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Chapter 9

The chanting continued as Riana dropped Seras' unconscious form onto the stone floor at the head of the chamber. "How are things proceeding?" she asked Daniel, a hint of a smile on her face.

"So far so good." Daniel said. Then he pointed at Seras. "Who's the girl?"

"She's bait." the vampiress answered simply. Daniel shrugged his shoulders and returned his attention to the chanting. On the walls and pillers the symbols were just starting to glow when in the far corner of the room a dark shadow appeared a red-claded figure stepped out of the darkness.

Alucard, the No-Life King, notice the unconscious form of his fledgling at the foot of a tall female vampire.

"Your pet is dead." He informed her. "Now tell me what you are doing."

"So, you're the powerful vampire I've been hearing rumors about. As for what we are doing, it's just a little change in plans. I'm sure you were drawn here when the pulse began. We just had a little head start is all."

Riana smiled to herself. "Do you know what these foolish clerics were doing? Hmm? ... Well, I'll tell you... They were attempting to rid the world of our kind. Can you believe their arrogence!"

Consciousness began to make its slow return to Seras as the distant voice continued.

"But that doesn't matter now. With a little gental persuasion and the hard work of Daniel here," She stroked her hand through his hair as he looked up at her like a loving puppy. "we were able to change that. Soon we will take our rightful place in this world! We will be able to walk the day without fear and rule this world FOREVER!!!" (enter maniac laugh here)

"Rule the world? You? You must be joking?!" Alucard's deep voice resonates with the chanting throughout the chamber.

Lifting the conscious but limp form of Seras by the neck, Riana purrs to him. "You could join us or die."

"You should know," Alucard said placing his hand on a piller. "our kind was never ment to rule the day. And you are not even worthy of the night!" he cried hurling the piller into the center of the room.

The cleriecs chanting stopped as if turned off by a switch and the energy, that had been building for many hours, now unfocused rebounded through the hall obliterating several cleriecs and Daniel.

"You Fool!!!" Riana shouted plunging her straightned hand like a sword through Seras' chest.

"We could have been gods! You will die for what you have done!!" Droping Seras she charged towards him through the chaos.

"You are nothing." said Alucard. Lifting his hand he removed her head as if brushing away a fly.

A few long strides found Alucard at his fledgling's side.

"Once again you have a choice, Police Girl." he said cradling Seras in his arms. "Drink my blood, live and become a true nosferatu ... or die." In her eyes with the pain and the fear he could see another emotion that he could not place.

A ghost of a smile appeared on Seras' lips and she slowly reached out to place a bloody hand on his cheek. "I wish to live..." she said. "with you."

Tearing his wrist with his fangs, Alucard drained his blood, his life into Seras. Breaking the bond of master and fledgling as a true vampire was born into the night.

On the plane ride home an awkard silence hung in the air. Alucard sat lost in his thoughts. Across from him Seras was looking out the window when she got the feeling she was being watched. Turning to face Alucard she noticed he was staring at her. Seras waved her hand in front of his face. He blinked.

"What is it, Police Girl?" he growled.

"You were staring at me." she told him. "Do I have something on my face?" Seras touched her face but couldn't find anything. Alucard cocked an eyebrow then shook his head.

"It's nothing." he said a little more gently. Seras stared at him.

"Are you alright?" Seras asked.

"I'm fine." the No-Life King snapped. He crossed his arms and stared out the window. Seras shrugged her shoulders. She then closed her eyes and rested. After a couple of hours she opened her eyes to find Alucard looking down at her.

"The sun is about to rise." he told her. Seras got up and followed him to where the coffins were.

When Seras awoke the following night she was home. Walter had just walked in when the lid to Seras' coffin started to rise.

"Good evening, Miss Victoria." the butler said. "So nice to see you home safe and sound."

"Good evening, Walter. It's good to be home." Seras said with a smile. Then she grabed the blood packette and drained it in one gulp. With a satisfied sigh, Seras replaced the packette back in the bucket.

"Is Master up?" she asked.

"Yes. He's in Sir Integra's office."

"Oh good. I need to talk to him." with that said Seras phased through the wall. She phased into the office just as Alucard finished telling Integra of the past night events.

"Good evening Master, Sir Integra." Integra nodded her head a little in responce. Alucard simply sighed.

"Police Girl," he said "Remember that you are a true vampire now. You can stop calling me Master." Seras blushed.

"Sorry Mas... I mean Alucard. I'm so use to calling you Master. It'll take alot of getting use to calling you Alucard." Alucard grunted and then he was gone. Seras was about to follow him when Integra called to her.

"Sir Integra?"

"I just wanted to let you know that tonight is the party."

"Yes I know."

"Good. Now you needn't worry about the decor Pip, his men and Walter have seen to it. Dinner will be after the show and the Ball will beguin after dinner." Seras tilted her head in acknowledgement and left the director to her paper work.

In his room, Alucard sat at the table slowly sipping his blood. He was so lost in his thought that he didn't even notice Seras knocking at the door.

"Mast... Alucard?" the girl called out, but didn't hear a responce. Opening the door Seras poked her head in. "Alucard?" she called again and still the powerful nosferatu made no reply. She walked up to Alucard and gave his shoulder a shack. The No-Life King blinked and looked at her.

"Police Girl... what are you doing in my room?" Alucard asked finishing the rest of the blood.

"I did knock but you didn't answer. So I let myself in and found you daydreaming." she said sitting across from him.

"I was not daydreaming. I was thinking."

"About what?"

"About yo... things. Look do you have to be so nosy?!" he snapped. Getting up he walked to the bed and flung himself on to it. "What do you want anyway?"

"Well the party's tonight and I know you're not interrested in the show and all, but I wanted to know if you would like to join us for the Ball."

Alucard sighed silently.

"I'll think about it." he told her. Seras nodded and left.

Soon it has time for Integra's guests to arrive. Seras' talent show and carols went on without a hitch and dinner was superb. While the desserts were being served, Walter pulled Seras aside.

"This was suppose to be for Integra when she was invited to a Halloween party some years ago." he said as he handed her a big box. "But she got the flu and couldn't attende. I found it while you were in Peru and thought you'd like to wear it." Placing the box on a table, Seras opened it and pulled out a lovely gown. It was dark red with a black border at the top. On the front of the gown, runing down the middle, you could see the same red hiding behind a sheer black lacy materiel. The sleeves came just above the elbows and at the end of each sleeve were two sheer black flounces.

"Oh, Walter. It's beautiful. Are you sure it's alright for me to wear this?" she asked as she put it to her. She noticed the top of the gown was going to reveal her shoulders and the skirt was down to the floor.

"Positive. Now you'd better go get ready. The Ball will start soon." Seras thanked him and quickly placed the gown back into the box and was gone.

Still in his room, Alucard slamed his fist on the table.

"Oh to Hell with it!" he shouted to no one. He decided to take Seras' invite and attende the Ball. Removing his dress coat, he donned a white vest and a black tuxedo coat. The coller was trimed in burgundy as were the sleeve cuffs. Turning to the mirroir, Alucard slick his hair back and tied it with a matching burgundy ribbon. Satisfied he left to joing the rest of the guests.

When he arrived at the Ball room, Alucard was immediately surounded by ladies demanding to dance. The vampire tried to decline politely, but the ladies would not listen. A couple feet away Integra noticed Alucard in trouble and decided to help him out. She reached the little group and pushed her way through.

"Excuse me ladies, but Alucard promised to dance with me." she told them and pulled Alucard away. After a couple of minutes Alucard pulled away from his master and thanked her for the help and the dance.

With a silent grace moved into the shadows by the wall. He watched the people on the dance floor when for him everything suddenly went silent. The dancers seemed to part revealing Seras standing in the doorway. She looks like a living porcelain doll, he thought as he walked towards her. As he approched, he noticed a group of men were asking her to dance. Alucard growled silently. He didn't like them so close to her. It was then that he truly realised that he was in love her. And tonight he would tell her.

When he reached Seras, he took her hand and kiss it. Then he brought her to the dance floor. They danced in silence till the music started up again and the party continued. After a couple of minutes they stoped and Alucard guided Seras to the balcony.

Once they arrived at the railing Seras saw a look in Alucard's eyes that she had never seen before and asked him if he was alright.

"I'm fine." he said. "I just wanted to talk to you in private." Then he took a deep breath. "For a while now I've been thinking about alot of things. Mostly the thoughts were about you and my feelings for you." He placed a hand on her check. "And tonight I've concluded that I love you, Police... no, Seras Victoria, very much." He then leaned in and kiss her. When he pulled away, she smiled at him.

"I love you too." she said then wispered "Happy Christmas." and they continued to kiss.


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