Kyoko Moroboshi.

By Laura Brown

Profile: Moroboshi, Kyoko.

Age: Twenty-three

Martial Arts: La Belle France School of Martial Dining and Otonashi School of Indiscrimate Grappling.

Family Legend: Great Grandmother, Ryoko, married Picolet Chardin, of La Belle France School of Martial Dining.Picolet Chardin's Family curse has been passed down the family (distended tongue and extra-large mouth). This curse enables the ability of eating food without being seen, which is called 'elegance' by the Chardin family. Kyoko married a man named Soichiro Otonashi, who attracted a stray dog who they named Snowy but would only answer to 'Mr.Soichiro'. Soichiro (her husband) died less than six months after marriage. Her parents, Mr and Mrs.Moroboshi, have been trying for five years to get her to remarry. Kyoko wishes to be left in peace to get on with her life.

Chapter 1

Kyoko was home. She picked up the phone and checked her phone calls. Her neighbour, Mr.Yotsuya had called. Kyoko started wondering about him. How did he get her phone number? Why did he steal her food when she wasn't looking? What job did he do? He NEVER revealed anything to do with his past. Odd fellow.

Mr.Soichiro ran her over in a mad dash for food. Heh.He was eating DOG. How could he not tell the difference when he was eating his own kind? Perhaps it was always (as usual) because he was hungry. Kyoko wasn't bothered. She was expecting her parents to call soon. They always did around this time. They had always said

"Remarry! Remarry! Remarry!" so many times her ears were ringing.

Just then the phone rang. It wasn't her parents; it was Big Old Lee, who worked for them, who had once been in the Chinese army.

" Mistress Kyoko, I am sorry to say that your parents have died. Mr.Moroboshi died this morning. Mrs. Moroboshi (nee Chardin) told me to say he had died when she did. She died about fifteen minutes ago."

"My parents? Big Old Lee, are you sure? They had plenty of life in them the last time I saw them, which was only…. ten years ago. I will be there tomorrow. See you then, Big Old Lee. "Said Kyoko.

Someone had to look after Mr.Soichiro for her. Not Mr.Yotsuya. Last time, he thought Mr.Soichiro was food.Not the Chachamaru, either.

What would happen next?Find out in the updated Kyoko Moroboshi!

I did this in an English Class in the school IT room.It took me a short while to think of all the characters.Anyway,see ya l8r! Lots of love,KikyoGoddess