Chapter 12 Deepest Blue

Sam walked down the stairs leading to the basement. Everything was so quiet, it made the basement kind of creepy.

Sam grabbed the Ghost Fisher, then pushed the button that opens the portal. When it opened she cast her rod and when she hooked something, she began to reel it in. A few times Sam was unsuccessful on nabbing the ghost she wanted, setting other ghosts free. She felt bad that later on Danny would have to catch all these ghosts again, but she was determined to find out what happened to Danny to make him this way.

Finally she was successful and Vlad's ghost was reeled out of the ghost zone.

"Mwahahahaha!" Vlad's ghost laughed, thinking he was free. But unfortunately for him the Fenton Ghost Fisher was unbreakable and inescapable for ghosts.

"Free me!" Vladmir's ghost demanded.

"Not until you tell me what you did to Danny!" Sam demanded.

" 'I '? I did nothing to the boy." Vlad told her, "His ghost genes were bound to take over one day!"

"His ghost genes?" Sam repeated, "Well that does explain a few things..." she glared at him, "But that still doesn't explain why he's a Vampire!"

The ghost laughed, "One bite from "the Vampire ghost" and you are doomed to take the form of a Vampire!" he laughed again.

The gothic girl wasn't following until something flashed through her mind.


Sam gasped, "Danny! You're necks bleeding!"
His eyes looked back at the bite for a moment then returned to her.

"You'd better get that checked out!"

"It's nothing.. Besides, it's not like I can fight all these ghosts and expect to come out perfect."


"Don't worry about it!"

She said nothing.

"Listen..." he stepped toward her a little, "I-I don't want you to get involved in this stuff anymore."

She let out a surprised gasp. "What?"

He stood in front of her, "I don't think you and Tucker should get involved in this anymore."

"We're your friends," Sam protested, "We have to help you. I mean what kind of friend would I be if-"

She stopped short when Danny pulled her into his arms. She was silent, surprised by his actions.

She blushed, "D-Danny?"

He hugged her tightly. "Please understand," "he said quietly, "I don't want you to get hurt..."

His neck was bleeding! Sam thought. Could that ghost have been a-a Vampire?

"Tonight, at midnight Danny will transform and become the most powerful ghost in the world! And the world will suffer! Mwahahaha!"

Sam was shocked! Would this intervention be enough to save Danny from himself? Whether it would help or not she just had to try!

As Vlad continued to laugh, Sam sneakily grabbed the ghost Thermos, and captured Vlad in it.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he screamed as he disappeared into it.

Sam looked up with determination in her eyes. I have to save Danny!

Sam ran down the dark, empty, streets of the place she once called home. She soon stopped when she came to a dark alley. It seemed to call out to her for some reason. She had a sneaking suspicion that Danny was back there. She began to walk down it. As she walked down the dark alley, shivers went up and down her spine. Everything felt really eerie.. She found herself looking over her shoulder, with the fear that something might pounce out at her. She felt extremely uneasy, the farther she got down the alley, the more she felt like death was walking down beside her. But she continued on even though she was quite honestly scared out of her mind! Her emotions were all mixed she was scared, worried, and confused all at the same time! And even though she did want to find Danny, she didn't call out to him with the slight fear that he might answer.

Finally she met the end of the alley, a brick wall blocking her way. She sighed, disappointed and yet relieved.

She turned on her heal, ready to make her way back, when she heard someone laugh. She turned sharply. At first she saw nothing, but then, there they were, two crimson red eyes staring back at her. She didn't move even though she wanted to run, but it wasn't her bravery that was holding her still, it was her fear.

Danny walked forward emerging from the shadows.

They stared at each other. Her heart sped up, she longed for him to say something in the hopes that the sound of his voice would give her strength.

When he finally spoke it was absolutely not what she expected, "What are you doing here?" he asked darkly.

Sam drew back a little, surprised, "Wha-What do you mean?"

"I mean what I said." he said annoyed, "Why are you here?"

"I-I'm here because I care about you, Danny." she said calmly but still scared.

"That's a first." he growled, "Since when do you "care" about anything that involves me?"

The gothic girl couldn't believe her ears, "What are you talking about? We've always cared about you!"

"LIAR!" Danny roared, lighting his hands up.

"DANNY!" Sam screamed. Sam quickly jumped out of the way as red ectoplasmic energy shot at her. "DANNY, STOP!" she shouted.

But he wasn't listening, he continued to fire at her.

Sam ran for her life as Danny chased her. Another burst of ectoplasmic energy crashed down, missing her but causing her to trip. She quickly scrambled to her feet. She continued to run until she was back out in the streets.

"Hey, Sam!" Tucker shouted, "Any luck finding, Danny?"

"LOOK OUT!" she screamed diving at him, tackling him just in time.

BOOM! A building fell to it's knees.

"What do you think?" she said sarcastically.

"Well, did you talk to him?" Tucker questioned.

Sam didn't answer right away, when Danny flew out screaming, "LIAR! LIAR!" and his hands lit up, she got the hint it would be a good idea to run.

As they ran she answered, "I tried to but he didn't listen to me! He just called me a "liar" and went all psycho!"

"Maybe if we tried together, it would be more efficient." Tuck suggested.

Sam looked back, "I'll try anything if we can stop that!"

"LIAR! LIAR!" the ghost boy continued to screaming unleashing his fury.

"Quick! This way!" Sam shouted grabbing Tucker's wrist.

As the two teenagers ran another blast came dangerously close to them, breaking the street so that half of it rose, making Sam loose her grip on Tucker arm.

"Tucker!" she shouted, turning around the moment she realized she had lost him.

"RUN!" he shouted.

She hesitated, but soon complied.

Tucker wasn't sure where to go, soon he found himself running into a church. He felt safer inside. He had heard legends that Vampires died as soon as they entered a church.

He sighed, relieved, wiping sweat from his brow.

It was too bad in this case, the legend was wrong.

Danny broke through the door and flew in.

Tucker stood, froze, shaking and whimpering.

Danny gave half a grin, then flew toward Tucker, attempting to ram him, but Tucker ducked, sending him crashing into a church pew.

Tucker let out a deep breath, "I'm safe!"

"Don't count on it!" Danny's voice said, before shooting at Tucker.

The impact of the blast sent Tucker flying into a wall. His body slid down it and he hit the floor. Tucker's shoulder ached, the ectoplasmic energy seemed to have a worse impact on humans then it did on ghost. It burned through his shirt slicing his shoulder open. The wound bubbled grossly. Tucker cringed when he looked at it.

"Get up and fight, bastard!" the vampire shouted at him.

"Danny! Please!" Tuck pleaded, "C'mon man, it's me! Tucker! Your best friend!"

"I have no friends!" Danny said scornfully as he drew closer to Tuck.

"Yes, you do! Me and Sam! We're your friends!" Tucker insisted.

Danny charged Tucker again, screaming a sort of war cry as he did.

Tucker summoned up the last ounce of his strength. When Danny lunged he used Danny's forward motion to flip him away. When Danny landed Tucker ran over and tried to talk to him, "Come on, Danny! Snap out of it!" Tuck persisted, "This isn't like you, man!"

The vampire ghost took the boy by surprise when his arm shot up, and his fingers wrapped around his throat.

"No, Danny!" Tuck strained to say as his hands grabbed Danny's and struggled to unclasp them.

"I'll make you suffer as I've suffered!" Danny growled, standing, continuing to choke the boy.

"Stop it!" Tucker shouted shrilly, as the vampire began to raise him into the air.

The next second, Danny threw, then shot at Tucker making the church begin to cave in.

Tuckers body lay lifeless amidst the fallen debre. Danny walked over, he kicked him seeing if he would react. Nothing.

Danny Phantom looked down at him in hate, "Mortal.."

Sam looked around franticly for somewhere to hide. I'll just go into the next building I see. she told herself, soon after obeying her thought.

When she was inside she realized she was in a clock tower! The only thing inside were stairs leading up to the balcony in front of the clock's face.

Sam sat against the door, panting, gasping for breath. She was alone and scared and not sure what to do. What am I going to do? She asked herself. She could hardly believe all this was happening. The boy she once knew was gone, gone forever and was never coming back. She asked herself. Her hand reached to her neck and pulled off the garlic and cross necklace. She threw it. How could this happen to us? She buried her face in her hands and cried.

"Hello, Sam." a voice said darkly from behind her.

She gasped, Her head shooting up, staring wide eyed in front of her. Her hands began to tremble.

Suddenly she felt ice cold hands wrapping around her waist. Using his intangibility Danny passed through the door, grabbing Sam from behind.

"I'm back." he said.

Sam's lower lip quivered. What now? Would she let this alter ego of her friend she cared for so much, destroy her? Without even thinking she screamed, "NO!" pushing Danny and dashing up the stairs.

She ran as fast as she could, not that it mattered, Danny would only catch her, he was WAY faster then she could ever be!

Finally she reached the top of the tower, bursting the door open.

It was raining now, rain, terrible wind, and lightning all mixing together. Sam looked for another door but found none. There was no place to run, no place to hide! Her only option was to jump and risk killing herself! What was she going to do? What COULD she do?

Dark red ectoplasmic energy took her by surprise, hitting her back, sending her forward. It burned the right part of her sleeve so it hung revealing the strap of her purple bra.

"You didn't think you could get away that easily did you!" Danny said, the red light around him even darker then before.

This was strange.. every minute Danny seemed to become more powerful and evil. Wait.. Sam thought. Every minute? Sam looked at the face of the clock. It was almost midnight!

"Foolish Mortal," Danny went on, showing off his fangy grin, "You will never escape my wrath!"

The first bell tolled.

Sam stood, "Danny please! Listen to me! You don't want to do this!" she pleaded with him, "I know your in there somewhere!" soon he stood in front of her, "You have to fight this! You can beat this, Danny!"

The second bell tolled.

Danny had heard enough, without warning his arm thrust forward pinning her by the neck against the rail that kept her from falling, the push was so hard her hair fell out of the pony tail she had it in, her scream was a whisper as he tightened his grip, "SILENCE!" he screamed, his eyes beginning to glow.

The third bell tolled.

"I know you've been hurting, Danny," Sam persisted her hands grabbing at her throat, "But we understand, we care about you, Danny!"

The fourth bell tolled.

He brought his face close to hers, "You don't know my pain," Danny said darkly, "I'm going to make you suffer, as I've suffered." his grip tightened more.

The fith bell tolled.

"Danny please..." tears streamed down her face.

The sixth bell tolled.

He said nothing, his teeth clenched hard, he growled uncontrollably as his fury started to consume him.

The seventh bell tolled.

The blood red light around him started to get darker and darker until it was nothing but darkness itself. His eyes were terrifying now. They had turned completely red with only a slit for a pupil, they were like dragons eyes or demons eyes, something that cut through your soul.

The ninth bell tolled.

"Please..." I don't want it to end this way... Happier times flashed through Sam's mind as things started to darken around her. Things she would never forget, things she held very close to her heart.

The tenth bell tolled.

Rain splattered onto their faces and trickled down them, soon her hair became soaked. Then the moment she thought she was going to die something Tucker said echoed through her head. "Maybe if you show him how much you care about him he'll snap right out of it..."

Her eyes opened, meeting his, with the last ounce of her strength she pushed herself toward him, bringing herself close to his face. But his determination wasn't sidetracked, his expression never changed, hateful, baring his fangs growling and cursing.

But she was determined to, she wouldn't let it end like this, whether she died or not she had to let him know what was in her heart.

I love you. She thought as she struggled to come closer to him. I've always loved you... I-I love you so much.. Tears continued to fall down her cheeks.

The eleventh bell tolled.

With one last attempt she pushed herself, her lips pressed against his open mouth, he was still growling showing off his fangs, as if determined to not to let go of darkness. She wasn't about to give up, she pushed herself until she kissed him. The darkness on his face slowly faded until there was none left, his eyes closed and returned the kiss.

Her strength was gone she gave all she could give, before she fell she said, "I love you.." In an instant her body became lifeless and she fell back over the rail. Her tears shooting upward as she fell.

The Twelfth bell tolled. She had saved him.

Danny drew back, confused. Had he just heard Sam's voice?

"Sam?" he said looking around. He looked over the rail and saw her falling. "SAM!" Danny dove off the edge, reaching out in desperation, "SAM!"

Sam's eyes opened one last time, she saw him, and thought she had heard him scream her name.

"Danny.." she whispered, closing her eyes once again.

Sam was coming dangerously close to the water below her.

"SAM!" Danny screamed.

This is it... She thought.

Danny wasn't able to grab Sam before she hit the water, but he was able to snatch her up before she sunk.

As Danny flew up he held Sam close to him, "Sam! Sam! Wake up!"

No response, the only thing that moved was the last of her tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Sam..." he whispered her name, staring down at her, watching as one of his tears fell and splattered against her cheek. I'm so sorry Sam.. He thought. I should have told everyday from the time I met you, I love you.

Danny lifted Sam's head and kissed her.

Sam's eyelids fluttered as she awakened. I'm alive? She asked herself. When her eyes opened she realized she was right in the middle of a kiss. She blushed, as he went on not realizing she was ok.

"Um.. I'm glad to see your ok..." Sam said, smiling shyly.

"Sam?" Danny blinked.

"Uh, Hi!" she laughed embarrassed.

"Sam!" Danny smiled, hugging her.

They hugged each other tightly.

"Listen, I'm really sorry for everything," Danny said. "And thanks for not giving up on me."

Sam smiled.

"So, I guess we should be getting back." Sam brought up.

"Yeah, but there's just one more thing I want to do before we do." Danny said giving her a sly smile.


He surprised her with another passionate kiss, causing her to blush from head to toe.

When their lips unlocked they smiled at each other.

Then Danny made a weird face, "Why do you smell like garlic?"


(What happened?)

It took awhile for things to get back to normal, but they eventually did. The destroyed buildings were rebuilt and Tucker was released from the hospital and was as good as new. Jack and Maddie didn't come home for a month, but eventually they thought the ghosts had eaten Danny and decided to go home. They were overjoyed to find him alive. And as you can guess Danny and Sam started dating.

The sun will always shine on you

You turn my ocean deepest blue

I never hide my thoughts from you

You're my deepest blue

If mother nature ever chose the name

I'm sure that she would chose the same

I never hide my thoughts from you

You're my deepest blue

Am I dreaming now

Walking on the moon

And I don't know how to read you baby

Every time I try to move closer

Am I dreaming now

Walking on the moon

And I don't know how to read you baby

Every time I try to move closer

We've only got this time to prove

That together we can make it through

I'll never hide my thoughts from you

You're my deepest blue

If temptation ever came my way

I know the words I'd always say

I'll never hide my love from you

You're my deepest blue

Am I dreaming now

Walking on the moon

And I don't know how to read you baby

Every time I try to move closer

Am I dreaming now

Walking on the moon

And I don't know how to read you baby

Every time I try to move closer

Am I dreaming now

Walking on the moon

And I don't know how to read you baby

Every time I try to move closer

Am I dreaming now

Walking on the moon

And I don't know how to read you baby

Every time I try to move closer

Every time I try to move closer


Author's note: Yeah awesome ending! I give the song "Deepest Blue" (above) all the credit. I was listening to this when I did this chapter and it really inspired me! I had this chapter going through my head like a music video. :) I'd like to also note that this whole story was inspired by a dream I had, only it was a little different, Danny was still a Vampire but he chased Sam up a tree and was all like "Look into my eyes" But as you can see I changed that lol. So anyway, I'm sorry that I didn't have a whole chapter with a scene with everything back to normal but one, I didn't really want to, and two I couldn't think of anything. I hope you liked this story because I really enjoyed writing it!