Chapter 2: Surrender or Die

"Come with me, scientist!" Doom had yelled after attacking Bolt. "What the hell are you talking about? I'm no scientist!" Bolt had complained. "So, you've lost your memory, have you? No surprise. I did short-circuit all of the scientist's after I had been completed. I'm surprised you're still alive." Answered Doom. "Look, I don't care what you say. I'm not coming with you. Volt, do we have any weapons system here?" Bolt had asked. The computer had answered no, with a grave sound. Bolt had yelled a dammit before running into the base. "What are we going to do, Volt?" wondered Bolt. "I don't know. It's inevitable that Doom is coming though. Wait, I do have a Loader in the back. Go look for it." Volt had said. "A Loader? Maybe that will help." Bolt had hoped.

"It looks like Doom is trying to capture that loner." Cyber had replied. "Should we help them? I mean, it does look bad." Sally had suggested. "No, I think he'll be just fine." Said Cyber as he saw Bolt walking to the Loader. "He's not too bright, but is willing to try anything. I'll help, from here though. Sally, hand me a Rivet Gun." Cyber had taken out his scope and Rivet Gun, and started aiming at the Titan. "Say good night, bastard." Cyber fired a Rivet right into the Titan's Rocket Launcher. After awhile, the Rivet exploded, taking out the Rocket Launcher. "There goes his Rocket Launcher problem. Now, it's a pretty even match." Cyber had confirmed. "I still don't know." Sally had worried.

"Ahhh! Damn that rouge! Uh, I'll deal with him later!" Doom had yelled after being shot with the rivet. "Come on, let's see what you got besides that Rocket Launcher." Bolt had yelled, charging at Doom in the Loader. "Hah! You're still no match for me! I will destroy all who oppose me!" Doom had screamed, as he started to fire his Machine Guns. "Crap! I can't get near him!" Bolt had exclaimed. Bolt retreated into the base, leaving the Loader. "He's still too powerful, even without that Rocket Launcher. What am I going to do?" Bolt was in a state of fear after that. "Maybe you could use those Coring Charges over there. They could be of some use." Volt had suggested, revealing a group of Coring Charges in the other corner. "At least he can't get us in here." Bolt had hoped. "Your surrender is inevitable! Doomsday will come! No one will oppose me!" answered Doom as he started firing into the base. "Dammit, he can fit in! What are we going to do?" Bolt panicked. "I don't know." Volt grimly replied.

"Now can we help them?" Sally groaned. "All right. We'll go help them." Cyber sighed. "So what are we going to do?" Sally asked. "What we always do. Charge in and fire." Cyber slyly smiled. "Come on, let's go." Cyber had gotten into Sally, and started driving towards the base, firing at the Titan. "I told I'd kill you, Doom, and I will!" Cyber screamed as he shot the tanks main gun at Doom. There was a big explosion as the Titan blew up. "NO!" Doom screamed before he was gone. Bolt sighed. "Thank goodness you came. So I guess you're getting paid now, huh?" Bolt had hoped. "No. He's not dead. Just the body he had taken over. He's a virus, and he'll return. Maybe he can help you more than I, about revealing your past. I've got to go." Cyber left in a hurry to his tower. "Great. He's not gone yet." Bolt moaned.

A green robot had appeared. "I will destroy you, scientist!"