Well everyone. This is roughly how the fic's going to end. I figured that I should let everyone know as I will not be finishing this. For more info, please read the author's note in "Too Hungry To Care." I liked creating Nightspark. Maybe I'll put him in somewhere in a future RENT story...

-Serendipity Kat

The Ending

Nightspark and Rumpleteazer end up becoming mates and Teazer has three kits. Nightspark is killed and the rest of his tribe turns on Teazer. So her, her kits, and a few of the Pollicles return to the Jellicle tribe. Teazer and her kits are taken in by Tugger and the Pollicles become gaurds. Mungojerrie is happy that she's back, but she doesn't really want anything to do with him. Since she left, he's become a hermit. Teazer's kits love Tugger, but Teazer and him don't have any kind of an affair. Eventually Teazer and Jerrie become friends again, but when Jerrie would make it more, Teazer refuses him and they stay friends.