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A Hope Reborn

"ROUGE GET DOWN!" Knuckles screamed, but he was too late. Rouge's body was devastated by the blast, her gloves and boots were in shreds and blood leaked from her broken body.

"Knuckles…" she stammered, her breath coming in ragged gasps" I…needed to…tell you something… before I leave"

"No! Don't say that, you're going to live alright?" Knuckles told her forcefully, tears washing the dirt off his face.

"Please" she said quietly "listen… I…I love you"

"I love you too Rouge, please… don't die on me, I need you" Knuckles confessed, all control lost. Rouge smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder

"Give him one…from me" she said as her last breath escaped her body.

"No…" Knuckles whispered "NNNOOOOOO!" he leapt up, eyes blazing with hatred; he looked around the field, at the bodies strewn across it. Tails, who had been overpowered by robots, Amy, who had been stabbed through the heart and Rouge, who had been shot by Eggman himself. The only ones left were Sonic, Shadow and himself "EGGMAN YOU BASTARD!" Knuckles screamed and ran towards the giant figure of the robot he resided in, faster than he ever had before. A single tear fell from his eye and he yelled out in anger as he started glowing purple, Sonic and Shadow were blown aside as Knuckles shot past, almost as fast as them. Shadow smiled grimly

"It's time to end this!" he said as chaos energy swirled around him

"Yeah…let's do it!" Sonic said, a look of loss and sorrow on his face, as they charged up to super.

Meanwhile Knuckles sped towards the giant robot, before Eggman could fire a shot at the echidna Knuckles had punched through one of the knees and jumped up to the command pod. Using all his energy in one punch, he smashed through the protective glass and sliced Eggman's cheek with one of his spikes.

"ARRGH" Eggman grunted "you'll pay for that Knuckles!" he shouted and pulled out a gun, emptying it into Knuckles. He fell slowly, as if through treacle. He sighed resigning himself when he felt hands grab him, he opened his eyes to see a golden hedgehog carrying him to the ground then blasting off to join the battle. Knuckles closed his eyes again

"I'm sorry Rouge…I couldn't avenge you." With this thought, Knuckles died.

Both Sonic and Shadow attacked the robot, constantly hammering in their rage, taking chunks of its armour off with each blow and slowly it weakened, Eggman however grew angrier. Finally he fired a volley of missiles to distract them and punched them out of the sky. Shadow's eyes snapped open to see the robot towering over him in it's ruined glory, he tried to stand but waves of pain wracked his body almost causing him to black out, but even they didn't hurt as much as the gloating voice of Eggman.

"Finally Sonic the hedgehog shall be defeated and I, Doctor Ivo Robotnik shall rule the world! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Man..." Shadow thought "he definitely needs to work on his evil laugh." Suddenly Robotnik saw him and cackled

"And you my dear Shadow, shall watch!" as he said this a beam started charging on the robots chest. Shadow looked over at Sonic, he had a chaos emerald in his hand but he was unconscious and possibly dead, just then he saw a flash of green to his right, his chaos emerald was only a foot from his hand! Steeling himself against the pain he reached over and grabbed it, then, pointing it at the robot, he yelled out at Eggman.

"Hey! Egghead! It's…not…OVER!" He fired a huge blast of pure chaos energy through the robot. "This was for you…Maria" he thought as the robot started to shake, then exploded.

Eggman had got free of the blast radius in his small floating egg vehicle, seeing the blast radius he couldn't help but laugh

"That fool he committed suicide for nothing" he flew away laughing like the madman he was, if he had looked back however he would have seen a green light surround each of the bodies as their souls floated away.

Shadow opened his eyes, all his pain gone; he looked down at himself to see his body was transparent. Looking around, he saw the others in a ghostly form also

"So this is what it's like to be dead" he speculated, then from nowhere a faint voice answered him.

"No Shadow this is what it is like to be a spirit in limbo"

"Wha?" Shadow exclaimed "who's there?" The voice chuckled

"You and your friends were not meant to die now, take this gift and protect the planet" as the voice spoke a green light had started emanating from each of them.

"What is going on?" Sonic asked

"Ahh help!" Amy yelped

"Huh?" Knuckles pondered

"Here we go again!" Rouge proclaimed

"Hey wait! What…" Tails questioned then he disappeared too.

Finally the only one left was Shadow, as the light swirled around him the voice gave a parting sentence

"Sayonara Shadow the hedgehog" it said lovingly

"Wha? Maria!" then Shadow saw nothing but black.

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