Disclaimer: Read My lips I will only say this ONCE – I do not own Dragon Ball Z if I did Gohan would not have become such a frigin pansy.

Legendary SuperSaiyan

Wishful Beginnings

2431 AD

The Buu did not go as smoothly as in the Cannon Universe, Majin Kid Buu Decimated the Z-Fighters, and Goku, Vegeta Everyone but me Son Gohan.

I managed to make it to New Namek thanks to Kaio-Shin, I made a wish, a desperate miss worded wish, I wanted to start again right back at the Beginning, before Buu before Cell, Frieza and the Saiyan's with what I know now.

Well it worked kind of, you see in stead of going back to before Radditz in this world, I am in my 5 year Old body in a world where Radditz never came, I got to have a real child hood without the constant training, fighting and dieing.

But as I stand looking out from atop the mountains my Tail swaying lightly behind me I know it's only a matter of time before it all starts again, but its different I don't know why but as I watch my farther and Piccolo sparing in the canyon below me I just know everything is going to work out ok.

I glace up into the sky one more time my eyes closed and Saiyan battle smirk "Let them come" as a flame of Ki erupts around my body "Because I will be ready"