Family Affairs

Chapter 2

"Welcome to our home Harry," Severus said with a smile.

"Shall we go inside?" Minerva asked Harry bringing him out of his stupor.

"Sure. This place is amazing!" Harry exclaimed.

"I'm glad you approve. It would be awful if you didn't," Severus said sarcastically.

"Severus!" Minerva tsked.

They walked into a warm kitchen and Severus was greeted with an over enthusiastic bundle of something around his knees.

"Master Sevvie is home! Master Sevvie is home!" the what-had-now-appeared-to-be-a-house-elf shouted with glee.

"Yes Delilah. Have you prepared the extra room?" Severus asked patting the elf on the head.

"Of course Master Sevvie. Horace will serve him," Delilah said indignantly.

"Very well. Now I think Mr. Potter better be getting up to bed. It is late," Severus said.

"I'll show him around," Minerva offered before heading out of the kitchen into a hall and making her way up the stairs.

When they got up to the fourth floor Minerva stopped and opened a door. On this floor there were three bedrooms and a bathroom. This room was to be Harry's.

"The bathroom is just down the hall. If you need anything than call for Horace," Minerva said.

"Thank you professor," Harry said.

"Call me Mum, Harry. We are your parents this summer after all," she said cryptically before leaving the room.

Harry was too tired to get changed or wash and fell asleep before his head touched the pillow.

When Harry came downstairs in the morning Albus Dumbledore was in the living room.

"Good morning Harry," Albus said.

"Good morning sir," Harry replied, "What are you doing here?"

"Your cousin is in an orphanage near here," Snape said for Dumbledore, "We could go and visit him if you wish? Or he could come and stay here?"

"I might never have got on with my cousin but I would like him to come and stay here," Harry answered truthfully.

"Good because that brings us on to our next point. Your mother's family were not Muggles Harry, they were squibs. We have recently found out that your cousin is a wizard and we are going to invite him to Hogwarts. Of course we couldn't put him in anything other than 6th year so he is going to be taught all he needs to know this summer so he can join and settle in this September," Dumbledore said.

"When are we going to see him?" Harry asked.

"As soon as you have eaten breakfast we will Harry," Minerva said bustling in with a tray of toast.

"Hello. We are here to collect Dudley Dursley," Severus said to the social worker who answered the door to this massive institution that they were now standing in.

"Are you his relatives?" he asked.

"Yes. I am his cousin," Harry piped up.

"Very well. Come this way," he said and led them through corridors with mould growing on them and stains everywhere.

They came to a room with 8 sets of bunk beds in. Dudley was sitting on one. He had changed a lot since Harry had last seen him. He was practically anorexic.

"Hello Harry," Dudley said in a small voice.

"We're going home now Dudley," Harry said.

Dudley stood up and made to follow him. They left the institution and got in a cab outside.

When they got home Severus paid the cabbie and Harry led Dudley into the house.

"Mum we got him!" Harry called out.

"Where is he?" Minerva said coming out of the kitchen. She took one look at Dudley and rushed him straight up to the bathroom but not before calling a house elf and asking it to prepare a warm bed.

By the time Dudley had finished being bathed and was in bed he was petrified. The house had moving pictures and there were little elf like creatures.

Harry went in to reassure him.

"So this is all normal then?" Dudley asked.

"Yes. None of it is evil though. Except for perhaps the odd Dark Magic spell," Harry mused before snapping back to reality, "Also we found out that you are a wizard!"

"What! Are you sure?" Dudley cried.

"Yes. You are going to come to school with me and learn about magic. It is very useful," Harry argued.

"I'm sorry for how I have treated you in the past Harry," Dudley said.

"Well it is the past and we must look to the future now," Harry replied philosophically, "Would you like to go and meet the family for the summer?"


In the living room sat the Minister for Child Protection, the wizarding equivalent of a social worker. He was discussing the guardianship of Draco Malfoy. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had died in a fire in which Draco had also been involved but had not been injured in.

"If you sign here then he will become your charge," the witch said. Severus did so and Draco was flooed in from the ministry headquarters.

Severus pulled Draco to him whilst Draco broke down in tears. Harry and Dudley came in at that moment.

"I'm sorry Draco," Harry whispered and went to hug his friend as well. Harry and Draco had become good friends when they both realised that they were on the same side and that fighting was pointless when there was a bigger and more important thing to fight over.

"Thank you," Draco whispered back to them.

"Well I always wanted children," Severus commented to Minerva wryly when she came in with a pot of tea.

"Is that why you took us on Sev?" Harry asked still not comfortable with calling the stoic professor 'Dad'.

"I am an orphan too. My father died before I was born and my mother died in childbirth. I was raised going from home to home. From orphanage to orphanage. That is why I joined Voldemort. I belonged somewhere at last. That wasn't true though and Albus showed me that. Now though we must get on with the present. Why did you come down here?" Severus responded.

"We came to say hello. I think that we should go shopping for clothes!" Harry exclaimed suddenly. He was quite right. All three boys needed new clothes. Dudley didn't have any, Harry's were appalling and Draco had lost his in the fire.

"I do agree. Let us get some floo powder and then we will be off," Minerva said before doubling over in pain.

"Minnie are you okay?" Severus asked rushing over to her assistance.

"No. Get me to Poppy, Sev!" Minerva cried before doubling over in pain again.

Harry grabbed some floo powder and called "Mme Pomphrey!"

"What is it Harry dear?" Poppy asked.

"Minerva's in trouble," Harry screamed.

Poppy disappeared and then reappeared again carrying her bag.

"All of you get out except Severus," she ordered.

"What is going on Poppy?" Severus asked.

"Oh Minerva is just going in to labour," she replied breezily.

After an hour Harry, Draco and Dudley were called back into the living room.

Severus was hugging Minerva on the sofa who was hugging a baby girl.

"This is your baby sister, Satine," Sev said to the boys.


A/N I know this is very unconceivable but I felt like making it into a soap opera. The next chapters will be more serious. Promise.