Chapter 1: Isolation

Bolt was lost, in a world unknown to him. He had lost his memory. He went searching for a shelter in the desolate city. "Hello?" He yelled, hoping to find any civilization here. No answer. But unbeknownst to him, there was somebody watching him, after him in the city. He had found shelter in a small computer room, where he met Volt. Volt was a hi-tech computer used during the war. He was left behind when his creators died. Bolt and Volt had soon become known to each other. They were had a great friendship.

"Dammit" Said a black robot, named Cyber. It seemed he was looking for something. "Where is that virus?" He complained. "Sally, do you have any idea where it is?" He asked to the tank. "No. Scanners show that there is nothing here, besides the lone robot." Answered the tank. It seemed the tank had an intelligence all it's own, and seemed to accompany Cyber wherever. "If we don't find it soon, it could destroy the world. I'm coming down from the tower. Sniping does no good with no target." Cyber said as he came down. Sally and Cyber drove around the city, patrolling the area.

Bolt had heard the noise of the tank, and soon went to investigate. "Volt, have you any idea what that noise is?" Asked Bolt. The computer answered with a mono-toned no. As he came out, the tank had taken aim at him. "Who are you, loner?" Asked Cyber. "I'm trying to find a virus, and you're not helping much by being here." Cyber dreaded. "Well, I can't remember a thing. I remember a big explosion, and that's it." Replied Bolt. "It seems he is telling the truth. Maybe we should help him." Sally thought. "Whoa, that tank can talk!" Exclaimed Bolt. It seem Sally had taken it offensive, since she starting shooting near Bolt.

"Hah, it seems he's still searching for me. He can never find me. For I can't be seen. But, we have a visitor here. A very special guest. I should make him welcome." Sounded an Ultra Titan. "He shall be of some use to me. But first, I have to get rid of that stupid rouge and his tank if I am to accomplish anything. Let's see how they like a taste of me, DOOM!" Boomed the voice from the Ultra Titan, who is possessed by the virus Doom. Doom was created long ago by a group of scientists trying to get rid of the Mil bots. But because of some dictorial personalities, Doom had taken control and destroyed all of the scientists.

"So, you've lost your memory after something big." Confirmed Cyber. "Yes, and you're looking for what now?" questioned Bolt. "We're looking for a virus known as Doom. He is a threat to all of Ironstar. If he is not stopped, nothing can be done." Deepened Sally. "It seems we share a common enemy." Replied the computer. "I have been trying to search for him and evade him for sometime, but with help, we can defeat him" Volt had explained. "Who said we're teaming up? I can't trust anybody now." Cyber immediately said. "I'm a rouge. I can't work with any sides. If I have to work for Doom for something, I will. I do what I'm hired to do." Cyber explained. "So you were paid to destroy Doom? You don't care if rules the planet?" Bolt wondered. "No. I ask for pay in advance, so I could care less. But if I can destroy him, there's a bonus." Cyber coldly said. "So you have no compassion?" Bolt saddened. "Meh. But still, if Doom hires me to do something, then I'll do it. But I have deadlines for people I work for." Cyber said. "I have 3 months to destroy Doom. If it hired me to destroy you, I'll give him a 1 week deadline before I stop."

After a few minutes, a rocket came soaring to them. "Bolt! You're coming with me!" Yelled Doom. "How does he know who I am? I've never met the guy!" Bolt had screamed. "And you, you rouge. I shall destroy you and that pitiful tank!" Doom boomed. "Come on Sally, let's get out of here!" Cyber rushed. "Hey! But what about me?" Bolt had panicked. "You'll be fine. Just use your Rocket Launcher!" Indistinctly yelled Cyber. "Crap. All I have is a SPEW. This isn't good." Bolt complained. "Volt! Seal all entrances and exits!" All of the doors had closed shut. "You can not escape me, scientist!"