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Chapter 1: Betrayal's Pain and Broken Hearts

"Jerrie?" a queen called out in the night. No answer. She looked around and started to panic. She slowly got up and poked her head outside the door. The junkyard was still. Of course it should be. It was the middle of the night. 'Oh well. He'll be back in the morning.' She thought as she curled back up again. However, she wasn't able to go back to sleep. She just laid there, her blue eyes blinking away tears. He'd been gone for quite a while. They'd gone to sleep together. Just like last night and the night before. In fact, almost every night for the past couple weeks she had woken up to find him gone. When he'd return in the morning, the only excuse he ever gave her was that he'd been out. She'd be angry with him, but then he'd kiss her and she would forget. Well, she'd take care of it in the morning. This had been happening long enough.

"Hey there Teazer," Came a tom's voice the next day. "How's my queen?" A large tom sauntered into the yard and walked over to his mate with a smile on his face. 'Last night sure was fun.' He thought happily to himself as he sat down next to her.

Sitting side by side, it was hard for some to tell the difference between the two cats. They both had red, black, orange, and white fur. The tom was bigger than the queen, but they still could confuse cats. The main difference was the pearls that hung around the neck of the smaller cat.

Rumpleteazer looked up at her mate and frowned slightly. 'What right does he have to call me 'his queen?'' she wondered and then rubbed up against him, but recoiled. She smelled something on him that wasn't her. It was another queen!

Mungojerrie noticed Teazer's frown, but then didn't think anything of it as she then rubbed against him. He started to rub back, but almost fell over when she shrank back.

"Where were you last night?" she demanded in an angry tone.

Mungo was taken aback by the venom in her tone. He couldn't imagine what had set her off. Yeah he left her last night, but he did that every night. "I was…" he didn't get to finish the rest of his sentence as his mate glared at him.

"…out. Yeah, I know. You do it all the time." She said as her tail started to twitch dangerously. "What I want to know is… why I smell another queen on you." After she said this, she gave him a hard, cold glare.

Mungojerrie turned red and looked at his feet. 'I should have washed Tianzzi's scent off me.' He cursed himself for being so stupid. He looked up into her ice blue eyes and tried to talk. He struggled not to lose himself. Her eyes still had that effect even when she was angry. "Well, I... er, um, I ran into another queen who thought I was cute and so she rubbed me?" he tried unconvincingly.

Teazer wasn't convinced and just shook her head. "Since I can smell another female on you, that's just more convincing that you've been cheating on me for quite a while. Well…" her voice trailed off as she appeared to be lost in thought.

Normally Jerrie would have tried to slip away, but he'd be in even more trouble if he did this time and so he just stayed where he was.

She got up and began to circle around him. "Well, if that's how you feel… if you feel the need to cheat on your mate, then by the old Jellicle Laws, I have sufficient grounds to leave you for good. Tell me, why should I stay with you if you go elsewhere for love? What? Am I not good enough for you?"

Jerrie looked up in shock at this. 'Lose Teazer? No. He couldn't.' His mouth was just hanging open, he was speechless. "I…you…er…um…"

She glared at him. "Well, Mungojerrie, I am going to I talk with Old Deuteronomy and Munkustrap." With that, she turned on her paw and stalked away leaving a very upset Mungojerrie staring after her.

Munkustrap and Demeter were lazing on the big tire in the center of the junkyard. It was a beautiful day. Munkustrap was content to just lay with his mate and soak up the suns rays when he heard, "Munkustrap!" he opened one eye and looked around. He saw Rumpleteazer coming over to him and he could see she was upset.

"Munkustrap, I need to talk to you and Old Deuteronomy. It's about Mungojerrie." She said when she got closer to the silver tabby.

Munkustrap groaned and slowly untangled himself from Demeter and walked with Rumpleteazer over to the drainpipe where Deuteronomy resided.

"Well Rumpleteazer and Munkustrap. What can I do for you?" the kind old cat asked as the other sat down in front of him.

"I would like to ask you if you could revoke my mate-hood with Mungojerrie." Teazer said slowly.

Old Deuteronomy just stared as did Munk at her.

Teazer took deep breath and continued. "For quite a while, he's been leaving me at night and when he comes back, it is always in the morning. We never even go burgling together any more. For the past week, I've begun to notice queen's scent on him and this morning I confronted him and he turned red and wouldn't tell me. I have reason to believe that he's cheating on me and so I would like to not be his mate anymore." At the end of this, she looked at the other cats.

Deuteronomy looked thoughtful and Munkustrap looked angry.

The shaggy cat looked again at Rumpleteazer and then asked gently, "Are you sure about this? This decision is not to be made out of spite or anger."

Teazer smiled and said calmly, her voice full of ice, "I know. This has been bothering me for a long time and today I finally have proof."

Deuteronomy sighed, "As you wish, my dear. Munkustrap, gather the cats around the tire."

Munkustrap left and padded over to where Demeter was still napping. He nudged her with his nose.

"Wha… who…" she mumbled as she woke up groggily. She smiled when she saw it was only Munk. "What's going on love? You look upset."

"I need you to inform the other cats that Deuteronomy has called an emergency meeting and he wants everyone to be present." He sighed as he rubbed against her flank lovingly.

She got up and walked over to where she could see her sister, Bombalurina and the other queens talking. She spread the news to them and they in turn spread it to all the rest of the cats.

When Mungojerrie heard the news that Deuteronomy was calling a meeting, he got a sinking feeling in his heart as he recalled Rumpleteazer's last words. With a heavy heart, he walked slowly towards the tire. When he got there, his suspicions were confirmed as he saw the queen he loved sitting next to Deuteronomy with a cold smile on her face.

"Cats of the Jellicle Junkyard, I have called you here to bring to light a very serious matter." Deuteronomy's voice rang out over the crowd. "Rumpleteazer, part of the Notorious Duo, has accused her partner in crime and mate of cheating."

Several cats hissed at that and two even glared at Mungo. Mungo just hung his head. He didn't even have any good excuse. Yes, he'd been seeing other queens, but he did love Rumpleteazer.

"Mungojerrie, come forth and state your case." Deuteronomy motioned towards the ashamed tom.

After Mungo got on top of the tire, he tried looking at Rumple, she just glared at him. So then he looked down at the ridges of the tire. "I…I… have nothing to say except that I still love Rumpleteazer." He said slowly. Suddenly the sound of sobbing was heard and everybody looked to Teazer who was crying.

"How… how could you love me? When you go to find company else where? We don't even go stealing anymore! You can't love me! So I am leaving you." She sobbed. Then she stood up straight and looked Mungojerrie straight in the eye. "Old Deuteronomy, Munkustrap, and the cats of the junkyard, you are my witnesses. I am no longer mate to Mungojerrie. Old Deuteronomy, I ask for you to bend to the old laws and wish to have my mating nullified immediately."

When Mungo heard this, his heart sank. He'd lost her: his Teazer. He felt as if a knife had been trust into his very being.

The rest of the cats gasped in shock. This wasn't something to be done lightly. As far as anyone could think, there had never been a case of it in Jellicle History. Ever.

Old Deuteronomy looked at Munkustrap who nodded. "In the presence of the Elders of the tribe, Jennyanydots, Gus, Jellylorum, and the rest of you, I officially state that Rumpleteazer is no longer bound to Mungojerrie as his mate and vice-versa. I do this under the power of the old laws."

At this final decision, Mungojerrie seemed to collapse in shock. He almost fell on his face if not for Tugger who caught him.

"Hey Jerrie!" Tugger called. "Jerrie! Wake up man!" Tugger shook him until he started to come to.

Jerrie finally woke up to find himself in Tugger's den. The cockney tom looked around confusedly and then suddenly a look of pain came across his face as he realized that he would be coming home to an empty box. It'd just sunk in that he no longer had a mate. He began sobbing hysterically as Tugger looked on helplessly.

Tugger was fine dealing with upset queens, but upset toms? He didn't know what to do. 'He deserved it.' The Maine Coon thought. 'At least I don't have to go through this. This reminds me that I need to find Bombalurina.' A smile crept over his handsome face.

Rumpleteazer watched stone-faced as Mungojerrie was carried off by Tugger after he'd fainted. Jennyanydots, along with Bombalurina walked up to Teazer after she'd climbed down from the tire.

"Rumpleteazer, my dear," Jenny admonished gently. "Are you sure you weren't a bit rash?"

"Yeah," Bombalurina butt in. "I mean, how do you know that Mungo was cheating for sure?"

Rumple just looked at them. "There was this one house that we'd go all the time. The lady of the house had this gorgeous ruby and diamond necklace. It was enclosed in a glass case. Mungo knew that I had wanted it and he said that he'd get it for me. The mistress of the house never wore it nor moved it. So one day we go back there and I notice the necklace was gone and I ask Mungo where the necklace is. He couldn't answer me. A week later I was walking around The Court and heard talk of a ruby and diamond necklace given to by a calico tom to a gold and red queen. Then, every night we'd go to bed together and then sometime in the middle of the night, I would wake up to find him gone. And then this morning and several others, I smelt another queen on him. If that's not proof, I don't know what is."

Jenny and Bombalurina stared in disbelief at this. They couldn't believe this of the thief. As far as anyone knew, he had loved Teazer.

Rumple then looked at them again and asked, "Hey, Bomba? Can I share your den for tonight? Then tomorrow I'll be off."

"Yeah, sure, I guess. But where would you go?" Bomba asked.

"I have connections around the city. I didn't only live here you know." Rumple said as she walked off to her old box. "Bomba, could you help me with my things?"

The red queen nodded and followed her while saying, "Actually, I won't even be in tonight. I have a date with Rum Tum Tugger."

Teazer heard the smile in Bomba's voice and turned back. "A 'date,' or a night?" she teased.

Bomba blushed and said, "A date and a night." She paused and added, "Maybe two nights."

Rumpleteazer just laughed.

When the two queens came to Rumple's box, Teazer hoped that Mungojerrie wasn't around. However, when she poked her head in, her hopes were in vain. Mungojerrie was sitting on their bed with his head in his paws and Teazer wondered if he'd been crying. 'Serves him right.' She convinced herself. 'If he wants other queens, he can have them.' She turned around and whispered to Bombalurina, "Hey, let's try to get my stuff without disturbing him."

Bombalurina rolled her yellow eyes and grinned. 'Typical Teazer. Always sneaking around.' She thought to herself as she wandered over to an obviously stolen jewelry box and opened it.

Teazer threw a sack towards her friend and started to pick up some bedding. She looked over at Bombalurina and saw her about to put some jewels away. She dropped what she was doing and dashed over. "I don't want those." She said as quiet as she could manage. Bomba looked at her questionly and Teazer replied, "Those are some of the jewels that Mungo stole for me. I only want the ones I stole."

"Well why don't you do this and I'll finish what you were doing." Bombalurina suggested. "How much of this stuff?" she was amazed at the richness of everything in the box. She felt as if she'd been transported to another world. There were trappings, jewels, gold, silver, purple, and red things all over.

Teazer looked over and said, "Anything red or silver. Purple and gold are his." Bomba nodded and Rumple looked into the bag. She pulled out several more necklaces. Then she dug through to the bottom of the box unaware that Mungojerrie had looked up and was watching her.

Mungojerrie was back in his box and his head had sunk into his paws when he heard somebody moving. He then heard whispers and peeked through his fingers. What he saw was heart breaking. Teazer and Bombalurina were packing up Teazer's things. He watched as she went to Bomba and took some jewels out of the bag. His heart sank. The jewels discarded were ones that he had stolen for her. She then got to the bottom of the box and held up a pearl necklace.

Rumple pushed aside a sapphire bracelet and saw her pearl necklace that she'd taken off earlier. She paused and held it up. It was the first thing Jerrie had stolen for her. He had given it to her when he asked her to be his mate. She sighed and almost hesitantly placed it back in the box and closed the lid. She heard a noise behind her and turned around. Mungojerrie was staring at her sadly. She looked right back at him.

"Please… please don't do this, luv." He whispered as he held out a paw to her in hopeful ambition. He'd felt his heart sink farther than it was already when she had put the pearl necklace back.

Teazer was aware that Bombalurina was watching. She turned to the other queen and asked, "Are you ready?"

Mungo stifled a sob and his outstretched paw still trembled.

Bomba nodded and took the sack to the door.

Teazer looked back at Mungojerrie and then walked towards him. She said, almost condescendingly, "Well, Mungojerrie, I'm leaving you for good. You broke my heart. I didn't want to do this… but you gave me no choice. I've had my suspicions for a while and was waiting for proof. I have taken all my stuff. That doesn't include the jewels you gave me. They are still in the box."

Mungo, who had been looking down, looked up and asked timidly, "Can I ask you for one thing then?"

The calico queen sighed and said, "Sure, I guess. What do you want?"

"Can I have one last hug?"

"Very well." As Teazer moved towards him, the tall tom stood up and drew her into his arms.

He wrapped his paws around her waist and nuzzled his head into her shoulder. He knew he couldn't change her mind, but at least he could smell her still intoxicating scent one more time.

It felt good to be in Jerrie's muscular arms once again. Teazer leaned her head against his chest and felt his paws tighten around her middle. She almost started purring, but something in her mind reminded her of what he'd done. Reluctantly, she drew away from the warmth and strength of his paws. She back over and placed a kiss on his cheek. Then she turned and left.

Mungo tightened his arms and felt her lean her head against his chest. Then as she drew back, he felt saddened. She then leaned back and placed a kiss on his cheek, turned on her paw and left without another word. He put his paw up to where she'd kissed it and sedately watched her leave his life forever.

Rumple made her way to Bombalurina's box and curled up on empty bed. As she tried to fall asleep, she tried to push away the need for Jerrie to hold her. She was on her own now. Even though she had spent many nights without him, this was the first time since being mated that she'd gone to sleep alone. Her last thought was the sensation of Jerrie's arms around her as she finally fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, she felt somehow different. Maybe it was because she was not with Mungojerrie anymore. She grabbed her bags and peered out of Bombalurina's box. She wanted to leave without a bunch of fuss. Luckily, nobody was around. She was almost out the gate of the junkyard when a voice stopped her.

"Hey babe."

She looked up to see the Rum Tum Tugger standing there.

"Where are you going?" he asked suavely as he jumped down from the post.

"I'm leaving. You heard what happened." She said as she continued to walk towards the exit.

"So… does that mean that you're free to have?" Tugger asked as he sidled up to her and put a golden paw on her waist.

Teazer just giggled coquettishly and pushed his arm off. "Yes handsome, I'm free. However, don't celebrate too quickly. I'm leaving the junkyard. I need to break free of him." She said as she saw the look on his face. "I think I'll head over the west side of London. I have some friends around there. I also know there is another Jellicle tribe over there."

"Hey, I know the west side. I have a relative over there. His name is Nightspark. I can't remember if he belongs to the other tribe, but if you ever need help ask around for him. He'll help you. Oh, and if you see him, give him my greetings."

"A cousin of yours? Uh-oh. I better be careful." Rumpleteazer teased him.

"Ha, ha, very funny."

"Why are you telling me this? I never knew you cared." She said seriously.

Tugger blushed slightly. "Well, even though I don't act like it, I do care for all the kittens. Not that you're a kitten, Teazer. Also, I too know the dangers of the streets. Nightspark is a good guy. Yeah, he's like me, but more loyal, more likely to settle down. I just don't want to see you get hurt. I still think of you as my kitten."

Rumpleteazer smiled and thought to herself, 'How sweet! The Rum Tum Tugger cares about something other than himself.' Aloud she said, "Wow. I never realized there was more depth to your being. Bombalurina will be real happy someday when you settle down."

"What!" Tugger yelped. "I'm not settling down…"

"I know. I know. I'm just kidding. Calm down." She said as she hugged him. "Thank you for the advice. I remember it. Oh, please don't tell Jer- I mean Mungojerrie where I'm going. I don't want him to try to beg forgiveness."

Tugger hugged her back. He'd sure miss the little terror. He wondered how Jerrie was taking it. He also inwardly flinched when he realized that Jerrie still didn't know that she was leaving the junkyard. For all he knew it was for good. He let go, kissed her on the forehead, much like a father, and said, "I'll miss your pranks. You better be good, because if I hear you getting into trouble, I'll find you and pummel you. You're a sweet kid Teazer."

She thanked him and then trotted off into the streets of London.