It was all predetermined.

She was going to join the light. Fight against Voldemort with her friends and family. Stand besides Harry Potter.

It was all predetermined.

He was going to join the dark. With a glowing mark on his left arm he would make Voldemort emperor of the world. Stand behind his father.

Fate had it all coming.

The war just didn't start over a day. It crept closer every minute. And for every one of those minutes, life became more insecure on both sides. People went silent.

But sometimes, when it isn't looking,

A normal person would not have been able to stand the look on his father's face as he realised his son was gone. No death-eater who was there that day would ever forget how the fury burnt in his eyes when he ordered them to find the traitor and bring him back, so he could die a painful death.

you can swindle even faith.

No one understood why she had left like that, without telling no one. Her family were besides themselves. People were sent out to look for her, but she was gone. It was all a riddle, until one day a photo was found under her bed.

And make your own destiny.

The next morning, it was all out in the papers. The headlines contained their names, followed by a question mark, and then there was the photo. The photo of them together, madly in love. They became wanted, with a huge reward to the person who could tell where they hid. But no one could, because their plan was waterproof.

It was all predetermined.

A few years later, everything was back to normal. Voldemort was gone, a new generation of young wizards and witches were about to attend Hogwarts, and a phone call reached a reporter at the daily prophet.

You can actually deal with faith.

The photo was brought back up to the office from an old file, and the next day you could once again see their faces in the papers. But this time, they weren't wanted, and no question marks could be seen anywhere in the article. All that it said, was that the Hogwarts headmaster finally had filled the two last vacancies at the school.

The names? Mr and Mrs Malfoy.

That's what they did.

Just a short one that popped up in my head yesterday.

Be Kind.