idea…" said Usa.

"What?" asked Nami.

"Why don't you be both the singer and battle strategist" said Usa.

"That's really good… too good in fact… what's 2009x 605?" said Ko.

"1,215,445" answered Usa.

The other Straw hats stared blankly.

"She's right…" sighed Ko.

"How long is like this?" asked Zoro.

Ko shrugged, "I have no clue." She sighed.

And so the Straw Hats gained two new crewmembers: An assistant cook who is like Luffy most of the time and a genius who wants to be pop idol… that's the Straw Hats for you…

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