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Chapter one

Jessica was woken by the rain hitting the window. She rubbed her eyes and her ears quickly picked up the yelling coming from downstairs. She listened scared but quiet. Her step father was yelling at her mother again. This was a regular thing in the Bautista house lately.

Donna was a single mother of six children before she met Clive. Her husband had passed away just after Karen was born from a brain tumor. It had been tough but she raised her children well, her eldest David was eighteen and the father figure to his younger siblings. Always protecting them. Jessica was alot younger than David she was seven. She was very close to her brother. Donna often found them snuggled up in the same bed after Jessica had woken up from a nightmare. Then there was Katie. She was Five and a crazy little thing. Always running around and crashing into walls but not feeling a thing. The life and soul of the house when things were gloomy. Then came the twins Bradley and Lucy. At three, they were always sleeping or playing. Then Karen. She was just one. David took on the role of taking care of all the little ones. His mother had two jobs and worked hard to bring food to their table. Then she met Clive. Working at a waitress she came across many men who gave her the eye and flirted with her, but none were as charming as Clive. He visited the bar everyday and made Donna smile. It wasn't long before he swept her off her feet and she was going out on her nights off to meet him. David didn't mind at all, it was nice to see his mother enjoying herself and having the company of a male. Soon Clive had moved in and it wasn't long before Donna started seeing his true side. All his charm had gone and instead had been replaced with anger and drunken fights after he stumbled home at night.

Tonight wasn't any different to all the others. Clive was yelling at Donna and Jessica was lying in her bed listening. She heard her mom faintly scream, not too loud as to wake her children but loud enough for Jessica to hear her. She guessed Clive had hit her mom again. She was too young to understand why, but she knew it was wrong. Each time Clive got drunk and angry at something he would hit his wife. She would always make excuses to David about how she got them, and he never pressed her for answers because he didn't want to cause Clive to hit her more. Jessica sighed and got out of her bed. Walking quietly she crept out of her room and walked towards her brothers. As she passed the younger siblings room she checked in to see if they were ok. She saw they were sleeping soundly so she carried on.

As she got to David's door she knocked lightly and turned the handle. David was already awake. He smiled as Jessica walked in and sat down next to him on the bed.

"Couldn't sleep baby?" He asked with a smile.

"Clive's yelling at mommy again. I'm scared." She whispered back.

David smiled and hugged his sister close to him. She looked around the dimly lit room and frowned. "Davie where you going?" She asked seeing his bags on the floor. A door downstairs slammed and Clive drove away in his car, like he usually did. Jessica and David quickly got into David's bed and snuggled down, just in case their mom checked on them after seeing Jessica's door open. The top stair creaked but Donna didn't check David's room this time. After she had closed her bedroom door and David was sure she wouldn't hear them he got out of his bed and picked his sister up. He placed her in front of him and knelt down to face her.

"Listen baby. I'm going to be going away for a little while. I need to get outta here and find something to do. I need to find us a job so I can make money, more than mommy and then get us out of here, away from Clive." David said hoping his sister would understand.

"But why you gotta go now"? She questioned. David signed and smiled kissing Jessica on the forehead.

"You know I love you Jess, and I always will. I just need to go now. I want you to look after Bradley, Lucy, Katie and Karen for me okay?" Jessica nodded as a tear slid down her face. David wiped it away. "Don't cry. Listen to me. I promise you, from my heart that I will come back for you real soon. Just stay tight for a little while okay?"

"Kay, Davie. I love you." She said hugging him. David felt his heart break as a tear of his own slipped out of his eye. He let his sister go, picked her up in one arm and his bags in the other and left his room. He took Jessica back to hers kissed her goodnight and closed the door. He then checked on his other siblings and then slipped a note under his mom's bedroom door before leaving.

Jessica watched out her bedroom window as Dave got into his truck and backed out of the drive. She placed her hand on the glass and cried as he drove away. That was the last time she ever saw her brother.