Kyoko Moroboshi

Part 2

Where the HELL was Mr.Soichiro gonna go? She meant it when she said he was NOT going to the Chachamaru. Should she ask Ataru, across the road? No way.He would ask her for a date in return.

She decided. She would ask the High School Nurse ,Sakura, to look after Mr.Soichiro for her. She would not refuse.

Kyoko phoned Sakura.

"Miss Sakura, hi, it's me, Kyoko. My parents have died, and I really need to go tonight. Could you please look after Mr.Soichiro? You will? Thanks a lot! Bye, Sakura!"

Kyoko put the receiver down. Sakura was too nice for her own good.

10 minutes later,she was ready and raring to go.The doorbell went. It was Mr.Yotsuya.

"Miss Kyoko,I would like you to go on a date with me."He held a bouquet of roses to her.

She could not believe her bad luck.

When was it gonna end?

Will Kyoko be able to turn down Mr.Yotsuya?And will she be able to get to her parents funeral in time?Find out in the next installment of 'Kyoko Moroboshi'!