All right I know I have other things I'm supposed to be working on, but I can't help it when I get ideas! This is for the 100 themes challenge. Only have this one written so far, but if anything comes for the others I'll post them up.

Theme 3: Hair

"Fail any tests today Odango Atama?"

Blue eyes flared with barely controlled rage as she turned in her stool to face him. Just because he didn't remember their past didn't mean that he could make fun of her hair. It was how all the royals wore their hair. "Iie, Mamoru-baka."

He looked mildly surprised, then smiled, enjoying the way her eyes lit with fire when he teased her. "Oh? You didn't have one today then?"
One pale fist clenched as she stared up at him. You can't punch the man you're in love with, you can't punch the man you're in love with. She opted instead for smiling sweetly up at him. "Iie, not today. Demo tomorrow I have a big test in history. Want to help me study for it?"

He blinked, thrown off balance as this wasn't how their normal interactions went. "Sorry Odango, demo we don't have time to teach you to read and then study."

She growled, actually growled at him. "That's it!" She got off her stool and advanced dangerously towards him. Yeah she was in love with him, but right now he needed a good, swift kick in the ba-…

She halted mid-stride and a smile broke out across her lips. That wouldn't bring her enough satisfaction, and she didn't want to hurt her Mamo-chan like that. No, she wanted to hit lower on the belt. In the past he had always played with her hair, so he obviously had some sort of fascination with it. "Call me that one more time and you'll regret it, baka."

"What are you going to do Odango Atama?"

She grinned, "I warned you." She turned toward Motoki, "Can I borrow some scissors Motoki-chan?"

The blonde young man watched her nervously, "You won't shed any blood?"

Her smile sweetened, "Of course not."

Cautiously he handed the sharp utensil to her.

Before either of them could react she had taken her buns out and gathered her hair into one hand, and then without hesitating chopped the golden tresses to her waist.

Mamoru's eyes widened in horror and he let out a noise somewhere between a growl of anger and moan of grief as he watched the locks fall limply into her hand. "What are you-!"

She grinned as she placed the strands in his open hand, before picking up her bag and sauntering out. "Told you you'd regret it."