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Sam Winchester rolled over and opened his eyes halfway. He saw fields rushing past him. This wasn't right. He was supposed to be stretched out in his own bed, comfortable and warm. Instead he was stiff and curled up into a sort of uncomfortable half-ball. He yawned and cracked his neck, which hurt from being in one position for hours. Yep, he was definitely in his brother's car. He couldn't know for sure, but he had the funniest feeling he was going to die an old man in that car, always driving, driving, never staying in one place. Ahh, the life of a traveling ghostbuster, always on the fringes of society. Going from town to town, not settling down. It made him feel sick at times.

He glanced around at his brother. Dean always seemed to be awake, always had energy. Had he been driving all night? Sam couldn't recall, didn't want to think that he had, although it wouldn't have surprised him one bit. "Good morning sleeping beauty", his brother said. Sam responded with another yawn and a swipe at Dean's shoulder. "You don't look so hot yourself", he said. "You can't possibly mean that", Dean replied, glancing at his reflection in the rearview mirror. "You're completely wrong, I do look hot, and you look hungry. You wanna stop for breakfast?" Sam contemplated the thought of breakfast, of getting out of the damn car for awhile. He hadn't thought of it before, but he was hungry. "Sure", he said simply, and they pulled over to a diner at the next town they hit, a place called Clearview Minnesota, which was shrouded in an early morning fog.

Sam crawled out of the passenger seat, stretching out his long legs and bending backwards to stretch his back. He resisted the temptation to look back at the seat, convinced that he would find an imprint of his body in it. They really needed to stop more. He waited for Dean to climb out, but he just sat there like an idiot. "You coming?" Sam asked. "Something feels off here, I can't explain it", Dean replied, absentmindedly putting a hand on the car door handle. "Come on, don't start all that 'I have a bad feeling about this' business. Not every town is haunted. Some towns are perfectly normal and have perfectly normal people". Sam was exasperated. Why did every town they passed through have to have a spirit problem? But Dean remained in his seat. "Every town has a story Sam," he said matter-of-factly. "And this place is no exception. I want to stay here and do a little digging".

Sam weighed his options. He could fight it, could throw a temper tantrum in the hopes that Dean would take pity on him and they could leave this town in the dust after breakfast. That, of course, meant who knows how long in the car. The other choice was to indulge Dean, and if they found something worth investigating, they could stay in a motel at least one night. And in Sam's mind, a motel equaled a bed. Hmmm. Pillows and blankets or leather and a seatbelt? It was no contest.

"All right, we'll stay and check this place out, but only if you're sure this is a genuine feeling of foreboding and not just the effects of the fog on your mind". "I'm positive, I just feel something, not around this place, but down that way", and he pointed a finger towards the center of town. Sam followed his finger and saw a cluster of buildings rising above the others in the area. A college. The structure was unmistakable. Sam sighed and thought of his old life. He thought of school, of Jessica. No hunting and no car. It was all behind him now.

He came to reality with Dean's hand waving in front of face, the look of nostalgia fading from his eyes. "Hello, earth to Sammy, remember me, your smart, handsome older brother? Remember breakfast?" "Sorry, I was just…thinking." "It's ok, don't worry about it. If you stopped thinking, I'd be worried about you." Sam sighed again and allowed Dean to steer him gently towards the diner, away from the car that now played such an important part in his existence, his only constant aside from Dean.