Hello wonderful and loyal readers lol. This is my final chapter in Broken Promises. Fear not though, because if you'd like to read more on Jessica and Randy and what happens after this chapter, then hang tight. I'm working on a sequel, first chapter will be posted not long after this. Maybe as early as tomorrow. I'm writing it now. I really love all the reviews I have gotten for this, and I'd love you all to stick around for the sequel. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed this fic, as much as I did writing it.

Chapter Thirty

It had been 2 weeks since Jessica had seen Randy. He'd been away for work and she was excited about seeing him today. She was getting ready to go when Dave came into the room.

"Hey Jesse - belle. Angie told me about your problem."

"Hey Davie. It isn't really a problem though."

"She said you were freaked out and all. But I thought I told you.."

"Dave. Please. I was freaked out, I'm fine now. It was just a little worry of what you'd do if I told you, which is why Angela told you. Besides she's helped me see it's not a problem. I'm over it now."

"That's good. But if you need to talk or if you need me I'm here."

"Thanks Dave. I'll see you later ok, I'm going over to see Randy."

"Alright. Be careful."

Jessica nodded and left the house. She arrived at Randy's 20 minutes later and smiled as he opened the door and kissed her.

"Hey gorgeous. I've missed you."

Jesse smiled. "I've missed you too."

"Good. Come on in."

Jessica closed the door behind her and sat down.

"Did you have a good trip?"

"Yeah, it would have been better if I wasn't totally away from you. How have you been?" Randy asked sitting next to her and pulling her close.

"Good. I guess."

"You guess?"

"Yeah, you know."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing really. It's just me being me."

"Jessica. You need to tell me if something is wrong."

"Well, I've had to go through some drama this past week and I'm just getting through it and accepting my destiny."

"Jessica, you're not making sense baby. What drama? What happened?"

"Randy, we're stuck right, like nothing I say or whatever happens is going to unstick us. We'll always been strong and you'll never walk away from me right?"

"Jess, what's wrong. You're really making me worry now. What happened."

"I just need to know that even if we aren't together forever, you'll never walk away from me."

"Jessica, what has gotten into you?"

"Randy, just please answer my question. I just need to know that, before I tell you I need to know."

"Why though? Why now all of a sudden are you having these thoughts? We've been together for what...8 weeks now and you're having these thoughts already. I told you when I gave you that ring that was my commitment and you'll always have that, as long as you wear that ring. We talked about this though. Why can't you just take everyday as it comes Jess, why do you have to know things before they happen. Is it because you think I'm gonna leave you like Dave? Is it because a part of you're mind still hasn't realised not all of us do that?"

"No, not at all. But I need to know this. It's important for reasons only I know at the moment. All you have to do is answer my question."

"I already have. You still have that ring on don't you. Why can't that be your answer. Seriously Jessica, I don't get you right now. Has someone said something to you?"


"Then what? What happened to make you act like this?"

Jessica sat in silence for a few minutes and Randy sat waiting.


"Randy...I'm pregnant."


"You heard me."

"How can you be pregnant. We used protection."

"Yeah, I got that. But condoms aren't 100 effective you know."

"How do I know it's mine."

Jessica stood up.

"WHAT! How can you say that to me."

"It was a question. I mean, what man wouldn't ask that when he used a condom."

"A man who knew me well enough to know I was as pure as the fucking Virgin Mary before you touched me with your ineffective protection." Jessica yelled.

"How was I supposed to know they weren't effective. I'm not psychic either so how was I to know you were a virgin. It's not like you told me."

"You know what, screw you Randy." Jessica said walking towards the door.

"You already did, that's why we're in this mess." Randy called back as she slammed the door.

Jessica got back to Dave's with tears streaming down her face. She went straight up to her bedroom and closed the door so no one would hear that she was back. She couldn't believe Randy's attitude towards the whole thing. It wasn't like she'd got herself pregnant and she hadn't done it on purpose. She was heartbroken. There was only one thing for it though. She picked up the phone and dialled a number.


"Momma...I'm coming home." She sobbed into the phone.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"I'm just coming home. I'll see you soon." Jessica hung up and got to packing her things. If Randy wasn't going to do this with her, she wasn't sticking around and causing Dave more hassle. She just had to find a way to tell Dave that, this time it was her leaving him behind.