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Legendary SuperSaiyan

June 24 – 2115 AD

Chapter 2: Part 1

"I am hear to ask you little brother … will you help us" Gohan could hardly believe it, 'How has so much changed, has … has the same thing that happened to Trunks, happened to me' he would have been more suspicious of Radditz if he couldn't sense the truth in his Ki.

It was Piccolo who answered "Why do I have the feeling that things aren't as simple as you have said" Radditz chuckled mirthlessly "Yes it is by no means simple, we Saiyan's have been training since we came back together, but the problem is that Frieza has been … informed of the number of Saiyan's still living"

Radditz clenched his fists in anger "Within a month of him finding out we still live he has annulated no less than a Dozen of us, including all life on the Planets those Saiyan's were stationed" what he said next was lost to Gohan 'So much loss of life, it would seem we as a race will be going to War'


"I will help" Gohan's voice seemed to cut through the silence like a hot knife through butter, at Goku and Piccolo's shocked looks he continues "Its not like we have much of a chouse, sooner or later Frieza or his Soldiers are going to find Earth, and 'when' not 'if' that happens I would prefer it to be protected by a few Dozen people, Saiyan or human it doesn't matter just as long as Earth hell the Universe is protected from this Frieza guy, and who knows how strong he is"

Goku looked ready to protest but only sighed "Yeah I guess your right son" Radditz Scouter beeped a few times and he looked into the distance "Hmm more friends of yours little brother, Power level 140, 100 and 124" Goku and Piccolo gave Radditz a confused look "Power level? What's a Power level"

Radditz looked a little amused "This device" he pointed to the Scouter covering half of his face "Is called a Scouter, it has multiple functions, One it can be used as a communications device, Two it can detect where somebody is by the Energy in there body and Three it can read how strong a person is, There Power level by how much Energy they have"

Goku scratched the back of his head "Well I can understand how being able to contact other people would be helpful but other then that it sounds kind of useless" Radditz frowned which Gohan secretly found amusing "This Scouter is essential in Battle it is" Gohan interrupted by not being able to hold it in anymore and started laughing "Sorry, Sorry Uncle Radditz but dad doesn't mean anything by it but think of it this was, Humans just don't have the Pure reserves of Ki or Energy as you call it, so they have had to learn way to focus and use the small amount of Ki they are born with in more effective ways"

Grinning at Radditz's confused look Gohan continued "Think of it this way, because they don't have as much raw Ki/Energy as us … Saiyan's, they created more effective ways of using and storing Ki so not to waste any of it, hear let me how you what I mean"

Gohan floated into the air and floated a good fifteen feet away "What is my Ki, sorry my Power level right now" still a little confused but willing and curious to continue Radditz tapped his Scouter making the green screen light up with numbers.

"Ok kid your Power level is … fif-what the fuck your power level is reading only 50, but before it was four times as much, how" he looked into the grinning face of his younger brother and Gohan's slightly Smirking face "Its quite simple Uncle … I can control the amount of Ki is in my body at any given time, right now this is my very minimum"

Still grinning Gohan floated back to the ground "Doing that can fool your Scouter AND its hard to Sense a persons true power when they are doing this" Radditz eyes widened "You mean you can Sense a persons Power level" at Gohan nod "Incredible with a technique like that" Gohan grinned "Exactly and that's not it I cant just sense someone's Ki I can sense how strong they are as well"

Krillin Tein and Yamcha had landed by now and after a quick explanation Gohan continued "Not only can I Sense and Suppress my Power level" on the ground around his feet small stones and rocks began to levitate as Radditz Scouter began bleeping again "300, 1,253, 2,780 Kami such power from a child 5,320 you your stronger then I am 6,230, 6,350, 7,500 jeez kid that's incredible, how did you get this strong the gravity on this mud ball is pathetic" Gohan was standing there an Aura like silvery white steam was emanating from his body.

Gohan was smirking as he pulled of his Red Gi top "Training for the most part, but this was I real help" he held the Gi top out and let it drop.

It hit the ground with a resounding Thud, leaving a foot deep crater and Radditz laughed "Weighted clothing, I should have guessed" Gohan nodded "Yeah weighted clothing has helped a lot, anyway this is my maximum power … Kind of" Radditz merely rose an eyebrow "Kind of, why do I get the feeling your going to surprise me yet again"

"What can I say, I'm just full of surprises, as I have said I can control my Ki wouldn't it make sense if I could push more Ki into my body, and well … I can, Simply put I push as much Ki through my body as it can take, now while this makes me stronger it also eats away at my reserves a little faster as its harder to contain it, and hear is some Human ingenuity, we take that excess Ki and mold it into a kind of Barrier or what we call a Battle Aura"

Gohan began screaming as the steamy Aura seemed to solidify slightly and started to look more like a silvery white flame, the ground around his feet began to buckle before it all stopped.

Radditz Jaw dropped in shock "Twelve, 12,100! that's more than the prince himself had at your age its, its inconceivable" Goku was grinning with no little amount of pride "That's Gohan for you" Piccolo nodded a small upturning of his lips "He is Special, always has been always will be" Krillin nodded his mouth just now closing "no kidding"


Chapter 2: Part 2

A little later Radditz had contacted the home world and made arrangements for a transport ship to set out for Earth, a ship that would take a little over 4 months to arrive.

A Saiyan was going to be sent to try to form an Alliance with the Earth.

Radditz was allowed to stay at the Son household as long as he would help Goku with extending the house itself, Radditz had joined Goku, Gohan and Piccolo in there daily Spars and getting his tail handed to him quite regularly.

Gohan had gotten the whole Z-Warriors together and started some real hardcore training sessions which Chichi was quite vocally against.

Still it was frustrating, so much was different, hundreds of Saiyan surviving and wanting redemption as well as revenge was almost as surprising as there being so many survivors in the first place.

So he didn't know the exact reason and probably wouldn't but he had a basic idea and it was simple, yes he was back in the past but the way he worded the wish had him in his old body with his old power, but it wasn't necessarily 'His' past, there is theoretically an infinite number of alternate realities where the differences could be from his fathers favorite Gi is Green not Orange to the Saiyan's were never betrayed by the Truffles.

The young Demi-Saiyan was contemplating this while taking a shower, 'I wonder how long it will take 'Uncle' Radditz to get knocked unconscious today, but you have to give the guy some credit, he is certainly determined to get stronger ha! That's Saiyan competitiveness for you'

Gohan stepped out of the shower and flared his Ki to dry himself he slid into a pair of blue boxers and walked over to the sink and began his other early morning rituals.

A few minuets later he called out "The Bathrooms free" before closing the door to his room to the sound of someone running towards the bathroom and a door slamming.

His room was of a moderate size, a large desk directly in front of him with his Computers monitor on one side and a printer on the other.

His bed was to his left, next to the window with a large dresser at its feet, it was the dresser he walked to and quickly changed into a weighted version of his Red and Black Gi.

He sent his senses out and he could feel his mother down sitars, 'Probably cooking breakfast' and his farther was running somewhere in the forests to the left of the house.

Radditz was not that far from the house probably going through one of a Tai Chi Kata, who would have though that Radditz would take to a soft style like Tai Chi but he had, he saw the whole Son family going through one of the Kata one day and seemingly fell in love with the style, it would seem the 'Missing Link' in Radditz fighting style ad probably most Saiyan's as well.

It was simple really, in all there years the Saiyan race had never created a soft style, the Saiyan styles all very advanced and effective were all high strength force over all power styles.

He still found it amusing 'Such a powerful Warrior race and there whole Martial Arts while amazing are like Tai-Kune-do not using kick, or Capoeira being stationary'

Chuckling to himself while tying up his boots his mind switched to the Dragon Balls, should we tell the other Saiyan's about them? Or even should he wish himself a seventeen year old body, hell me missed his old body and not just for the power he has either.

Quickly changing the bed sheets he opened the door and dropped the old sheets into the washing basket at the end of the hall before shutting his door and walking down the stares.

His mother called out from the by the stove as he walked through the kitchen "Morning dear, breakfast will be ready in a little over an three hours so be a dear and drag your farther in at around '9:45' that should give you all time to get cleaned up"

Gohan smiled brightly while nodding "Will do mother" he floated up and kissed her cheek "are you going to be joining us again later?" ChiChi tilted her head in thought "I don't know Gohan I was planning on spending some time with Bulma but ill probably join you for a few Kata this evening"


Gohan walked up to Radditz who was no longer in his 3rd class Saiyan Armor but a Black Gi similar to Piccolo's only without the Cape Black Weighted Boots and a Weighted Undershirt from the look of his arms he was still wearing the skintight black bodysuit from his Saiyan Armor 'Probably incase he ever goes Ouzoru'

Watching Radditz for a few seconds he took a position to his left and began moving in tandem with his Uncle, a little over a minuet later Goku ran into the clearing and joined them


After the Kata finished Gohan looked over at Radditz "So what do you want to do today Uncle? Work on your Ki manipulation? Or your Ki Sensing abilities or how about some sparing?" Radditz smiled a little at Gohan "Kami kid calm down, I was going to practice my Ki sense then do a little sparing before breakfast"

Grinning to himself Gohan snatched Radditz arm and started dragging him towards the forest "Ok I have an Idea Uncle Radditz, you close your eyes and ill suppress my Ki, you sty to find my Ki and ill flair it every now and again"

Goku openly laughed at his brother gaped at his son "Radditz its easy you kneel down in a meditative position with your eyes closed and Me and Gohan hide not to far from you, you wait for twenty seconds before you try to find us by using sensing abilities only" he grinned down at Gohan as realization dawned on Radditz's face "and you just had to ask if you wanted to play Hide and Seek little man" Gohan only Grinned back.

A little later Radditz was kneeling with his eyes closed, a look of concentration on his face, his eyes flashed open and he smirked.

Silently standing up he stalked towards where he could feel the spike of power.

Before he could move five feet Gohan walked out from behind a tree quickly followed by Goku, both sported identical frowns while glaring up into the tree tops with seemingly unseeing eyes.

"Dad can you sense that" Gohan said while glancing momentarily over to his farther, Goku nodded "Yeah Four very high powers and at least four groups of twelve much smaller ones … they all feel extremely dark"

"Yeah I think we have five or six hours before whoever it is reaches Earth, I think it's a scout force for an invasion" Gohan replied before sending out his senses once again "The rest of the guys are on there way, we probably have enough time to get into some fight worthy Gi's and stop of at Korins for some Senzu Beans"

Without another word the two Purebloods and the Demi-Saiyan blasted of towards the Son residence.


Chapter 3-Clip

Hi Guys Goku hear, wow things are really starting to heat up, first my brother now an invasion, its gonna get real wild really soon, Hear are a few clips from the next exiting chapter of Dragon Ball Z.


-Flash- Goku charged at a blue skinned Humanoid -Flash-

-Flash- Krillin coughs up blood while pushing rubble from his beaten body -Flash-

-Flash- Gohan yells as an intense wave of pure energy screams from his outstretched hands -Flash-

-Flash- A City lays in complete Annihilation -Flash-

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